Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – January 29, 2014



Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting









Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.



Marcus said the visitors from Colorado yesterday were very impressed with Galileo—positive environment, liked the academies and pathways.  Marcus thanked those involved in hosting the group.


–He talked about the gap in per pupil spending from our district ($3,800 plus add- ons).  The Colorado team has over $6,000 per pupil. Only a 7% of the Colorado students qualify for free and reduced lunch.  Not much diversity in ethnic breakdowns is present in their school system.



Leadership Team




I.          Testing


–Katie went to the Testing meeting last Wednesday.  40% district wide was chosen and we are the only large comprehensive high school that does not have to do the field test.  We could test if we wanted to but we will not.  There is a new tech roll out with a secure server that will be downloaded to individual computers.



–10th graders still need to take the Life Science test for federal accountability.


–11th graders who are taking EAP have to take the Math and English and writing.  11th graders in Geometry are exempt from the Math.


–Michelle asked if we could get both of the tests on the same day.  Katie is working on it.


The CST will be done over 2 days.  Katie would like to test each group in the English and Math classes.  Students do better when they are with their subject teachers.


–Testing window goes from April 7 –May 8.  Katie said it would not overlap with AP” testing.



II.         Student Access to Wi-Fi


–Mat says that since student can access with wi-fi, the now use their phones and there is more phone usage during class.


–Lisa said we did not make a technology plan when Ben Chun left, and some of the items Doug Pfifer is not doing as much as he did in the past.  We are the only school in the district where you can’t get immediately to the sfusd wireless.  We are now transition now to the district—sfusd and sfusd guest.  These are all accessing the same wi-fi network.  Soon we will only use the sfusd and sfusd guest and the Galileo network will be gone.


–Lisa said it was important to offer students wi-fi so they do not have to use their data plans.


–Marcus said teachers will have to be more diligent in monitoring the cell phones.


III.       TA Badges


–Nancy said the TA Badges are ready for the teachers.  Students will be responsible for wearing the badges.  This is a quick id to prove they are TAs, but they still will be required to carry a pass when they are a TA.  Those who do not have the proper identification have to be held accountable.


–Students should not be leaving campus at all.  Nancy will send a memo about this.


–Badges have student name, teacher name, period and a school special stamp.


–Students keep the badges.  No photos are on the badges.


–Alicia suggested that the teachers hold onto the badge.


–Marcus said he and the UBC worked on the badges and the procedures.


–Marcus suggested people write up suggestions.



IV.        Master Schedule


–Nancy is working on google doc and form. She wants departments to look at the registrations form and is asking for improvements/adjustments. This form is used for students to register.


–David said he wants to make sure all departments are treated the same.


–Nancy confirmed that English/ELL can be used for graduation eligibility.




V.         Grading


–Marcus spoke with two departments but both did not provide additional insights on how there are grading. He wants departments to talk amongst themselves to make some decisions on how they will make changes to their current grading policies.



VI.        WASC


–Lisa is writing up the report. Activity followed asking leadership team members to respond to each poster. Each poster has a need or strength listed in the WASC report.  All responses will be used in the report.



VII.      Day of Learning


–Loan Ly will be coordinating a Day of Learning where all students and educators are invited to attend on Sunday, March 23, 2014 at Galileo. She is asking if teachers can provide extra credit/incentives for students to attend. Everyone must register to attend.  In past years this event was held at Mercy High School but the event has become so popular that they needed a larger venue. Workshops for teachers will be available. Many guest speakers from a variety of local agencies, including students and teachers will present.  



Meeting adjourned at 12:15pm.