Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – May 16, 2013



Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting

May 16, 2013



  • Need to be quantifiable to put into Data Director
  • Done – Math, English, Spanish (need rubric), French (need rubric), Health, Social Studies (will get from Lisa)
  • Marcus will search emails again for other departments


Department BSC

  • Thanks to Special Education, Social Studies, English, World Language, and Science for getting us rough drafts!
  • The BSC is a living document
  • Send us what you have right now
  • We will set up individual meetings next week to review each BSC and work to refine


CPT Calendar

  • When do grades get put into Data Director at the end of the school year (especially with our incoming 9th grade class)
  • Faculty Meetings, Grading Periods, SchoolLoop CPT Time
  • School Events added in…discussion about Winter Assembly, are we going to cancel some assemblies events?  desire to re-think some of this


Whole School PD/CPT needs next year:

  • Restorative Justice/Practices: what it looks like, definition (could be in a Faculty Meeting)
  • Inclusive Practices
  • 0.8/ELD working together
  • Compensation Time for Back to School Night
  • Tier 1 Interventions for students with IEPs (August PD)
  • CPS/Mandated Reporter/Crisis
  • Emergency Procedures
  • New Counseling Loads: define and explain, perhaps use HR more to do counseling needs/issues
  • Teacher Appreciation Lunch
  • CELDT scores and review/lesson (Bilingual Reclassification)
  • IEPs at a glance PD/review within departments
  • Transgender Youth Training (Kitchell and Wellness)
  • Cultural/Linguistically Relevant Pedagogy



  • Why are teachers doubling up?  Makes more sense and actually creates less work esp for the Special Ed teachers.
  • What about GenEd teachers missing Department time? Can be combined, depends on the needs…
  • Are SpEd teachers in multiple departments?  No, as much as possible.
  • GenEd teachers might need to think a bit in advance