Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – February 18, 2014



Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting









Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.



I.          Attendance


–Katie asked the members to remind their teachers to take attendance.  Remind the teachers to keep a record other than the blue attendance strips.  She mentioned one of our students who is currently in jail and some of his teachers cannot verify attendance.  Synergy is not always reliable.


–See Bettie if you need the paper attendance books.


–Katie said the requirement for the courts is not the strips, but the records from the teachers.


–Stan asked when the attendance would be digital.  The Board of Ed and the state will have to approve this.



II.         Feedback from Last Week’s Drills


–Please provide Katie with feedback from your teachers.


–Joseph said one of our security aides mentioned a teacher walking down the hall during the lock down.  The teacher was asked to enter a classroom and refused.



III.       Master Schedule


–Nancy said the counselors started visiting classes today and this will go through March 4th.


–Jo mentioned a student who wanted to pick a class with a certain teacher and Jo told the student that she would like to have the students pick the classes, not the teachers. She encouraged everyone to tell their teachers to let students know what they are teaching, but not the periods.



IV.        Senior Activities


–Jo passed out a Draft Calendar for Senior Activities, Clearance and Graduation.  She discussed a change in the dates for the Senior Clearance—she moved it up one day.  The forms will be sent out prior to the clearance dates.  Teachers can sign students out prior to the 20th of May.  The Counseling Office needs the next 2 days for clearance.


–Graduation Rehearsals will be after school on April 30th and May 1st.  These are block days.


–Joseph asked if they will use the stage, as the stage will be set up for their evening concert.


–Lisa said the Senior Finals on May 13th conflicts with the AP Gov. Exam.



V.         WASC


–Lisa has been writing up the report based on the feedback she has been collecting from the group.  She asked everyone to take a few minutes and read part of the report and provide feedback.  She distributed pens.


Members spent the rest of the meeting time reading and providing written feedback.



Meeting adjourned by 12:15pm.