Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – September 3, 2013



Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting








Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.



Department Heads Agenda



Marcus said that we need to start these meetings on time.  Joseph suggested we start 5 minutes after the start of the period, or 11:20am.  Everyone agreed.



I.          Instructional Materials Survey


–Katie said they were due today.  Linda needs to get them in tomorrow.



II.         Evaluation Process


–Marcus explained how the process has changed this year.  He mentioned the roles of all of the administrators.  Lisa will do the bulk of the teacher evaluations.  This is an every other year process for evaluating teachers.



III.       Language Objectives/Walkthroughs


–September 16th will be the start date.


–Marcus said he will be doing a lot more of the informal walkthroughs this year.



IV.        Collecting Attendance Strips


–Mat suggested this topic


–Marcus asked the group if the security aides are picking up the strips in a timely fashion.  2nd floor is good, 3rd floor is touch and go, 5th floor is occasionally, 4th and 1st floors need help.



–Marcus suggested giving security aides clip boards to check off who has turned the strips in.  This would mean that we would wait until after 30 minutes to start collecting the strips.  That would mean everyone would have to be done completing the strips in the first 30 minutes of each class.



–We have to scan the strips downtown.  We are not able to mesh our scanner with Synergy so all scanning is now done downtown.  Marcus will email all teachers about this.


–He will include instructions for teachers to bring their strips down at the end of class if teachers do not have them ready when security comes by.



V.         Vending Machines


–David said students are supposed to be using the vending machines only at lunchtime and after school, and not during class time.


–Stephen said he has heard that teachers send students to get things for them from the machines.


–Jessica brought up the teachers who have told her they were upset about the unhealthy choices in the vending machines.


–Joseph said teachers are adults and they can make choices.




VI.        Security Guards


–Stan asked about security aides and what happens when they are out sick.


–Nurse Kitchell said there are now T-10 subs.


–Katie told the group what we do when a security aide is absent. 


–Marcus said we will look in to T-10 subs.



VII.      Budget


–David asked when we will get a budget.


–Katie said we will get a budget on September 17th and it is due back to the district on September 27th.


–She told the department heads to get the supplies you need now.





Meeting adjourned at 11:40am.