Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – October 8, 2013


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting




Leadership Team Agenda

Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:25am.

I.          ELAC During Open House

–There will be an ELAC table during Open House.  Kathleen asked the group to steer parents of ELAC students to the table so they can hear about the programs.

–Jessica said Wellness will have a table there as well and will talk about Nov. 13 parent workshop and affordable healthcare.

Department Head Agenda

I.          Announcements

–Michelle mentioned that often there are announcements at the beginning of the 4th period, then at the end of 4th period and then at the end of 6th period.  She asked the group how they felt.

–Kathleen said it seems to be a problem.

–David said it does not make sense to have 2 announcement periods.

–Marcus will send out the email to everyone about this problem and we will change the code.

–Kathleen said that folks need to know that we don’t just make random announcements.

–Michelle said all announcements should be made during 4th period.

–David said for exceptions, the announcements should be cleared by the Main Office.

–Announcements could be made during passing times, lunch, etc.

–Joseph felt the code should not be a secret in case of emergencies.

–Joseph also felt we should have a PA system that functions much better than what we have through the telephone.

II.         Room 206

–Michelle would like to clarify that this room is designated a teacher workspace.  She sees it become like a hang out room for adults, i.e. student teachers who are hanging out there, chatting, etc.  Marcus suggested we move them to the faculty lounge, Room 257.

–Room 206 is still a workroom.

–Joseph said 555 is open during 4th period for a quiet place and teachers are welcome.

III.       Plagiarism Policy

–Kathleen mentioned that last year we adopted a no tolerance policy.  This year we have many new people on the staff, so we need to revisit it.  Marcus said it will be on the agenda for the faculty meeting tomorrow.

IV.        New Budget Numbers

–Katie distributed new sheets that give possibilities of giving the science department extra funds from the other 8 departments.  She asked the members to review the documents and then perhaps vote on the preferences.

–Pathways come out of the department budgets.

–Science has a much larger consumable budget than the other departments.

–Stan said in the past Biotech Pathway had a separate budget.  Marcus said this will be a discussion item.  Biotech needs $3,000-5,000.  He used to get outside funds, but no longer does.

–The vote indicated each department will give $4,000 to Science.

–Katie asked everyone to review what they have designated to each object code after these revisions.

–Katie talked about summer conferences and how to encumber the funds prior to the end of the school year.  Teachers need to request an advance.

–Doug mentioned using the 18 hours of Prop A funds to pay for hours teachers to

–attend conferences.

–David asked for the process, and Doug said Lisa was going to discuss this at tomorrow’s faculty meeting.

V.         Data Next Steps

–Marcus mentioned the past two Data meetings and distributed some data the group asked for that Jan Link provided.

–The data sheets included CST, CTS End of Course Test, Galileo 3-year enrollment by Ethnicity, District Suspensions, and Galileo Suspensions.

Marcus wants the group to select three data sets and talk about results.

Life Science and EAP will continue this year.  There will be a group of 11th graders that will do MAPS English or Math.

–The question was asked if these tests will be done electronically.  Katie said the 10th grade Life Science is being done. 

–Marcus said the superintendent sent out an email about this yesterday.  Marcus will forward it to the group.

–Marcus asked the group if they would like to study the data and work on this at the next meeting.

–Joseph said he agreed with Janet Schulze in that we can’t do nothing—we have to do something.

–David felt we should look at the Galileo Suspension rate.

–Michelle would like to see a conversation that comes from data, but comes from some other content areas.

–Joseph suggested the conversation be about student achievement—grades, attendance, etc. like the measures for BSC or WASC.

–Alicia would like to look at who is college ready among the students who stay here all 4 years, and by race.

–She talked about those who were not college ready, went to CCSF, took a few courses, and some of the courses are sub-level and will prepare students to be college ready.  He discussed a Bump-Up level for city college courses.

–Marcus said we will continue the discussion next week.

VI.        Miscellaneous

–Marc mentioned the Hour of Code.  This is one hour out of the school day and he would like it to be the same hour for the whole school.  Danny Tan would need to do some training.  Marc was asking if there is interest.

–This program has generated a lot of discussion.

Meeting adjourned at 12:15pm.