Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – February 25, 2014



Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting









Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.



I.          Tech Purchases


–Marcus mentioned he notices lots of iPads and laptops being purchased.  He asked the group to be mindful of what everyone is purchasing.


–Joseph asked about an inventory online.  Katie said that Thong has this and records each item when it is tagged.


–Marcus said at the last SSC meeting the decision was made to order 2 laptop carts.


–He is asking that each group receive training on the new tech items.


–Doug said we should offer training to the groups about the new tech equipment.



–Mat mentioned that at times the labs are full and the Mobil Computer Card would be helpful.


–Lisa reminded everyone of the rules for signing up for the labs.



–Doug reminded the group that the iPad Carts should be reserved for the whole day.  Discussion followed as to how to coordinate moving the cart.


–Marcus asked for information on good things people are doing with the Mobil Carts.



II.         Budget Process Calendar


–Marcus distributed a calendar for the SSC meeting dates about the budget.  This includes February and March.  The SSC will meet every Wednesday about the budget.  He talked about the February 26th PTSA meeting, the SSC Summit on March 1st.  He explained the SSC meeting process.


–We will have $185,000 more than last year.



III.       Electives


–Marcus talked about the meeting with the group yesterday.  He mentioned that he has received information on new electives from some of the group.


–Michelle asked if there was a discussion on the impact on staffing with these new electives.  Michelle mentioned class size and the impact.


–Marcus said for the most part, except for PE, are small.  He is asking for a comparison with GWHS on their class sizes.


–Marcus passed around the class sizes by department.  For the whole school we have a class size of 28.


–Michelle mentioned that we cannot overlook the prep load for courses that have inclusion and other levels.



IV.        Master Schedule – Course Titles


–Please get the course titles to Nancy ASAP.



V.         Risos


–Katie mentioned that we need new machines.  One of them in 307 is dead.  The one in 206 is also on its last legs.  She will ask departments to contribute to the $5,600 for a new one.  She will contact everyone by email.


–Michelle asked if it would be out of this year’s budget and Katie said, “Yes.”



VI.        Miscellaneous


–Michelle asked about the testing schedule.  Katie said the block periods would remain.



–Michelle asked if we could revisit protocols and procedures for field trips and passes out of class for on site and off site activities.


–Katie said they should have field trip forms.  Students can do activities for sports or clubs at lunchtime and after school.  A pass from a coach or Wellness will authorize a student out of class.


–Katie will send out an email to the staff.  Let Katie know if you have a concern and she will reach out to the individuals.



Meeting adjourned at 11:45am.