Leadership Team/Department Head Meeting Minutes – 4/11/13


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting





Nancy called the meeting to order at 10:15am.  Nancy told why Marcus has been away.  He will be back on Monday.


Leadership Team


I.          Open House – Wednesday, April 18th.

–Nancy and the Counseling Office are in charge of the Open House.  This will be for incoming 9th graders only.  Department Heads and those in charge of academies and pathways are to be present.  Nancy passed out a proposed agenda.  Those who attend the Open House will not have to attend cluster meetings on Thursday, April 18th.

–Joseph brought up the fact that STAR testing sign up is April 18th.  We will go with the 25th of April.

–Michelle asked why it was coming out of department times instead of school wide time.  Decision made to take the time on April 24th.

–Joseph asked that we plan for this time in the fall with the CPT calendar so we get time off after an evening event.  We need more lead time for some scheduling.

–David would like to debrief after the Open House and make plans for next year on who should attend.


–Doug asked what the department heads role is during the Open House.  Nancy said that they need to be in the classrooms at 6:30pm as the tours take place.

–Michelle said her department will have 4 teachers there and they will rotate over the next few years.

–Lauren said it would be good to give the incoming students ideas of what to prepare for entering high school.


–Doug mentioned that with people coming and going in the classrooms it does not feel organized.

–Nancy mentioned that we will not know until tomorrow how many new students we will have.

–Doug suggested the students all be in one place for the presentation by the department heads and then give them a tour of the school.

–Leah suggested the cafeteria.  Nancy said she was going to use the cafeteria for clubs and sports teams.

Lauren suggested the department presentations be done in the auditorium.  Joseph said it would be good to have a shared power point for this presentation.


–Ray mentioned the challenges of Special Ed at this event.

–Kathleen said presentations for her parents would have to be in several different languages.

–Ray asked if the Open House is district mandated.  Nancy said it was not mandated but preferred.


–Nancy said the agenda would include the department information after the performance of the band and orchestra.  The tours could include the academies and pathways.

–Jessica suggested the clubs and sports be set up in the main hallway so that parents and students could look at these exhibits when they enter the building.

–Nancy suggested 2 minutes for each department presentation.


–Jessica suggested movement from the auditorium after the music performances.  Nancy suggested the gym.  Lisa suggested having the tours stop at the tables in the gym.

–Ethan suggested the gym for clubs and sports and needs to make sure there is no sports activity going on at the same time.

–Kathleen suggested having teachers in a room with their subject and have the tour go to these rooms.

–David suggested a hand out to give to the parents on what to expect, rather than have everyone be present.

–Nancy felt it is important for the parents to meet the teachers and feel comfortable about their choice of Galileo.

–Michelle suggested having students do the speaking about each department. Lisa suggested using current freshmen.

–Nancy said we would go to the original agenda with guided tours to each department classroom.

–ASB has 30 students to lead the tours.


–Joseph said it is important for the orchestra and band members to have a good size audience.

–David said that that we need to identify what we really want to do and take out all the “fluff.”  He suggested feedback from the parents about what they found helpful.


–Jessica encouraged everyone to distribute the Wellness Survey to their department members and return them to Bettie in the Main Office by the end of April.


Department Head Agenda


I.          Master Schedule

–537 9th graders assigned to Galileo.  508 as of today have said “yes.”  There are still the second and third rounds.  If some of these students go to other schools, we will get more.  This can affect the budget.

–All librarians for the schools are now funded by Prop H.

–Joseph said Prop H is funding 1.4FTE for his department.  There will be 2 sections of dance and Mr. Novota will be full time.

–Nancy has to keep working on changes and the Master Schedule is due by June 14th.  She thanks everyone for their cooperation.

–Joseph felt that co-teachers should have the same prep periods.  Nancy said she is trying to do that as much as possible.


–Michelle said she hoped the Leadership Team and Department Heads, along with the SSC would have input into what we restore when we get more money.

–Stan said Prop H also funds PE and he wanted to know if we got the PE teacher back.


–Joseph talked about the history of which period  orchestra and band are and now he would like to move them to third. Kathleen said the ELD support classes are 3rd period, but these students are not in these music classes.


II.         Student Teachers

–Lisa said SF State needs to know how many student teachers we will use next year and how many for each subject.

–Joseph asked if SF State keeps the data from previous years.  Lisa has the data.

–Give Lisa the info by April 22nd.


III.       Department Head Positions 2013/2014

–Marcus approved everyone for one more year.

–Leah will be going to Spain next year and Alicia Sheppeck will be the new World Languages Department Chair.


IV.        Common Formative Assessments

–ELD and Social Studies have turned them in.  Marcus would like the rest of them next week.


V.         Summer PD Opportunities

–Lisa distributed information on the PD programs.

–National Board Opportunities is also posted in the Main Office.

–USC School of Cinematic Arts is at Galileo the first week of summer.

–Google Summit includes paid scholarships.

–Connect U is technology and there are scholarships.

–Co-teaching PD workshop is also available.  Saturday, April 27th. School will pay.


VI.        STAR Testing

–This is the next to last year for the STAR test.  There will be something to replace this test.  Next year will be somewhat abbreviated.

–The testing will be Tuesday through Friday.  Katie will send out the schedules and where everyone will be.  She will attend each department meeting to go over the plans.  She will also visit the New Teacher meeting as well.  This is a mandatory meeting for all teachers.

–Please remind the students of the importance of these tests.

–Glossaries can be used by ELL students who already use them in their classes.  The ELL students must bring their own glossaries.

–Leah asked if they have glossaries in all languages.  Kathleen said most are available.

–If you give the glossaries to the students, do it prior to the test week.

–Ray asked about calculators for the Special Ed students in the regular ed classrooms.

–Kathleen asked about those teachers who have round tables.  Do we have dividers Different versions of the test help in this situation.


VII       Miscellaneous

–Kathleen talked about tutoring forms for the students.


Meeting adjourned at 11:15am.