WEEKLY BULLETIN – September 23 – 27, 2013


Weekly Bulletin

SEPTEMBER 23 – 27, 2013





WORD OF THE WEEK:    All Teachers please put this word on your blackboard or other prominent place. BESTOW: To put to use; apply; to put in a particular or appropriate place; to provide with quarters; to put up; to convey as a gift.



WELLNESS YOUTH OUTREACH WORKERS NEEDED: Do you know of students who are leaders and interested in health and wellness? Encourage them to become a Wellness Youth Outreach Worker! This is a paid position in our Wellness Center. Applications are available in Room 151 and are due on Friday, September 27th.


THE GALILEO WELLNESS CENTER: is looking forward to working with faculty & staff to support the health and well-being of our students. Concerned about a student? Drop by Room 151 or visit the Wellness Website (galileoweb.org/wellness) to fill out a Wellness Consultation Request Form.


Galileo PTSA Education and Enrichment Grantsinformation and applications are now available at galileoweb.org/ptsa. Please turn in your applications 3 weeks before the following PTSA General Meetings for membership voting: Sept. 11, 2013, Nov. 13, 2013, Jan.8, 2014, Mar. 12, 2014 and Apr. 9, 2014. Questions may be directed to Jeanne Yee, Education Grants Committee Chair at Lattjiu@aol.com



ANNOUNCEMENT FORMS: We are now using Google Forms to collect announcement requests. The form is linked from the Teachers page at galileoweb.org. Check it out.


**BULLETIN NOTICES:**EMAIL ADDRESS FOR BULLETIN NOTICES:  Please email bulletin notices to: grinnellb@galileoweb.org. The deadline for submitting items for the bulletin is Friday morning by 8:30am.                 Mrs. Grinnell


SUBSTITUTE SYSTEM:  The Substitute System’s phone number:  345-0064.  The old phone number, 241-6641, is no longer operational.  The on-line system remains the same.  If you have any questions please let me know.


SOCIAL COMMITTEE CONTRIBUTION:  Just a reminder–if you haven’t already given your social committee contribution, it’s not too late.  See Bettie Grinnell in the Main Office with your $20–checks or cash welcome!                  Social Committee


PARKING COURTESY:  Please do not block other cars in both the Bay Street and the Polk Street parking lots.  If you have to block a car, do it only for a few minutes and leave your Galileo Parking Hanger in plain sight in your car.  If you do not have a Galileo Parking Hanger, see Bettie Grinnell in the Main Office.                                       Mrs. Grinnell



ASB STORE in Room 150  is selling healthy snacks, beverages, sweatshirts, new drawstring day packs, hand towels, lanyards, bookcovers, pens, pennants, mugs, and other spirit items during lunch time and after school. Money helps to pay for our school activities.

ASB STORE is selling ASB card stickers @ $5.00. Discounts are given for dances, sweatshirts, yearbook, and other spirit items.

ARE YOU STRESSED? Having a hard time adjusting back to school? Having issues in your friendships or relationships? Just need someone to talk to? Come to the Wellness Program in Room 151. It’s free, private and if you are looking for someone to listen we are here!


WELLNESS YOUTH OUTREACH WORKERES NEEDED: Want to learn new skills? Want to have a voice in school health and wellness activities? Be a leader in promoting student health? Get paid? Then apply to become a Wellness Youth Outreach Worker! Applications are available in Room 151 and are due on Friday, September 27th.


OKTOBERFEST is Friday, Oct. 11. Club representatives must attend the Executive Student Council meetings every Monday in room 153 at 3:15 PM. Food proposals will be accepted at ECM starting Monday, Sept. 10.

HOMECOMING COURT: Do you wish to run for Homecoming Court? Pick up a petition at ASB Office (room 150).

FRESHMEN OFFICE: Do you wish to run for Freshmen Office? Pick up a petition at ASB Office (room 150).

GALILEO DRESS-UP DAY is Friday, Sept. 27. Wear anything Galileo like sweatshirt, t-shirt, jacket, or athletic shirt. Meet in the courtyard during lunch time to get pictures taken to see which class has the most spirit.



YEARBOOK: Check yourgalileoweb.org email, where you are already invited to join Treering. On the  Treering.com site, you can start customizing your two personal yearbook pages. That will also be the website where you can purchase your yearbook. Purchases will 15% off until Sept 30th.  Orders can  be online this year, you can use a credit card or check.


If you have any questions, feel free to email our yearbook staff at: lyl@galileoweb.org or fieldk@galileoweb.org!