Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – April 24, 2013



Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting




Marcus called the meeting to order at 12:55pm.

Leadership Team Agenda


I.          Open House Feedback

–Nancy said about 100 people attended this event.  David asked what activities the parents found useful.

–Michelle said she felt the parents wanted a mini lecture.  Michelle said it does not make any sense for parents to go room to room to get this information.  It could be done in the auditorium.

–Michelle said not all student tour groups got to the English Department.  Some groups got delayed.

–Nancy said she wanted to include everyone in the tours.  She said only half of her student volunteers showed up.

–David suggested a meeting place at the end of the event where students could talk to the teachers.  David said students he spoke with wanted to talk to the teachers.

–Joseph said he liked the idea of having the department heads talk in the auditorium and then the parents and students can pick which departments they want to visit.

–Mr. Machtay suggested the tour groups be arranged based on home language.

–David suggested contact information on the sheets given to parents so they could call or email for more information.

–Doug said he did not have many folks asking questions.

–Ethan said he had lots of questions concerning athletics.

II.         Master Schedule Update

–Nancy said they continue to work on the master schedule.  It will be finished by June 14th. 

Department Heads Agenda

I.          CFA’s

–Marcus said he only has CFA’s from Social Studies, ELD and World Languages.

–David said Marcus should send out a reminder to the departments.

–Marcus would like to move all assessments into Data Director over the summer.

II.         CCSS Share Out

–Lisa asked everyone to talk about what they discussed for the 2 sessions.

–David said Science focused the whole time on language objectives.  He talked about how they proceeded.  He said they are not finished.

–Michelle said English began by working on a 2 week 9th Grade Curriculum around language.  They will continue working on this to complete the 2-week curriculum.  Her department is large and there are many voices.

–Kathleen said ELL read the common core for each level.  The looked at the language strand where different pieces of work are compared.  She looked at the new terms –,Emerging, Expanding and Bridging are new terms for the language abilities.

–Mat said they used a mathematical formula from Bissa and they used the state standards and wrote objectives, in Modern World, and US History classes.  Language objective and scaffold were the most difficult areas.  Content standard focus was the easiest to accomplish.

–Ray discussed the language of math in addition to the math concepts.

–Ethan said PE looked at language objectives, using activities. They still want to do SSR and have students give short presentations to use the language.

–Joseph said they talked about what they are doing now and what they could do differently.  He mentioned they do not do much writing, except writing music.  He would like them to do self-reflections about their activities in music to use the language of the arts. They have a general VPA vocabulary list—domain specific lists—art, music, photography, etc.  He mentioned math as part of the VPA process—counting the length of notes, etc.  The arts support the common core in many indirect ways.

–Doug said the Math department looked at resources on sfusd and r&d development group for lessons more along the common core.  They looked at programs that address the math standards.

III.       CPT

–Lisa said planning for next year is in the works.  She said ideas from the group will help drive the CPT calendar before it is submitted to the UBC.  Marcus said the calendar should be set by this group.  He would like the group to meet every Thursday until this is all settled.

–Ray said there needs to be more department time.

Marcus said they would list all topics we need to address and then form the structure.

–Kathleen agreed with Ray.  She said there is no one size fits all. 

–Doug said when everyone is separated out into big groups, it does not become effective.  He also mentioned trust—let them know the goals and let them drive this in their departments.   The large group activities burn time and frustrate teachers.

–Ray discussed Special Ed. and the activities there.  He preferred the 2-hour period once a week.

–Marcus said all of the district priorities are in areas where we need to improve.

–Marcus would like to have a process.  We will meet every Thursday to work on this.

IV.        WASC

–Lisa distributed information from WASC review in 2011.  She mentioned the content areas of this information. She explained the information.

–Marcus would like to review this information as a team to see where we are and what we are doing.

V.         Space Allocation

–David distributed an information sheet with talking points.

–He discussed the first point—what happens to a classroom if the position is consolidated.

–Ray said if all department needs are on the table, then it should be easy to allocate the room.

–David said we might need to identify the needs of every department each Spring.

–A combination of fairness and need.

–Marcus asked for the number of teachers who travel in each department.  Science (3), English ( 2 share a room), 1 travels.  ELL (0).  SS (0)  Sped Ed (2)  PE (0)  Math (3),,VPA (0).

–Nancy asked if teachers who has been traveling the longest, should that teacher get the room?

–David said it is disruptive for a teacher to not have their room during their prep period.  This makes it difficult to set up and breakdown labs and impacts student learning.

–Michelle said the two in her department who share a room, if they had to travel, then they may not want to stay part time.

–David wants a policy in place for the future.  Discussion followed.

–Michelle asked for the definition of part time.  Members shared their opinions.

–Ray mentioned how challenging it is for Special Ed. teachers to have other teachers in their classrooms during prep periods.

–Michelle stuck up for using one of her rooms for 2 part time teachers.  She feels they should not have to travel.

–Joseph said that it is not right to have those who have been at Galileo for a long time and are part time have to travel.  This might be OK for new teachers coming in, but seniority should take precedence.

–David felt we should advocate for the new teachers who have to travel and then end up leaving Galileo and the district.

–Joseph said he traveled when he was a new teacher and  that is the way it was.

–David said there is no process now.  Many felt there are too many variables to have a process.

–Ray said this is a challenge as our situations change every year.

–Doug suggested looking at the utilization in every department to see if there could be a process.

–Michelle said there are more courses in Science and Math than are required for graduation.

–Marcus said we lowered class sizes in 9th and 10th grade English to keep teachers.

–Ray said they will need a new Special Day Class next year.

The graduation class this year is between 560 and 580 students.  The class started as freshmen as 620 students.

Meeting adjourned at 2:15pm.