10/16/13 Meeting Minutes

Galileo Academy of Science & Technology
School Site Council Minutes – October 16, 2013

Marcus Blacksher – Principal
Milagro Escobar – Student
Brandon Lee – Student
Anna Shao – Student
Bettie Grinnell – Non classroom
Mele Lau-Smith – Parent
Jim Fong – Parent
Jackie Peters – Teacher
Jonathan Ring – Teacher
Loan Ly – Teacher
Claire Siegel – Parent

Approval of minutes from Sept 18 meeting

M. Lau-Smith made the correction to “b” of III of the minutes, adding “for parent representatives” after initial word “Nominations”. M. Blacksher moved to approve the minutes, M. Escobar seconded. Minutes approved.

Results of SSC Parent Election

New parents representatives elected at Back-to-School Night were Mele Lau-Smith (returning representative, parent of 9th and 12 graders), Jim Fong parent of a 9th grader and Julie Nelson parent of 10th grader.

77 ballots were returned at Back-to-School Night for 5 parent candidates. J. Fong asked what ideas have been discussed in regards to increasing attendance at Back-to-School. Report cards being handed out at BTS night is one. B. Lee thinks some students might attempt to keep their parents away for that reason. Announcements to students via Gal House TV and intercom might help but M. Escobar says kids don’t pay attention to these. Autodialer and mailed announcements do usually happen.

With these new parent reps, the current 2013-2014 Site Council roster is comprised of:

Students : Anna Shao, Milagro Escobar, Brandon Lee,
Staff: Principal-Marcus Blacksher, School Secretary-Bettie Grinnell, Teachers- Jonathan Ring, Loan Ly, Jackie Peters, and Stan Debella
Parents: Mele Lau-Smith, Jim Fong, Julie Nelson

Election of Officers: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary

Discussion of possible candidates after M. Lau-Smith described the duties of the positions (see By-Laws).

M. Blacksher moved to approve a slate of:
Mele Lau-Smith a – Chair;
Jonathan Ring – Vice Chair;
Bettie Grinnell – Secretary.
M. Escobar seconded. Motion passed.
M. Lau-Smith mentioned the need for a SSC member to regularly post minutes and meeting notices on the Galileo website.
Loan Ly volunteered to post minutes and meeting announcements on the Galileo website.

Review and set calendar for SSC 2013-2014 meetings

Meeting will be held on the second Wednesday of the month as stated in the By-Laws. For the 2013-2014 year they will be:
November 13th
December 11th
January 8th
February 12th
March 12th
April 9th
May 14th

Discussion of extra dates that might be need for budget planning was postponed until after the SSC Summit.

Communication process

Discussion of the best way to approve, correct and review documents:
L. Ly proposed that using googledocs would be the easiest and there was agreement that this is the most convenient way for members to review and comment on SSC documents such as: Proposed agendas, By-Laws and Minutes before meetings. Members will be responsible for bringing their own copies of the above documents (either printed out or on their laptops).

The Chair will send notification to regular emails addresses of SSC members when there is a googledoc on-line to be reviewed.

Follow-up discussion of budget letter sent to Deputy Superintendent Myong Leigh

Discussion of Myong Leigh’s response to our letter about the district’s newly increased “buffer” of (which generally seemed to be applied, in the negative, to High Schools and, in the positive, to Elementary schools) and the decrease in per-pupil-spending across the district, the result at Galileo being a much greater deficit than we could have planned for. M. Leigh’s response was appreciative of the information but not substantive in any other way.

M. Lau-Smith suggests that we remind them in a letter at budget time that we need to be better informed of any substantial changes that are applied to the formula we use to estimate our budgetary needs for the following year. We might also request a fairer formula that is less disruptive to all schools. J. Peters asked what happened to the Proposition 30 money that was supposed to be flooding into the district this year. M. Smith-Lau stated that apparently the money has not reached school sites directly but is going to the central district offices with the expectation that they will then be better to support school sites centrally.

J. Fong suggested that our principal could discuss the issue with other principals. M. Blacksher said that this was possible.

M.Lau-Smith said she would post the By-Laws in a googledoc on Novemeber 4th, in anticipation of the November 13th SSC Meeting. She asked that people review, comment or propose changes by November 8th after which it will be considered as finalized for the next meeting.

B. Grinnell moved to adjourn
M. Blacksher seconded
Meeting adjourned