Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – May 6, 2014



Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting








Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:25am.



Leadership Team Agenda



I.          School Calendar


–Lisa distributed this year’s school calendar.   She thought we could glance over the calendar and see what we need to add to it for next year or what we want to discuss as a team.


–Michelle mentioned that next year President’s Day holiday for SFUSD will be a Friday.  Lunar New Year is the Thursday before.


–School wide events will be on the calendar.  Michelle wanted to know if this is open for discussion.  Invitational assemblies were mentioned.


–Michelle brought up the Black History Invitational Assembly.  She also discussed the Move-Up/Awards Assembly where a portion of the students are honored.  She felt we should revisit some of the whole school assemblies.


–Kathleen felt the same that the Black History Assembly should return.


–David said the ASB & Election Assembly and the Move-Up Awards Assembly are painful for the students to sit through.  He thought about combining the Move-Up and the ASB Election assemblies into one.


–Kathleen said she and Alicia want to celebrate Latino Heritage Month.


–Josephine mentioned the Talent Show—it is now a school-wide assembly.  She mentioned the Black History Assembly and the Lunar New Year Assembly from the past.  She mentioned having the Talent Show as the Multi-cultural assembly.  She also said funds are gone for Frisco Day so that would give another day for activities at school.


–Marcus said some teachers say we have too many assemblies.  He would like to continue this discussion next week and have Mr. Wing and some students attend the meeting.



Joseph asked if the testing schedule will still take 2 weeks next year.  Katie said we are looking at Smarter Balance that will be on the computer and we cannot finish it all in one week.  Katie also mentioned the EAP, which could take 2 weeks.  Katie would like the EAP to be integrated into the Smarter Balance.



–Lisa asked Marcus who was leading Freshmen Orientation and Marcus said it has not been decided yet.



II.         Master Schedule


–Nancy said the work is going well and the hope to run the Master Schedule next week.  We will see what happens and how well your preferences work out.  We will continue to meet as we work on the schedule.



Department Heads Agenda



I.          CFA Development Process


–Marcus said Joseph and his department members have been working on this.   He said that some departments are included in the assessments, but for his department they all teach separate disciplines.  They are designing their own tests.


–CFA is Common Formative Assessments.


–Joseph asked his teachers to develop rubrics and then put them on Data Director.  He had visuals to explain their process.  They developed ways to measure student achievement and the students were informed of the process.



–Joseph said they will use this data in their planning for next year.



–Marcus said the expectations are to continue to work on the CFAs.



II.         BSC/CPT


–Marcus said discussions will begin with plans for next year.  He mentioned another template that will be given in parts to everyone.  The discussions will continue.  Use current information to plan for next year’s goals for the BCS.  Think about what to work on in CPT.



–Joseph asked where to find the BSC on the SFUSD website.  Lisa went through the process, step-by-step.  She said they would edit it and modify it for each department for next year.



III.       Miscellaneous


–Michelle asked about planning for the days we all come back before school and at the end of the year.


–Marcus said he could not answer anything about August until the district says what will happen.


–The return date will be Tuesday prior to the start of the school year.  Two days will be at the school site, one teacher workday and one district day.


–Department heads will work 3 days at the end of the school year.  Some may owe a day at the end of the year.


–Alicia asked about the dates for senior finals and senior sign-outs.  Once the seniors have finished their finals and have signed out they need to come for graduation practice, etc.


–Alicia asked about graduation, the time and attending.  Department Heads give out the Department Awards at graduation.



–Kathleen asked about grading the newcomers who have just arrived.  Marcus will have Nancy put some information out about this.  Kathleen suggested using the seat time document.



–Michelle mentioned missing items from her bookroom.  She asked if teachers need English books to please please see her before hand.


–Michelle asked about summer school and wondered if one of our teachers could be in charge of our books.


–David asked what rooms will be used for summer school.  Katie said it will be the Van Ness Building, the Counseling Office and some science classrooms.


–David mentioned damage that was done to his room several years ago.



Meeting adjourned at 12:05pm.