Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – November 19, 2013



Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting









Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.



I.          Final Exam Schedule


–Michelle asked if we could move the final exam schedule up a day.  We will have the exams on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday will be a make-up day and Friday will be the last day of the semester.  Grades are due at 8am on Friday. Bettie will email everyone with the updates.



II.         Release Protocol for Sports


–Michelle mentioned that students left at 10:45am last week for the football game.


–Marcus said it varies per sport.  For football the norm is to be at the visiting field one-hour prior to the game.


–David asked how much before the bus leaves should the students be dismissed from class.


–Nancy said that the students need to eat, etc. prior to leaving.


–Marcus said he would talk to Coach Mark about this issue.


–Michelle asked if this goes through Marcus and Marcus said it was the coaches.  He asked Nancy to talk about this in her meetings with the coaches.


–Doug said the games across the US are played after school so parents could attend.  He discussed some problems in the 1970’s, which are no longer present.  He mentioned that no one gets to see the games if they are played before school is out.


–Nancy and Marcus said Kezar is the only place with lights and the private schools rent it out.  Kezar cannot rent the stadium to public schools.


–There will be one night game that will rotate through the public schools next year.



III.       CPT for Contracts


–Joseph said Stan asked him to bring this up.  The contract is up for renewal and he would like to request 5 minutes of each department meeting to fill out the survey.  The consensus is that it can be filled out either this Wednesday or Thursday.



IV.        Grading Discussion—


–Lisa mentioned Eric Lewis and Myra Quadros from the district and said she and Nancy met with them last week.  Lisa said we should formulate what will be taken to the departments.  The district people wanted 5 activities, but Lisa said we felt 4 would be better.


–They will come next Tuesday for the Leadership Meeting, and lead discussions in this meeting to help members lead discussions in their department meetings.


–Kathleen asked how this is relevant to language.  Lisa said it is relevant to grading.



–Marcus asked the group what would they like to see come out of this.


–Michelle said she did not want a team to come in and give a presentation and then leave only 5 minutes for discussion.  This should be organic from our site.


–Lisa said they have had discussions like this with other staffs.  Lisa mentioned they would facilitate a discussion after everyone reads a specific article.


–Marcus said he got good feedback from Lincoln about this activity.


–David said he has some experience with this and mentioned reflecting what is


going on in the current way we do things—shortcomings and improvements.



–Ray asked if we had our own experts who could lead these discussions rather than bringing outsiders in.  David vouched for one of the presenters.



–Mat asked if this was coming to department wide grading standards.  Marcus said this would start discussions.



V.         Schedule Changes for Spring Semester


–Student Schedule Changes for Spring are due this Friday, 11/22/13, at the end of the school day.


–Alicia asked for the best format to send the information to Nancy.  Student name, current class, spring semester class and recommended teacher are the needed pieces of information.


–Ray asked if there have been any improvements in Synergy to identify Special Ed. students.  Nancy addressed this issue.



–Nancy said we still expect 50 Newcomers to enter Galileo between now and the end of the school year.  They are ELL 1’s.  Nancy mentioned that we have not had ELD students at this low level.  She will create some new classes to accommodate this need for the Spring semester.  These classes have 30 students now, but should really not have more than 15 students.  Usually we get mid-level students.


–Marcus asked the ages of these students and Nancy said many of them are Juniors and 17.  Josephine said those who come in as Freshman will impact the art classes.


–Nancy said 4th period is a problem as there are many teachers with 4th period prep.  The Newcomers need very specific schedules.  She mentioned class sizes in PE and VPA.


–Doug asked why these students are being sent to us rather than where they went before.  Marcus said want access to Galileo, particularly those who live in Chinatown.


–Nancy mentioned Plan E where these students graduate with fewer credits but they still have to pass the CAHSEE. Most of the students are Asian or Middle Eastern.



Meeting adjourned at 11:50am.