Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – May 20, 2014


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting




Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:25am.


I. Mock Interviews for Student Teachers

–Joseph had a request from his student teacher to do mock interviews.  He asked if others in the group would be willing to do this during the first week of June.  This will be practice for the student teachers as they are going out on job interviews.  Mat said he would be interested in helping.


II. Bell Schedule for 2014/15

–Mat was seeking clarity for next year how students will get their class schedules without homeroom.  Marcus said they will do it by first period so we will post that.

–Question was asked about G-House.  It will be shown during one of the periods.

–Mat asked when the final bell schedule would be ready.


III. Assemblies

–Michelle brought the topic up at the last meeting.  She mentioned some invitational assemblies.  In February there was a Black History Assembly.  She did not see the attendance that she used to see.  Perhaps because they were invitational only assemblies.  She felt we should look at assemblies that represent the largest body of students.  Perhaps some of the assemblies could use different formats and they might be out dated.


–Marcus invited several ASB officers to talk about their feelings on assemblies.  Rebecca, the new ASB President, passed out some proposals.  Brandon talked about the assemblies.  He feels they are a great way to boost scho0ol spirit and as Mr. Blacksher says, “Get involved, get involved, get involved.”  He felt everyone should attend the assemblies.


==Rebecca proposed a multi-cultural assembly that would represent all the different ethnic groups represented at Galileo.  Another student named Kyle said he felt the assemblies need to be more organized and there should be a few more.


–Rebecca said the assemblies always end with a video, perhaps to fill time.  She said that the inspirational speaker we had this past year was very motivating—Arthur Dong, a Gal alumni.  She thought we should have more inspirational speakers.


–Mr. Blacksher said there are many students who do not attend the assemblies.

–Mr. Wing distributed a list of all the assemblies.  He said we have 6 school-wide assemblies.  Welcome, Song and Yell, Winter Assembly, Student Talent Show, ASB Election Assembly and Move-Up Awards Assembly.  He mentioned in the past the Move-Up and the Awards Assembly were separate.  Stan asked him when they stopped moving up in the Move-Up Assembly.  Eugene explained how this worked.  This ended in the early 1980’s and the seniors no longer moved up on stage.  He mentioned that we changed the procedure when 9th graders came to Galileo.


–Marcus asked for the names of the invitational assemblies.  Joseph mentioned 3 music ones, then others mentioned Samoan, Black History, Media Arts, 2 Health Education Assemblies, Drama Presentation.


–Marcus asked if there are any current assemblies we want to discuss keeping or discarding.  Michelle talked about the ASB Election Assembly.  She wondered why it should be a whole school event as the seniors are graduating.  She also mentioned the ASB is a very select group of students and many students may not care about who runs for office and who gets awards.  She wonders how these assemblies would take precedence over our cultural diversities.


–Alicia asked if there was a set amount of assemblies we can have?  Marcus said we are trying to determine this.  She felt Song and Yell is effective.  She thought that we need to see if student spirit is important and keep those that improve spirit and get rid of or improve those that do not improve spirit.  What is the bottom line purpose of each assembly?  She also favors the Talent Show.


–Kathleen said her students felt the ASB election assembly was too long.  Could we combine the motivational speaker with the ASB Election Assembly?.  She also mentioned the Samoan Assembly and how popular that was.  She also thought some of these could be on G-House with subtitles.  Many cultures at this school are not represented.


–Stan asked how we run the Song and Yell without homerooms.  Lisa said we tell the students where the grades sit.


–Rebecca agreed with what Kathleen said about the election assembly for class officers.  She said for the ASB election assembly the candidates make short speeches.  She would be fine with doing this on G-House TV.  She said she did not feel students would attend the Talent Show after school.  This assembly can excite the students about the talents of the students.

–Joseph said doing the ASB presentations on G-House TV would be good.  It is important to teach our students to be part of the electoral process.  We need to get as many people involved as possible in the school election process.  He also mentioned with no homeroom how difficult will the voting be.


–Mr. Wing said the purposes of the assemblies are:  motivational, educational, and cultural.  It is good for the students to see diversity. He mentioned the term of Brothers and Sisters for the cultural assemblies and all students should be present.  He favored some sort of ceremony of the closure of high school years, and recognizing the scholars.


–Josephine agreed with Joseph about the election assembly.  She felt many in the audience do not feel connected to the speakers for office.  She compared this to the presidential campaigns where there is a Town Hall Forum where the audience can ask questions of the candidates.  For the Move-Up and Awards Assembly—she would ask the people who are passing on the torch, do you feel the closure and the new sense of responsibility?  Is the ceremony fulfilling what it is supposed to?

She also said she likes to have those who have never been on stage before be recognized for winning scholarships.


–Lisa said in her few years here, not many candidates run for office and she favors using G-House TV for the speeches.  Interviews would be a possibility and the Town Hall setting would work as well.


–This topic was tabled until the next meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 112:15pm.