Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – Marcy 25, 2014



Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting









Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:25am.



I.          Master Schedule


–Nancy thanked everyone for their placement information.  She explained the process of merging the information.


–Concerning the department preferences, she asked everyone to continue to work off the form the Counseling Office provided.


–Lisa can provide a copy for everyone of the document they unshared to merge.  Let us know if there are any changes.


–Lisa asked anyone who is concerned about the Master Schedule to please meet with her.


–Michelle asked if counseling is still checking in with students who are moving from regular classes to AP and all the implications.


–Mat asked if they should specify .8, AVID, etc.  Nancy said they should include these titles in the preferences to teach.


–Joseph asked about students who are requesting an upper level class, but have not gotten the teacher’s signature.  Nancy said to let her know about these situations.



–Nancy said the district put out master schedule abilities for Nancy and Lisa but not the counselors and they have not loaded the students yet.



II.         Electives


–Michelle mentioned that 3 electives might come out of her department.  She asked what right of veto the department would have.  She also asked about protocol for suggesting electives.  One of the electives suggested for her department came from another department.


–Marcus said he did not have an answer for the protocol yet. 


–Journalism, Creative Writing and Public Speaking are the 3 electives.  Journalism and Creative Writing have a history with the English Department.  Public Speaking was thought of for ELD, but general ed. students could sign up.  This would be an elective based on the A – G.


–Nancy mentioned the UBC and the Leadership Team has charged the administration with finding electives so we do not have so many TAs.


–Ray said electives should be content neutral and not pulled from any department.


–Any credits in a department that exceed the requirement for that department are elective credits.


–Marcus suggested we table this until next week after members have time to think about this issue.



III.       Star Schedule?


–Mat asked about which weeks were given to STAR testing.


–Katie said the Week of April 14th and April 21st.  Wed and Thur blocks will always stay the same.  There will never be 2 consecutive days of the same block.


April 18th and 21st will be regular days.  Week of April 14th blocks begin on Monday.  The week of April 21st blocks begin on Tuesday.


–11th graders get tested in English and Math in their classes.


–10th graders get tested on Life Science.



IV.        Riso (Department Allocations)


–Mat asked if every department had their own Riso machine.  The answer is “No.”  Mat asked if next year they could see which departments already have Risos when the allocations are divided up.  Doug agreed with this.  Some departments do not use the Riso machines.


–Suggestion was made for every department to purchase their own Riso machines.


–Science, Math and World Languages have their own Riso machines.


–Katie explained that they gave departments more money as an entire community.  In the future departments may get less, so there are funds for items the entire Galileo community needs and uses.


–Lisa mentioned the Riso supplies are purchased from the general funds.



V.         Senior Homeroom Meeting



There will be a Senior Homeroom Meeting on Thursday, April 10th.  The Panorama Photo will be Wednesday, April 9th.  There will be a speaker coming in to talk to the students about Frisco Day.  Jo asked for understanding of two Senior events in the same week.


–Seniors will be late to 3rd and 4th periods that week.



VI.        BCC Audit


–Lisa gave the group feedback on the audit yesterday.  The visitors were impressed with what they saw.  They visited classes, met with a parent and with the administration.  They wished the district would provide more support to this project.  They also said they would like to hear more students talking in the classrooms.


–Marcus said we do need to work more with the student voices—group work, etc.  There was talk of arranging the classrooms so group work is easier.



VII.      Final Exam Schedule


–Marcus distributed the Final Exam Schedule for the Spring 2014.


–Michelle mentioned difficulties in her department with grading.  She asked about what time grades would be due.  Lisa said Friday at 2:00pm.


–Michelle asked if the exams could start a day early—the previous Friday.  Tuesday and Wednesday would be exams and then Thursday a make-up day and then Friday the last day of school.



–Graduation is on Wednesday afternoon.


–1,2 on Friday, 4,6 on Tuesday and 3.5 on Wednesday.  Question was would this conflict with the Senior Breakfast.  Thursday and Friday will be full days.



VIII.     Bell Schedule


–Doug presented a bell schedule that he and Joseph and Jonathan came up with.  One difference is to move the CPT to before school on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  He discussed the history and the fact that Lowell has later starts.  This schedule banks 5 minutes per week and has no homeroom.  The school day ends at 3:10pm every day.


–With no CPT at the end of school, students can get tutoring and extra help right after school.


–Ray said the morning bus would be a problem.  The busses will have to alter their schedule, but elementary school and middle school busses run then.


–Kathleen said we also have not decided to eliminate homeroom.


–Ethan said this schedule would be a concern with athletics.  Students are missing too much class time.  With CPT at the end of the day, students are not missing as much class time.  There are over 350 students participating in sports.


–Ray also said that first thing in the am is when many of their IEPs are done as parents are working.


–Marcus asked if we are in agreement with eliminating homeroom.  Spec. Ed likes it, ELL likes it, Michelle could not provide an answer, Math said they would like to eliminate it.


–Marcus asked the group to check with their departments on preferences.



IX.        Miscellaneous


–Lisa asked about the Truancy meeting tomorrow.  She mentioned it will affect 3rd period, as it is mandatory for those students summoned to attend.  Nancy said it affects over 380 students.


–Nancy will try to provide everyone with a list of who should be there and who actually signs in to the meeting.  Students and their families are supposed to attend.  Nancy said this is called a Civil Summons.


–Joseph asked if the list could be in an excel document so it could be sorted by grade level.



–Ray talked about thinking of eliminating the block schedule.  Stan said it would destroy the academies.  Ray’s suggestion was to have double periods for the academies.


–Doug suggested a rolling schedule.


–Marcus said that would make it difficult for CPT.



–Lisa said we would have to see what our priorities are and sort out the schedules.



Meeting adjourned at 12:15pm.