Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – March 11, 2014


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting




Lisa asked everyone to introduce themselves to start the meeting.

Lisa distributed Section 4 of the WASC report. 

Chairman Felton Owens mentioned the WASC visit 3 years ago and gave an over view of that visit.  He mentioned 8 areas of critical follow-up.  We were granted a 6- year accreditation in 2011.  The purpose for this visit is to take a look back in the areas that were identified and to see how far we have come and what we are using leading to school improvement.

#1 Improve regular review and revision of the School Goals and Balanced Score Card with all Stakeholders.

Felton described the narrative.  He then mentioned evidence—this can be meeting minutes, memos, etc.  He asked the group for feedback.  How is this approached?

Kathleen said we have seen the Balanced Score Card come to life in these last few years.

Doug mentioned that the BSC went to the Department Head level.  He felt this is more appropriate and is effective.

David said we identified goals and priorities for our CPT.

Michelle said the BSC is our school plan.  We were informed by much of what the WASC had to say and the direction the district wants us to go.

Felton asked if there seems to be a lot of buy in to where we are going.

David said it depends on the amount of changes.  There is a sense of interest with new ideas.  Interesting discussions are happening.

Felton asked about the Leadership Team meetings.

#2 Work to support the use of homework and assignments that develop higher order thinking skills rather than basic comprehensive questions.

#3 Train and implement additional differentiation within the classroom to meet the needs of all subgroups.

Stephen Jackson discussed this in terms of what is going on in the classes he co-teaches with Michael Roman.  He talked about the students, the curriculum, and extra support for students who need it.  He talked about activities.  He mentioned more students are attending, proud to be in the general ed. classes, and stepping up.

Felton asked for AVID personnel and wanted to know if what we say about team teaching, is it happening in the other sub groups—ELL, AVID, etc.?

Felton asked if there is a difference now with suspensions than during the past visit.  Stephen said the new changes have made a difference in student involvement.

Donald talked about his work in engaging the smaller sub groups.  Lisa asked him to talk about the BSU.  Donald also mentioned the assembly they just put on.  He talked about working to make the students feel more a part of the school.

Alicia talked about the Latino Club and the desire to have the Latino students recognized.  She would like to make the link even stronger.  Two of the club members are now going to run for ASB Office.

Marcus said we have had a good year athletically and that is a rallying point.

Michelle mentioned a teacher actively building the AP Spanish program who was fusing the academics with the culture.  There are efforts to bring this to the other AP programs.  She mentioned creating pre-AP classes.

Felton visited an Honors English class and was impressed with the curriculum and the discussions.  He mentioned the blending of the various different students.  He mentioned they were all participating in the discussion.

Mr. Wing talked about his CADA honor and told a little bit about the convention.    He talked about why he was selected for the honor.

#7 Strengthen and diversify the student government organization and incorporating more students into the school governance structure.

Jessica talked about activities Wellness does.  Donald talked about the Food Fest Soul Food, the BSU assembly, and the Regional Conference for BSU.  There is also a trip to New Orleans to visit HBC & Us.  They will also go to Mississippi.

Kathleen mentioned the large number of ELL students. There is a leadership pathway for them after school.  She mentioned training them to be mentors to students the following year.

LGBT was also mentioned.  We are sensitive to all the different groups that might be amongst us.  Joseph mentioned the t-shirt and modeled the one he was wearing.

Eugene mentioned the Chinese Culture Club and the karaoke event coming up.

Tami Benau visited 15 classrooms this morning.  She enjoyed the team teaching.  The teachers were in a really nice dialogue.  She asked about time the teachers have to collaborate.  Michelle said our CPT on Thursday is designated, but many teachers use their own prep times as well.  Many times the team teachers do not have the same prep periods.

Lisa mentioned the Prop A funds and each teacher can use 18 hours.

Doug mentioned in the Math Department those from special ed. who are team teaching get included in all the Math Department activities

Tami liked the consistency of technology, graphic organizers, students taking notes, etc.  She liked the level of engagement and guidance by the teacher.  Has there been any discussion on mathematical practices followed by activities in the classroom?

Michelle discussed the process in the English Department.  She mentioned the SFUSD’s directions in this area.

Mat said they use reading as an historian.  David talked about the next generation science standards.

Tami talked about the District BSC, the WASC directives and this visit and that she is very impressed with how we keep all this going.  Useful organizational strategy is.

#8  Maintaining clean bathroom facilities and securing lockers.

Felton said this is important.    He also asked about the security of lockers.

Katie talked about her efforts with graffiti and identifying those who are doing the graffiti.  She mentioned response from the district to get rid of hate graffiti.

She also mentioned security is much better with the lockers, both in the halls and in the locker rooms.

Felton thanked everyone for attending the meeting.  There is no exit meeting for this visit but he asked everyone to thank everyone for this visit.

Marcus talked about the Principal’s Book Club.

Meeting adjourned at 12:20pm.