Leadership Tem/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – 11-26-13


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting




Visiting speakers started by giving everyone a sheet to fill out with two questions—1.  What is your favorite strategy to engage students in your classroom?

2.  When a student has a low grade in your class (and is a student that attends class nearly every day), I what ways can you help them get a higher grade.

Galileo Grading Policy Conversation Day 1


Eric explained the pink question page and how he used it in the classroom.

–Doug talked about a college study he read where the students did very well with a daily quiz/activity.

Eric asked if we have norms, which means everyone has a chance to talk.

Grading is a personal activity and everyone has their own systems.  The idea is to start thinking about grades in a new way.

Eric Lewis (teacher on special assignment) and Myra Quadros are the speakers.  Eric asked the group to identify themselves, and mention a favorite engagement strategy.

Eric referred to the green agenda.  It is a short agenda, prefaced by the Rational Outcomes.

Eric referred to the final grades on the agenda sheet.  Lisa explained the grade portion and how to read it.

An EWI document was distributed.  They explained that Lowell was not included in this data.  Developing Early Warning Indicators for SFUSD.  This is a 2-page document, but the full one is 10 pages.

Attendance below 87.5% and GPA below 2.0 are reasons students will drop out of high school. 

Next he referred to the Four-Year High School Graduation Rate, by Number of Risk Factors and Course Failures in the First Semester of 9th Grade.

Risk Factors are Attendance and Grades coming in from 8th grade.

Eric introduced a grading activity and papers were distributed.  He explained the 3 different areas of the quiz.  Everyone had to figure the value system for each of the 3 areas.  Next everyone participated in the point system and grading.

Eric mentioned adjusting the grades.  One problem from the student perspective is when teachers have different grading scales.  He mentioned 65 grades that were changed at Galileo last year.

Doug mentioned the fact that some AP teachers will bump up the grades if a student passes the exam.

Stan asked if this is an exercise in futility, as the teacher makes the grades, not the district.  Everyone teaches differently.  Grading is the teacher’s responsibility is written into the contract.

Eric said we have to look at what is best for our students.  Eric mentioned consistency among the teachers with grades.

Stan mentioned that this could lead to a grading policy that is dictated by someone other than the teacher.

There will be 3 more sessions.  Eric will talk from student’s perspective in all the scenarios that can happen, like class changes, teacher changes, and the 9th grader who gets an F. 

Meeting adjourned at 12:15pm.  This discussion will continue next week.