Department Heads Meeting Minutes – August 8, 2013



Department Heads Meeting









Marcus called the meeting to order at 1:00pm.



Marcus introduced Alicia Sheppeck who will take Leah Ramsey’s place as World Language Department Head.  Everyone gave a brief summary of their summer activities.



I.          Budget


–Katie said we have $120,000 coming from AP for our supplies.  We hope for additional funds to be allocated to us for additional ELL students.  We will not know the department budgets until after the 10-day count.


–David asked about the additional funds from the state.  Katie said that SFUSD is one of 9 districts not part of the waiver, but we would not see those funds this year.


–Nancy said that she understood that these funds would keep away additional funds but would not provide more funds for schools.


–Nancy said we would get 76 new ELL students this semester.  We are budgeted at 1984 students.  Those who got accepted by Round 3 will be additional students.



–Marcus said there would be a bigger influx of students after the 10-day count.


–Katie found out during the meeting that the governor’s money will go to Central Office.  There will be more Central Office staff.



II.         Staffing


–We have many new staff members.  Marcus said he is very excited about the new group of teachers who are joining us.  He thanked everyone for their assistance in this process.  Katie said some who were consolidated will be returning.  We have a new dean, a new counselor, and a counselor for Lauren Marshman while she is on leave next year.  The college and career counselor is funded by the central office.



III.       Textbooks


–Katie asked everyone to get their textbook orders in.



IV.        Supplies


–Katie asked everyone to get their immediate supply orders in.



V.         Work Orders


–Katie asked everyone to check all of their classrooms and submit necessary work orders.



VI.        Master Schedule Update


–Nancy talked about her experiences with Synergy.  She discussed the challenges and the positives of the new system.


–The counseling office this year will be divided up by homerooms, so each counselor will have all grade levels.  Nancy explained the hope of indicating the right counselor on each student’s locator card.  Nancy distributed the new counseling assignments.


–Nancy told the group that the counselors decided to divide up the case loads this way so that all the counselors would have an even caseload.  All counselors will know all grade levels at the same time.  The counselors wanted to have mixed caseloads.  Students will have the same counselor for all 4 years. There are no PE homerooms this year.



–Course titles have changed with the move to Synergy.  She gave examples with both English and ELD classes.  The course titles stay the same for the entire year.


ELD is now Emerging, Expanding and Advanced for the levels.  Advanced Algebra is now Algebra 2.



–Katie asked if there is an ELD department on Synergy.  Nancy said, “No.”  Nancy said all the department heads will go to Synergy training this year in preparation for the following year and attendance being done on line.



–Nancy said Synergy is internet based.


–Discussion followed about prep periods, needs of school, etc.




VII.      Room Assignments


–Nancy distributed the Master Schedule.  There were changes over the summer.  She asked everyone to compare the old schedule to the new one.  Check the prep periods.


–Nancy said that teachers with 1st and 6th period prep make the MS seem a little less balanced student wise than in the past.  Part-time teachers also play into this imbalance.


–Doug said that the #1 thing teachers want is the prep period of their choice.  He asked that she please let him know if she has to change the prep periods.


–David asked for a list of who is team teaching and which periods.


–Joseph mentioned there are 10 teachers who travel between rooms.



VII.      Attendance


–Marcus said it will be very important for teachers to turn in their attendance strips every day.  If the strips are not turned in on time, all students will be marked present.  This makes it difficult for parents to know exactly what is happening with their students.


–Vera, Connie and Linda will assume Kelli’s Attendance job, as she is no longer here.


–Marcus again stressed the importance of doing the strips each day.



VIII.     TA


–Nancy explained how much easier it will be for TA’s.  Teachers who have TA’s will give the grade and do the attendance.  It will no longer have to go through Judie White, except for teachers who have a TA during their prep periods.


–Juniors and Seniors will be the TA’s, but we will not have as many as last year.  We have more music classes now and students have to take 2 years of a foreign language.



IX.        Principal’s Expectations


–Marcus distributed the Principal’ Expectations.  These were also mailed to all teachers.  They are the same as they were last year.  The bold ones are those that we want to focus on.


–He mentioned the emergency lesson plans.  We did not do a good job with this last year.  We need those sub plans right away. Mat asked if ones from last year would do.  Lisa said she had very little turned in last year.  Someone suggested putting the lesson plans on a Google doc.


–We want to focus on the expectation as to what we focus on, how do we know what teachers are teaching, what students are learning, how do we address the under served and how do we address those students who already know what we are teaching.  This is important as we move towards the Common Core.


–Marcus felt the administrators need to do more walk throughs this year.


–Post language objectives in a clearly visible area daily.  Joseph suggested a correction, to make the sentence clearer.


–BBC for teachers with less than 4 years of experience.



X.         Visioning


–Marcus would like to work with the group to have a School Wide Vision.



XI.        District and High School Priorities


–We will keep working on what we have.



XII.      School Quality Improvement System


–Marcus distributed this information.  We are no longer a part of “No Child Left Behind.”



XIII.     Library Days & Hours


–The librarian today is a .6 position.  We do have to set the schedule for the library.


–Joseph suggested the two block days and one other day.


–Let Marcus and Lisa know your thoughts.


–David said the heaviest use was on Mondays and Fridays.


–Alicia said that many students hang out there as it is a safe place to be.



XIV.     Next week’s PD Agenda


–Lisa distributed some information about the activities.


–There will be an orientation for all the new hires.  Let us know if you have information that you would like included.


–Lisa went over the schedule.  The Wednesday and Thursday activities may change slightly.


–Joseph asked when School Loop will be available.  Lisa will find out.


–Monday and Friday are teacher workdays.  Tuesday is a district-wide PD Day.


–Lisa handed out the information for Tuesday’s workshops.  She gave the schedules and will email this to everyone and the links to sign up.


–Lisa asked everyone to check this document to see what is useful to your department.  Let Lisa know if there are not many workshops that will be helpful to your department.  Lisa will also email this to everyone.


–Most of the workshops will be held at GWHS and Presidio MS.



XV.       Agendas for Next Week’s Department Meetings


–Please get some items ready for the meetings.


–Student teachers will be here on Friday.


–Since ELL and English are not here tomorrow, move each department time up 30 minutes.



Meeting adjourned at 2:45pm.