Department Heads/Leadership Team Meeting Minutes – 8/27/13


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting



Leadership Team Agenda


Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.  He said we would spend 30 minutes on the Leadership Team agenda and 30 minutes on the Department Heads agenda.  He will prioritize the agenda items.  He also said we need to start these meetings on time.

I.          Master Schedule Update

–Nancy said we are working on the Master Schedule and there are 300 math changes and 100 ELL changes.  The students should have their new schedules next week.  Please let your teachers know.

–Stan asked about AP language classes and the prep periods.  He also asked about class sizes, saying that he had one class with 38 students.

–Nancy said the periods that are the most crowded are 1, 4 and 6.

–Marcus said there are some classes that are smaller.  He asked the group to give the administrators until Monday to make the changes.

–David asked about classes where students who have previously failed the class are allowed to take the class again crowding the classes.

–Marcus said we do not have a night school science class at this point.

–Doug mentioned students in his department who move on even if they failed the previous year’s classes.  He indicated they were looking at all of this.  He also asked about access to summer school grades.  Nancy said we have them on paper but they have not posted summer school grades on the transcripts.

–Joseph said his piano lab only has 32 student seats.

II.         Vending Machines

–David asked for information on what items are selected.  Marcus said he and Jessica Colvin had a conversation about the nutritional information and they will work to have healthy items.  There is no contact person in the district now for the new guidelines.

–David asked where the money from the machines will go and Marcus said it will go to the Principal’s fund.

–Marcus asked for input on the machine in room 257.

III.       First Week Schedule 2014/15

–David mentioned that most classes were 50 minutes and but the last period was 35 minutes.  We will work on this for next fall.

Department Head Agenda

I.          BSC/CPT Calendars

–Lisa said the BSC and CPT calendars should line up.  Lisa emailed a spreadsheet to everyone.  And it is also on the Faculty Handbook drive.

II.         ELD Titles

–District is only using part of the new state titles.  She explained the new titles they are using.  See her if you want to know the codes.

III.       Language Objectives

–This will be the focus of the faculty meeting next week.  Lisa told the group that all department heads will get lists of students.  There will be a PD of what language objectives will be.

–Joseph said he would like to see examples in the PD of what the language objectives look like.  He said in the VPA department they have not really taught language objectives before.  He would like to hear from other departments as to what they do and what they need.

–Kathleen talked about previous exercises, including the GLOs.

–Marcus would like to do an overall presentation of the language objectives and then would have smaller groups get more content specific.  Let him know if you want district support.

–Marcus wants to know when the administration can walk through the classrooms and see language objectives on the board.

–David suggested that at faculty meetings it would be helpful if the administrators modeled the language objectives.

–Marcus asked if the 3rd week in September would find everyone ready with the Language Objectives on the board.

–Kathleen offered to share information she has with the group.

IV.        Instructional Materials Survey

–Katie said it has been distributed it to everyone.  Please turn it in to Linda Wade.

–David asked if he could say, “Same as last year.”  Katie said it helps us to know if we need more textbooks.  This is the most important part.

–Doug suggested doing this survey electronically.  Katie said the district gives it to us in paper form and they want their form back.

V.         TA’s—Clarification and Policy Enforcement

–David asked about how many TA’s there are, and do some teachers have a large number of them? 

–Alicia asked for a list of who her TA’s are.

–Nancy said the TA’s are on the class lists—marked as a student who are taking your class as a TA.  Teachers are responsible for taking attendance and giving the grade.  TA’s for support staff are still going through the Counseling Office for grades and attendance.

–Nancy also said the Counseling Office cannot keep track right now of how many TA’s each teacher has.

–Nancy will double check on how attendance works on School Loop.

–Michelle asked for the process to get a TA.  Nancy said there is still a form.  Teachers should email the counselors that they need a TA.

–Lisa suggested a google doc.  Nancy said the counselors do not have time right now for the google doc.

–Josephine said all the kids want to choose the teachers they TA for.  Those teachers who have many TA’s need to stop accepting more TA’s.

–Marcus asked if TA’s are listed on the class lists as TA’s and Nancy said, “Yes.”

–Alicia asked how to get a class list that shows the TA’s.  The answer is to see Connie in the Counseling Office.

–Lisa will activate last year’s list.

VI.        Clarification on Students Dropping Classes

–Mat asked if departments can have their own rules with students dropping AP classes.

–David said it would go through the department heads and this only involves dropping the classes in the first 2 weeks.

–Michelle mentioned the most changes are with Math and ELD, but Michelle would like to make some changes with balancing class sizes.

–David said there could be problems in his classes if students do no have desks, not enough materials.

–Nancy said the counselors are doing their best to keep class sizes level.

–Josephine said they know which teachers will take more than 36.  She also said that right now class size numbers are fluctuating.

–Nancy said the academy classes are being backfilled in the 11th and 12th grades.  She will know more next week.

–Marcus said there would be some administrative changes for next year for periods 1, 4 and 6.  Marcus said ideally each department would have an equal number of sections each period.

–Joseph suggested that each department come up with a balance and it should be equal for each period.

VII.      Budget

–We get the revised budget by September 19th.

VIII.     Miscellaneous

–Joseph asked about the new Field Trip Form and he would like some training.

–Katie said she would send everyone a link to this form and how to do it.

Meeting adjourned at 12:15pm.