Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – January 21, 2014



Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting









Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:40am.



Leadership Team Agenda




I.          Affordable Care Act Enrollment Days


–Jessica told the group that on Thursday there will be specialists here to help families enroll.  It takes an hour and a half to get a family enrolled.  The computers in 260 will be used.  The information is going out through the auto dialer today.  This is for any family that has students in the SFUSD.  There are 7 dates for this enrollment throughout the district.


–Lisa suggested this be announced on G-House TV.



II.         Consequences for Cutting Homeroom


–Mat said his department is asking what is in place at this time.


–Stephen said detention and community service if we are able to catch them.


–Some students are going out of the building with loose permission from adults in the building.


–Stephen asked the group to tell their teachers not to let students out during homeroom.


–Jo said that 3 Us on a report card means students cannot attend dances.  For the seniors if they get a U for a final grade they cannot participate in the graduation ceremony.


–Doug said at the private school where his son attends, the teachers record the attendance and the administrators give the citizenship grades based on attendance.



–Marcus said that TAs will have ID Cards with their names and periods on them.  They should show them when they are in their TA period.



III.       Dress Code


–Kathleen discussed the fact that the hot weather is bringing back the exposed flesh in the girls and the underwear in the boys.  She asked if other teachers are talking about this.


–Lisa said they would all take calls and will talk to students who are inappropriately dressed.


–Katie said Mr. Rasul talks to kids and gives them PE clothes or sends them home.



IV.        Newcomers


–Kathleen said there will be an ELD Night School for levels 5 and higher.


–She also mentioned some of the newcomer students who are just coming to Galileo might not be fluent by next year.  She is looking into the .8 classes to make sure there are adequate class spaces.


–Discussion followed about class sizes at the beginning of the semester and then how the classes grow larger during the semester.


–Kathleen said if the newcomers come in as Juniors (15 or older), they do not have to meet all the graduation requirements (A-G), but then they cannot go directly to a UC after high school.


–Marcus asked how long the students keep the newcomer status.  Jo said 1 semester to 1 year.


–Kathleen said they are called “developing,” and this can go either way and it is a bit confusing.  Most of them cannot manage the .6 classes.



V.         Emergency Preparedness Week


–Katie is thinking of the last week in February or the first week in March.


–Michelle said the English Department would be busy the last 2 days of February.


–Nancy said the counselors will be going to classes between February 18 and March 4.


–Katie said she would know the testing schedule after a meeting this week.


–Katie did not want to do it the last week of the grading period.


–Suggestion was made to do it the week of February 10th.  We will mix of periods and days and Katie will put it on the calendar.



Department Heads Agenda



I.  Master Schedule


–Nancy distributed information concerning the 2014 Spring Master Schedule Timeline.  Today begins the period to let Nancy know if there are new classes in each department. She surveyed the group.


–Joseph said Mr. Novota would like to offer Beginning Band.  They are making a commercial for G-House TV.


–David and Alicia had new course offerings they have discussed with Nancy.



–Nancy talked about the 2-day training she and Lisa went to about how to build the Master Schedule.  She said it was good training.  She mentioned the timeline she distributed is a DRAFT and the district is working now to put things in place to start building the Master Schedule.  She emphasized that we need to be flexible.


–Nancy said Lisa will be helping with the Master Schedule, as Nancy will not be back until October next fall, as she is pregnant and will not be able to come back for the start of the school year.


–Counselors will be able to visit 2 classes per period.  We also need to report the number of classes to the March School Site Council meeting.


–Doug asked if Synergy would decide which courses a teacher has and when the prep period is.  He spends a lot of time honoring his teachers’ requests. 



–Ethan said the new plan is already in place at GWHS.  He offered that “work is work” and it needs to be fair across the board.


–Nancy said there are no guarantees for who has prep period when.


–David hoped that after the computer puts out a program, the department heads would be able to discuss it with the administration.


–Question was asked if the system could take into account room assignments so that teacher movement is kept to a minimum.  The answer is “Yes.”






January 12 – Ongoing          Begin Master Schedule Priority Discussions


February 18 – March 4        Counselors Registers Grades 10 – 12 (for next year)


March 10 – March 21           Department Heads Submit Student Placement and/or


                                                Placement Revisions


By March 21                          Department Heads Submit Teachers 3 Content Area Choices


March 17 – March 28           New Student/Freshman Registration


April 7 – April 11                  Number of Courses/Sections Are Determined



March 24 – April 11             Counselors Enter Course Requests



April 14 – 18                         Build Shell



April 18                                  Continue Development of Master Schedule



May 12 – 23                          Round 2 of New Student/Freshmen Registration



May 30                                   Teachers Are Notified of Courses They Are


                                                Teaching 2014 – 2015



–Kathleen asked if her students could move up in the same logical pattern that is in place now.  The answer is “Yes.”  This will also include team teaching classes that have to be certain periods.


–Michelle said that some of the academy people want to have a common prep.  Lisa said they are prioritizing academy programs and co-teaching programs.



–Ray said that we need to be able to read the IEPs of all the incoming 9th grade (current 8th grade) students.  He explained that the only way to know how to place the students is to read the IEPs.



–Michelle said one of the glitches of team teaching is that the teachers did not have time for discussions.  She would like to know before the end of the semester who will be team teaching and what they will be teaching.  Marcus said they would know before the end of the school year.


–Nancy will ask who wants to team teach, etc.  There will be a Google form.  They will prioritize team teachers who want to stay together.



–Doug asked who would handle those who have issues with what they are teaching next year if they are told on the last day of school.  Nancy said administrator contracts do not end on May 30th and they will be working on it.



II         Grade Level Special Ed Problems


–Ray said we are still getting 9th grade students in unannounced enrollment.  He said the placement office is not looking at Special Ed component for students they send to Galileo.  He mentioned that Naomi Gibbons has 15 students in one class, which is quite large for Special Ed.



III.       Miscellaneous



Meeting adjourned at 12:10PM.