Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – February 11, 2014



Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting









Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.



I.          Senior Finals and Clearance


–May 28th will be graduation at Bill Graham Auditorium at 1:00pm.  Time has not been confirmed, but the date is confirmed.


–Senior Rehearsals and Finals will be the weeks prior.  Rehearsal at Bill Graham will be on May 27th.


–Due to no STAR testing this year, we will not be able to have Senior Activities at that time in April.


–AP Testing for Seniors runs until May 13th.


–David suggested using the early release times on Block Days for rehearsals.


–Jo mentioned that we need to plan for the Senior Breakfast.  Senior Panorama is April 24th.


–Joseph suggested senior finals in the morning and then rehearsals in the afternoon.


–Jo said they need 1 day for Senior Clearance as all the counselors are participating.


–Jo said she needs clearance by May 22nd with a free day on May 23rd for planning for last minute details.  May 26th is a holiday.


–CAHSEE is May 13th and 14th for just a few seniors.


–Senior Finals will be May 14 – 20th.


–Senior Breakfast will be May 22nd or May 23rd.


–Teachers have May 21st and morning of May 22nd to sign seniors out.



II.         Timely Communications About CAHSEE & Other Tests and Classroom Use After School


–Mat said he heard comments about teachers wanting to know room assignment for CAHSEE testing earlier than happened this year.


             –Mat mentioned classrooms are being used after school and the teachers in the rooms are not notified.  Many teachers feel it is OK as long as the rooms are returned to the original condition.



III.       CELDT Results


–Kathleen has the results by teachers.  She distributed some information on what the results look like.  She explained the documents.


–LTEL—Long Term English Learners is a new term (after 5 years in USA).


–USA Entry is an interesting entry.  Kathleen explained this entry.  She asked the members to present these to their departments.


–She discussed the differences in language courses and literacy for the Hispanics and the Asians.


–Marcus asked how long the Newcomer status lasts.  Kathleen thought one year, Katie thought 2 years. She suggested thinking about a Newcomer Pathway for next year. She mentioned a Newcomer Social Studies class.


–Doug said his department could probably fit in classes for Math for the Newcomers.


–Joe mentioned SF International as a school for Newcomers.  This school is totally full. Many of the classes are on an A – G track.




IV.        Master Schedule


–Counselors will start going to Social Studies, Health and College and Career classes next Tuesday.


–She mentioned they have taken over the Computer Labs.


–After the counselors finish, members will start working on placements within their departments.


–Michelle asked how this process would go.  Nancy said she will have a form for the department heads.


–The Counseling Office likes the information from English and Math where they indicate where students should move to.  Doug mentioned having students put down what they want after the levels have been defined.


–David asked about the AP guide and schedule.  Nancy said everyone will receive a packet this year.


–Nancy said the classroom visits will start in April.


–Those students who are not in an AP class can see her or Mrs. White to sign up for the exam.



V.         BCC Audit


–The school board has chosen EL students in Special Ed.  They will come and meet with a team and then there will be classroom visits.  They report to the School Board, who reports to the Lau group.


–They are looking to see that students are being served.


–This will be sometime in March.


–Lisa said that teachers should continue to teach and not have a conversation with the visitors.


–Marcus said this is a Board appointed audit.



VI.        WASC


–Lisa said she hoped everyone found the groups last week at the faculty meeting meaningful.


–Lisa asked for meaningful feedback on the action items.



VII.      Miscellaneous


–Alicia mentioned yesterday’s fire drill and the 4th floor exit.  She said her exit is totally jammed—the one in the corner.  Perhaps we can reroute several classes.


–Katie said common sense should prevail and teachers are free to use another staircase. Kathleen agreed.



–Michelle asked for the testing calendar.  Katie said the weeks of April 14th and April 21st will be testing.  She is hoping for a week of 4 block days.  Monday – Thursday would be block days.  Second week would be Tuesday – Friday block days.  This will be for all 11th graders in English and Math classes. 


–10th graders in Life Science will test and Katie would like to talk to David about the mixed classes.


–Wednesday/Thursdays will remain the same for attendance reporting.  Monday/Tuesday will just like Wed/Thur.


–Dismissal would be at 2:10pm if Transportation agrees and we have enough instructional minutes.



Meeting adjourned at 12:10pm.