Department Head/Leadership Team Meeting Minutes – November 12, 2013

Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting


Nancy called the meeting to order at 11:25am.

–Nancy mentioned that Marcus is out for the week at a convention in Detroit.  Nancy is acting principal for the week.

I.    Schedule Changes for Spring
–Nancy said the counselors would accept changes for spring for those students who are not making it or who would like to move up to honors, etc.  These changes will have to come from the department heads.  The counseling office needs the names of students for the changes by November 22nd.  These changes are teacher initiated only.  No student requests will be honored.

–Josephine requests that the students know that their names will be on the lists.
–Nancy said the November 22nd deadline is firm.  The counselors will need the time to get this done prior to Winter Break.

II.    Final Exam Schedule
–Nancy said that the schedule distributed was not what the group agreed on last year.  Nancy has contacted Marcus to see if we can move the exams up one day and begin on Monday.

III.    Miscellaneous
–Lisa mentioned shadowing has begun on Tuesdays and school tours are on Fridays.
–Bettie explained the shadowing process. The Galileo students have their teachers sign a form the host student circulates to his or her teachers.  The host students meet their guests in the Main Office at 7:50am.  Shadowing is either a half-day or a whole day, always on Tuesdays.  We try to match up our students with students visiting from their former middle schools if possible.  We are open to the visitors selecting a student at Galileo that they know to shadow with.
–Today was the first day and it seemed to go well.  The students seemed happy, both the hosts and the visitors.
–The shadowing will continue during November, December and January until the enrollment deadline.

–Kathleen mentioned the 70+ Newcomers who have enrolled.  Many of them cannot respond to their names.  Kathleen mentioned Plan E, which allows these students to earn fewer credits to graduate if they come in at the age of 15.

–Nancy mentioned the CTE audit on Thursday this week.  They will be looking at the academies and pathways mostly.  The auditors will be looking at equipment that is on the inventory last year from CTE.

Meeting adjourned at 11:35am.