Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – 11/5/13



Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting








Leadership Team Agenda


Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:25am.



I.          Parking Lot


–Marcus discussed the issues with the parking lot and how people park.


–He asked the group for input.


–Stan suggested a security guard be posted on game days to keep folks out.


–Marcus said the problem is us blocking each other in.  Stan said he would petition the UBC folks to encourage folks not to block each other.


–Lisa suggested other options for parking.


–Stan suggested we not give student teachers access to the lot.  Marcus said we would do this in the future.


–David suggested taking away parking privileges for student teachers if they abuse the rules.


–David suggested parking information for new teachers.


–A district worker could not get down the ramp today.


–Lisa suggested an all staff email dealing with this issue and giving parking alternatives.


–Stan asked if we should get threatening.  Ray suggested a positive plan.


–Michelle suggested we encourage faculty to leave home earlier to get on-street parking.



II.         Grades for Special Ed Students


–Ray said there are teachers who will not modify or change grades, even if there is a modification in curriculum.  He talked about the fact that many of his students who are diligent are failing.  He said using the same rubric for all students is not always fair.  He mentioned the difficulties of discussing grades with some of the teachers.


–He asked, “What is the big deal about giving a student a C if they are doing the work and trying?”  He mentioned student engagement, and that students are not going to continue to be engaged if they are getting F’s.  He feels the culture is not supporting the students that don’t fit into the regular ed. way of learning.  He said some of the students who are receiving F’s are working really hard.


–Ray mentioned the departments where his students are not doing well.


–Ray said it is important to make accommodations for special ed. students.



–Michelle asked if accommodations are mentioned in the IEPs.  Ray said they are, but Michelle said some are not in the IEPs.  She said that teachers read the IEPs and take the information as guidance.


–Ray said an accommodation is allowing access to information, information the teacher is delivering.


–Modification involves changing the curriculum.


–Ray said the IEPs would be better this year—more thorough with what the students need, not just what the parents want.


–David mentioned previous talks to the faculty that Ray has done.  You are helping the students build up their confidence and renew their acquaintance with education.



–Ray said the after school training groups are helping.


–Marcus said he hears that some teachers are being too rigid.  That information should come from the spec. ed. teachers to the regular teachers.  Marcus said he liked the participation segment of the grade.  He encouraged everyone to have flexibility.


–The case managers need to initiate these conversations.


–Alicia said there are a number of students who do not have an IEP, but still do not fit into the general ed. way of assessing.



III.       Data For Faculty Meeting


–Marcus presented the information for the faculty meeting tomorrow.


–Galileo Demographics was first. At the meeting members will discuss changes in pairs.


–Marcus mentioned some items that would change.


–ELA CST covered the last 5 years.  Same slides for Math.


–Galileo’s Focus—Attendance, EAP (Early Assessment Program) and Grades


–Joseph asked when does the EAP begin.


–Attendance questions—EWI, other ethnicities, grade levels, zip code map and economically disadvantaged.


EAP Questions is next, followed by grades.


–Marcus will talk about the next steps in all 3 areas.



IV.        Student Schedule Changes for Spring Semester


–Mat told of a parent who wants to change her student from AP to regular classes, and wipe out the first semester. Mat said this is not an isolated incident.


–Nancy said students have to go through the 7-step process to change classes.


–Michelle said when a student transfers, the grade transfers with them.


–Alicia said she has students requesting to drop down a level in World Languages.  Some she felt would do better with this change.


–Alicia has too many TAs.  She asked when they would switch and Nancy said it would be at the semester.


–Nancy said that the administration needs to talk about grade changes at the semester.



V.         School Dress Code


–Kathleen told of an incident in her classroom.  She talked about some of the inappropriate outfits/clothing some of our students are wearing .


–Katie said we have a dress code and it can be enforced.  She said the policy is inconsistently enforced.  Mr. Rasul has been working on this.  Katie said if there are teachers who are uncomfortable talking with students about this, send them to Katie or the Deans’ Office.


–Katie said that once the word gets out that this will be enforced all day long and it should get better.


–Nancy said she can be called in these situations.  She makes students change and then come back to her and show her their new clothes.


–Nancy mentioned the boys wearing their pants at their knees.


–The faculty must be consistent.


–Michelle asked about the sagging pants and it being part of a culture.  Marcus said it is jail culture.


–No undergarments should be should be showing.


–Alicia asked if students can show their bellies—answer is “no.”  She also asked if male teachers can wear tank top under shirts.  The answer is “No.”


–Katie asked members to have this discussion in their department meetings.


–Katie said she would go to classrooms to pick up students.


–Lisa suggested posting the dress code in each room.


–Jo suggested a way to talk to students about this issue.



Meeting adjourned at 12:10pm.