4/2/2013 Meeting Minutes


Galileo Academy of Science and Technology

1150 Francisco Street, San Francisco, CA  94109

Room 210 at 3:30 P.M.

Location and Time of Meeting


School Site Council Meeting-April 2, 2013

SSC Meeting


Bettie Grinnell – Classified/SSC
Marcus Blackshur – Principal/SSC
Samuel Huang – Student
Andrew Huang – Student
Brandon Tong – Student Rep/ASB BUP
Doug Page – Teacher/SSC
Johson Ho – Student Rep
Jackie Peters – Teacher/SSC
Stan DeBella – Teacher/SSC
Claire Seigal – Parent/SSC
Michelle Moffett – UBC/English Dept Head
David Zeeman – UBC/Teacher
Jonathan Ring – Teacher/SSC
Patrick Delaney – Classified – UBC
Lisa Warnke – Assistant Principal (AP)
Nancy Lambert-Campbell – AP
Katie Pringle – AP
Loan Ly – Classified

Overview of documents presented:

1. Notes from department heads on the impact on the cuts to their department. Organized by classroom and non –classroom. Also outlines requests that departments are requesting. Information is verbatim
2. Budget allocation from District
3. SSC 2013-2014 cuts: Outlines all possible cuts. This provides overview of possibilities that would maintain class size at
4. SSC 2013-14 – Add backs based on comments received. The budget is based on the budget that was sent round to department heads.
5. Budgets from years past as a reference.
6. Overall projected enrollment: 1992. Change of 200 students worth of funding. 100 ELD students

Other information:

• This school year budget is based on 2,124 students; however the current enrollment is 2,034. As a result, we we were able to preserve more positions because of the “over funding”.
• Next year’s school budget is based on 1,992 students. While this is only a difference of 42 students based on current enrollment, the budget represents a loss of funding for 132 students.
• This means that next year, we are absorbing the budget reduction we were able to avoid this school year. This has resulted in a much larger decrease in one year.
• Additional 65K to 70K in Fall for AP exams. No restrictions on funding.

Overview of all potential cuts.

• Represents $660,971 in cuts, but is more than is needed (need $400K in cuts); therefore there is $186K that can be added back.
• Cuts to Non-classroom represent a 12.2% reduction in the non classroom budget
• Cuts to Classroom represent a 6.4% reduction in classroom budget
• Minimum of 2% of WSF is required to allocate for operating expenses
• $205,823 is the budget amount for SY 12-13 for non personnel costs
• Budget does not include SPED allocation because SPED funds is not controlled at the site level
• LEP (Limited English Proficiency) and SCE (State Compensatory Education) funds are categorical and can only be used for certain needs – cannot be used to supplant general operating expenses (both personnel and operating expenses) – can only be used to supplement.
• ELAC (English Language Advisory Council) decides on the LEP funding allocation

Non-classroom cuts:

• Notes section outlines district requirements (Principal, 3 APs, etc). 1 dean is required; though district encourages two positions. If keep counselor position at same level as SY 12-13, district will provide .5FTE counselor or dean.
• Outlines the positions that are eligible to be cut. The proposed cut is ASB or TSA .20 (budget related).

Classroom cuts:

• English: re-designated English dept classes to ELD. ELD FTE stayed the same. Overall between the two dept there is a 1.6 FTE cut. Eight classes being re-designated as ELD, the classes are being taught by teachers in English dept.
• Science: decrease in district; made up for by site
• VAPA includes .40 FTE from district though haven’t had official notice one way or another.
• World language: phasing out Cantonese – so the FTEs stay the same but allocation of sections to other languages is not clear year (# to French # to Spanish, etc)

Add backs:

• Adds back positions to both non classroom and classroom based on feedback from department heads
• Does not have funds for minimum 2% of WSF required by the district
• Is over budget by $313K.


• The English Department presented rationale for keeping the FTE the same as SY 12-13.
• There were questions related to the counseling positions to clarify that it is not a district requirement that the student to counselor ratio be 400:1. However, the district will provide a .50 FTE counselor should a school site keep the counselor FTE at the same rate as the district. In addition if the school site increases the counselor FTE by .25 FTE, the district will add another .75 FTE.
• PTSA has requested a dedicated college counselor for next year.
• Student representatives noted that college counselor and ASB support were important to them.
• It was suggested that the .75 college intervention specialist position be eliminated, while the budget for counselors be increased by .25 FTE to secure the .75 match from the district. The additional counselor would then be the dedicated college intervention specialist.

Next Steps:
• Agreement to allocate the $186K add back budget proportionately to classroom/non-classroom based on the SY 12-13 budget breakdown of 80% to class room and 20% of budget to non classroom.
• The SSC will meet on Thursday, April 4th at 2:15 pm in room 210 to review and agree upon the proposed methodology for allocating add back funds to classroom/non-classroom
• Once the SSC agrees on the methodology; the budget add backs will be distributed and the budget will be voted on. Budget is due to the district on Friday, April 5th.

Meeting adjourned.