1/8/14 Meeting Minutes

January 8, 2014

Meeting was called to order at 3:45pm.

SSC members present: Marcus Blacksher, Mele Lau-Smith, Jim Fong, , Loan Ly, Jonathan Ring, Brandon Lee, Milagro Escobar, Julie Nelson Anna Shao, Bettie Grinnell.

Members of the public present: Marcia Lomneth, Nancy Lambert

1. Review of December 11th minutes: The Dec 11th were reviewed and a correction was made to spell out WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges).

B. Grinnell made a motion to approve the Dec 11th minutes. The motion was seconded by J. Ring. No discussion and no objection. Minutes were approved.

2. Review of informational flyer for parents: L.Ly was not able to prepare a draft informational flyer for review as the district has not released an informational flyer on the district website.

3. Follow-up to letter to Myong Leigh. The follow up letter to Myong Leigh was reviewed and one grammatical error was corrected. The letter was approved and M.Blakshur will share the letter and the other budget review documents developed with other high school.

4. Review of SSC election processes:

a. Parent/community representative election process: There was discussion about the current process and a suggestion to have additional ways for parents to vote other than Back to School Night. J. Fong agreed to draft up a more detailed step by step process to add an additional voting mechanism for review at the February meeting. It was suggested to include a discussion of improving communication with parents as a future agenda item.
b. Student representative election process: The student representatives are in the process of writing up the current process to discuss at the February meeting. It was noted that in the past the ASB decided which officers would serve on the SSC. JRing mentioned that he thought it was a good idea to have the ASB president also be a member of the SSC.
c. Classified representative election process: B.Grinnell distributed and reviewed a draft of the process for classified staff. The process was formally approved.
d. Certificated representative election process: S.DeBella was not able to make the SSC meeting so this item was tabled to the February meeting.

5. Review of proposed changes to the by laws: The proposed changes that were approved at the December 11th SSC meeting were reviewed. It was suggested that the number of alternates required be reduced to 1 for each category. J.Nelson made a motion to approve the proposed by law changes from Dec 11th SSC meeting as well as the change to reduce the number of alternates to 1. M.Blackshur seconded the motion. The motion passed.

6. Budget Development Process: The following timeline was agreed on for the budget development process:
• February 21st: Budgets sent to schools sites
• February 25th: Budget distributed to Leadership Team for recommendations and comments by February 28th
• February 26th: Community meeting to hear recommendations and comments from parents and other stakeholders.
• March 1st: District wide school site summit for SSC to begin budget discussions.
• March 5th: SSC meeting to finalize budget recommendations for March 12th SSC meeting for public comments re: budget
• March 12th: SSC and Budget Review public meeting
• March 19th: SSC meeting to finalize budget
• March 26th: Budget due to the district

March 12th: Proposed public meeting process:

1. Proposed budget posted to Galileo website by March 7th.
2. During March 12th public comment meeting:
• SSC chair provides overview of proposed budget
• Public comment period: Those interested in providing public comment, sign up on list when they come into meeting. Each person has 2 minutes for comments/proposals. SSC members may ask questions of speakers for clarification only.
• SSC members will discuss proposals/comments and finalize budget at March 19th SSC meeting.

7. Tabled Items for February meeting:
–Balanced Score Card
–Certificated Process
–Parent Process
–Student Process
–WASC update

8. Other discussions:
• Grant Process: J.Fong about the PTSA and GAA Grant Process. He asked if all grants have to have an educational purpose. Marcus talked about a Wellness Grant.
• Discussion took place regarding the Galileo Observatory. J. Fong suggested an after school Galileo project about Galileo the scientist. He thought we could have something about Galileo all throughout the building.
o The Galileo Project is really 2 parts. One part is the history of Galileo Galilei and the other is about the history of the school. He suggests we separate the two ideas.

M.Blackshur made a motion to adjourn the meeting. M.Lau-Smith seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 5:10 pm.