2/12/14 Meeting Minutes


February 12, 2014

Present: M. Blacksher, B. Grinnell, J. Ring, J.Peters, B. Lee, M. Escobar, L. Ly, J. Fong, N. Lambert-Campbell, A. Shao, V. Van Natta

Jonathan called the meeting to order at 3:40pm.

I. Minutes of Meeting on January 8, 2014
–Jim Fong commented on the Galileo Project and said it is really 2 parts. One part is the history of Galileo Galilei and the other is about the history of the school. He suggests we separate the two ideas.
–Marcus moves to approve the minutes with Jim’s addition. Motion seconded and it passed.

II. SCE (State Compensatory Education)
–We have $65.000 in this budget to spend before the end of this year. Marcus distributed a proposal on how to spend the funds.
–We have to reflect in our meeting notes that we discussed it, it was approved and then Marcus must adjust the BSC. If we approve this, then we will sign off on it today.
–Jackie asked how many Promethean Boards we need to buy. Marcus said 5 and he would like everyone to have the board. He is going department by department.
–Loan asked if the teachers asked for this equipment. She asked what makes Promethean Boards a priority over other equipment. She mentioned that the Social Studies Department does not have a laptop cart. Jackie confirmed the same for English.
–Jackie mentioned that she has all her students’ assignments turned in digitally after Virginia asked about the use of lap tops. Loan also explained what her students do with the laptops. She also said it is nice to be in the classroom rather than the labs, as teachers can use the computers to teach the lessons in the classrooms and this cause less disturbance in the halls.
–Jonathan asked about the original funds on Marcus’ flyer. He explained that they were part of the budget but changes have been made and we need to reflect the changes.
–The proposed change #4 for the Riso Machines is dropped as there is not enough funds to purchase them.

–Jackie asked what the priority would be if we did not get the Promethean Boards.
–Loan mentioned that much of the testing is in the computer labs and wondered if we need more equipment there.
–Virginia mentioned that PCs are less expensive than iPads. Loan added more thoughts on this.
–Marcus said there were more educational apps on the iPad. Discussion followed.
–Brandon said he prefers a regular keyboard rather than a virtual one.
–The students were asked if they were handed a laptop or an iPad, which would they prefer. They said the laptop.
–Nancy said we are behind many other schools. She mentioned textbooks that can be on the iPads so students won’t have to carry textbooks. She said we are behind in the technology training.
–Discussion followed on the advantages of technology and which is best. Loan said the technology should advance what we are teaching, rather than us teaching the technology. She said that she feels that the laptop cart is more beneficial than the iPads.
–Jonathan asked how the equipment is being used now.
–Jackie felt having 3 laptop carts would be beneficial to the school.
–Loan said from her experience the iPad does not do what she needs to do. She said that students do have challenges with technology too and the laptops will fit their needs.
–Jackie proposed that we get 2 laptop carts rather than an iPad cart. This would also mean one less Promethean Board.
–Jim asked if any faculty members are working on programs with the iPads.
–The new proposal is one less Promethean Board and one more laptop cart. The members agreed.

III. Flyer for 2014 School Planning Summit
–Loan tried to do a clearer version of the flyer. She tried to register online, but it did not work.
–Nancy said we have to submit an agenda for our time at the summit. Part of the day will be a presentation by the district. We will get our budget prior to the summit but then we need to discuss how we will construct the budget.

IV. BSC for the School Planning Summit
–Marcus has been asked to submit an agenda prior to the Summit. He shared an agenda from Presidio MS as an example.
–Marcus suggested we review the current BSC and the new template.
–Jonathan requested that this information be emailed to everyone. Marcus said he would ask Janet to email it to us.
–Loan suggested discussion resources for inclusion.
–Discussion followed about the Student Survey. Suggestion was made to do the survey in core classes, as it takes longer than 15 minutes to complete so Homeroom will not work. Core teachers might complain. Virginia suggested it be a voluntary survey and Brandon said that would produce a biased survey. Jonathan suggested it be done on assembly days as part of the 4th period class.
–On the agenda we should look at data.
–Review 13/14 Priorities and review and reflect if this was a useful way of spending the funds. Priorities were mentioned.
–Jonathan suggested we look at previous cuts and talk about how those cuts affected the school.
–Marcus felt Progress Monitoring should be an agenda item. He felt we should look at our commitment to low class size in 9th and 10th grade—is this making a difference? CLAs in Math and English. Discussion followed.
–Marcus said we need to look at Progress Monitoring in CAHSEE, Graduation UC-A-G eligible, Goal 1—access and equity in CST, ELL students re-classified—are we moving students up? Suspension Rate. Data on diversifying academies and pathways.

–Jonathan mentioned the gender inequity between boys and girls—A-G Ready for last year…71% for female and 50% for males.
–Student Survey will include addressing students feeling safe at school, teachers treating students with respect, courses are challenging for students, and more.
–Data Collection—which measures do we use and how will we measure each tool? Loan mentioned the impact of after school activities and sports on students and how do we measure this.

Marcus asked if there was anything we need from the district. Marcus would like to know what the other schools are doing.
–Jackie mentioned the communication between the middle schools and the high schools is lacking.

March 1, 2014 Agenda
1. Review BSC & New Template.
2. Review & Reflect on Budget Decisions for 2013/2014. 2013/2014 cuts—how did this impact us school-wide?
3. Progress Monitoring
a. CLAs Math & English
b. CAHSEE Passing Rate
c. A – G Eligible
d. ELL Reclassified
e. Suspension Rate
f. Academy & Pathway Diversity/Gender
g. Student Survey
4. Data Collection (Extra Curricular & Athletics)
5. Planning
6. What are other schools doing around priorities and what is working?

V. Tabled Items
–Jonathan would like to table these items: Election Process, WASC, Budget, and the March 12th meeting agenda.
–Mele send out the March meeting schedule.

–Marcus said Bettie will email the minutes to everyone tomorrow.
–Marcus will email the changes on the BSC, but is asking everyone to sign off on this tonight.

Jackie made a motion to adjourn. Milagro seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 5:00pm.