Leadership Team/Department Head Meeting Minutes – April 22, 2014



Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting








Marcus called the meeting to order at 10:10am.



Marcus discussed what he experienced at the conference he recently attended in New Orleans.  The conference centered around African American and Latino males.



Leadership Team Agenda



I.          Bell Schedule


–Marcus said the vote that was taken by the departments favored eliminating homeroom next year.  He distributed two schedules for members to share with their departments and bring feedback for the next meeting.



Marcus and Lisa discussed the differences in the two schedules.


–Michelle asked if these were the only 2 options or could other alternatives be suggested.  The answer is yes; other proposals can be presented.


–Ray asked about Proposal B and discussed the fact that the bus schedule will be impacted.



II.         Youth Vote


–This is coming up and it is very important.  It will be done in Homeroom.



Department Heads Agenda



I.          Mac Computers from Library


–Doug mentioned that the library got new chrome books and he wanted to know what would happen to the old Macs from the library.  He discussed some of the history of the computer control from years passed.  He felt our technology planning is a little adrift.


–Chrome books are all about browsing.  There is no storage on the machine.  Everything is on Google docs—all this is browser based.


–Lisa said she and Thong have been discussing what to do with the Macs from the library.  The batteries are shot in those computers so they always have to be plugged in.  We could purchase new batteries.  Evan Roth has requested them for a new CAT class he will be teaching.  No formal decisions have been made yet.



–Doug asked how do we make those decisions and who is making them?  He said that with the Common Core coming there will be more need for technology.  He would like to see another laptop cart.


–Marcus said there are SCE funds for more technology.



–Ray suggested getting 3-4 tech-savvy staff and have them figure out what we need and how to put it together.



II.         Technology Budgeting


–Doug has 13 people in his department.  He buys 2-3 new laptops each year.  He uses his budget because he knows what he needs.  If the school would pay for his laptops, he would use his funds for other things.


–Next year Marcus will ask people to fill out a one-page form on how they will use the technology.  


–David said a laptop is an essential item for each teacher.  He felt that these should come from the school budget, not the department budgets.  He is suggesting a tech budget.


–Marcus said Thong told him the life of a laptop and desktop is about 5 years.


–Doug mentioned the computers do not last as long as they used to.  Planned obsolescence.



–Alicia talked about her department and their thoughts.  The iPads were mentioned and there will be some training at a future faculty meeting.


–Michelle said there are not enough chrome books to be a class set.  There are 32 now and Lisa mentioned that we are trying to get 40.



III.       Testing


–Marcus and Katie thanked everyone for all their good work.  Please share this with your department members.



IV.        AP Testing


–Nancy and Lisa will do this together.


–Lisa sent out emails to those teachers who will have to move classrooms.


–Nancy will have pre-administration materials sent to the classrooms.  She needs this information back by next Wednesday, April 30th.



–Alicia said the AP language tests require a cassette player.



V.         Miscellaneous


–Joseph mentioned the email thread about remodeling 260.  He felt that discussion should be part of the technology plan.  Marcus said he would read the thread and administration will discuss this.



–Doug mentioned an email about Popeye’s Chicken and he wondered after inquiry what this was all about.  He said it came from a student.


–This is an entrepreneurship to start a business plan.  Doug felt these emails should come through teachers, not students.



Doug gave the history of policing the emails in the past—Doug, David Barrios, Thong and Ben Chun.  How do we want to handle this now?


–Kathleen suggested the Tech Committee take on this duty.


–Joseph mentioned we have a lot of new teachers each year.  Lisa said she educates them about our email network.



Meeting adjourned at 10:50pm.