5/14/2013 Meeting Minutes


Galileo Academy of Science and Technology

1150 Francisco Street, San Francisco, CA  94109

Room 210 at 3:30 P.M.

Location and Time of Meeting


School Site Council Meeting-May 14, 2013

Stan DeBella – Teacher/UBC
Jacquie Peters – Teacher
Jonathan Ring – Teacher
Doug Pate – Teacher
Bettie Grinnell – Classified
Claire Sigel – Parent
Katie Pringle – AP
Marcus Blackshur – Principal
Lisa Warnke – AP
Anna Mai – Student
Samuel Huang – Student
Andrew Huang – Student
Brandon Tong – Student Rep/ASB BUP

1. Review and approval of minutes:

SSC minutes of September 25, 2012
No corrections
M Blackshur motions to accept and approve minutes
C. Seigal seconds motion
No opposition
Motion passes

SSC minutes of January 21, 2013
No corrections
C.Siegal motions to accept and approve minutes
D. Page seconds motion
No opposition
Motion passes

SSC minutes of February 26, 2013
No corrections
M.Blackshur motions to accept and approve minutes
C..Seigal seconds motion
No opposition
Motion passes

SSC minutes of April 2, 2013
No corrections
S.DeBella motions to accept and approve minutes
M.Blackshur seconds motion
No opposition
Motion passes
SSC minutes of April 4, 2013
L.Warnke notes correction on page 4 – should be proposal 3 moves forward
S. DeBella requests a note on page on under student presentation: student presentation included discussion of a specific person which is outside Roberts Rules of order.
C.Seigal seconds motion
No opposition
Motion passes

2. Update on implementation of the approved budget – FY 13-14
S.DeBella request SSC be send copy of updated budget based on April 4, 2013 SSC meeting decisions (attached).

There have been on changes to the budget numbers since the April 4th SSC minutes. The master calendar is still in development. Once it is finalized there may be some adjustments to budget due to changes in number of sections. The final budget is due to District central office on June 14th.

Student representatives inquired about the changes to World Language. Cantonese will no longer be offered and there is less demand for Mandarin. As a result, fewer teachres are needed. Based on Union contract rules, the teacher with the lowest seniority will be “consolidated” which means the teacher will move to another school. Student representatives wanted to present a petition to the Mayor. It was noted that as students they could do that, but the SSC cannot advocate on behalf of a specific teacher.

School Health Office has added .4 FTE nurse for Galileo. As a result there will be a full time nurse next school year.

HR confirmed that they will cover .4 FTE in college/career for a total of 1.0 counselor

3. Identify priorities/process for allocating additional funds
The Final Fall budget update is after the 10 day count. The SY 13-14 budget is based on 1,975 students. There are currently 1,985 students enrolled. May 24th is deadline for second round and then the 3rd round can go through the first week of school. Typically not many students are added in the 3rd round.

Discussion followed about the potential for more funds coming to district based on State budget. It is not clear how any additional funds would be allocated by the District. The following possible priorities were discussed should additional funds come to Galileo:

1. Continue with 80-20 split for classroom/non-classroom
2. Restoration of cut positions from departments and areas that were received most cust
3. Restoration of cut position to keep class size small prioritizing ELD, English, Social Studies, 9th grade math, college counselor (student requests).
4. Adding an additional period to the day for ELD students and high needs students., off track students.

It was noted that the SSC is advisory to the administration re: budgeting, planning, and implementation and that it was probably not the best use of the SSC’s time to engage in a speculative discussion without any real information.

D. Page made a motion that the Administration will send via email to SSC members information and requests for additional funding for information.
B.Grinnell seconded the motion

It was noted that the request for approval of proposed budget should include a deadline and that those SSC members who were unavailable would not be able to respond. SSC members said they checked their emails regularly so this process would work.

No opposition
Motion passes

4. Identify ways to improve the workings of the SSC
Review of terms:

S. DeBella – term ends Sep 2013
D. Page – term ends Sep 2013
J. Peters – term ends Sep 2014
J. Ring – term ends Sep 2014
B. Grinnell – term ends Sep 2014
M.Lau-Smith – term ended Sep 2012
C.Seigal – term ended Sep 2012
Student reps – 2 ASB reps identified for next school year.

Seats in need of new members:

1. Parent representatives – M.Lau-Smith and C. Seigal agreed to assist in calling for nominations and having election at Back to School Night
2. Teacher representatives – Faculty leadership team will hold elections in the Fall
3. At large student representative: Student Reps will ask teachers to nominate students in the Fall and hold an election.

It was suggested that the first meeting of the year be used to orient new members re: by laws, meeting process, etc.. Additionally for next year’s budget discussion, the SSC should determine the process for public comments and SSC discussion of its recommendations for the budget.

MLau-Smith agreed to chair the meetings in the Fall until new officers were elected after all the empty seats are filled.
D. Page was nominated and elected to serve as Secretary during meetings in the Fall until new officers were elected after all the empty seats are filled.

Meeting Adjorned.