Department Heads Meeting – August 8, 2014



Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting









Marcus called the meeting to order at 9:10am.



I.  Welcome


–Marcus asked everyone to share their summer activities with the group.  Everyone shared their experiences.



II.         Department Head Job Description and Responsibilities


–This document was distributed to the group.  Marcus mentioned that it has not changed since last year.  He asked the group to review the document.


–Marcus said we can choose items each year to focus on.  He asked the group to focus on items 2 and 12, which involve more classroom walk through.


–He mentioned item 8, common formative assessments.  He felt we were about 50% there.


–Item 15—he thanked everyone for working on this over the summer.


–Lisa mentioned 7/8 new certificated hires—one new counselor—Andrea Galdamez—10th grade counselor.  Lauren Marshman will do AVID and other special groups.  Celia Chan will be 12th grade, Barry will be 11th grade, Aracely Sanchez will be 10th grade.


–Lisa told the group who left and who the new hires are.  Lance Cossey, who replaced Alan Phelps when he was on sabbatical leave last year will return.  Alan Phelps will be the new Librarian.  Yvette Huginnie will be with the SOAR program.  Megan Jessup, a student teacher from last year will join our ELD department.  Lauren Marshman will return from leave.  Aron Mizrahi will join us teaching Biotech.  Sara Garcia has left Galileo.  Victor Soberanis will join us teaching Spanish.  And Bai Zhen will be our Family Counselor.


–She explained the SOAR program, which will be in 352 and is a Special Ed transition program.


–Marcus referred to item 18 and asked the department heads to collect the 3-day emergency lesson plans.



–Marcus went to a workshop this summer on meeting protocols.  He asked the group to think about whether or not they want to have protocols.  Lisa mentioned the “norm” of taking turns talking at meetings.



III.       Master Schedule


–Lisa said it has been completed and she sent them to all department heads.  She mentioned room sharing.  Most co-teachers have common preps.  She said she and Stephen Emmi will work to limit student schedule changes this year.


–Math will be doing some testing with the freshmen.  Some changes will be made prior to the start of school.


–Doug talked about the freshmen who will be tested will be given this information at Freshman Orientation.


–ELD will have some changes after testing during the first week.  Lisa mentioned science and social science classes at .8.


–We do have 100 newcomer students.  Marcus said we might get 15 more.


–World Language will do some testing in the native speaker classes.  Alicia explained the changes in Spanish for native speakers.


–Lisa said they have created non-native Chinese classes as well as native Chinese classes.


–Guadalupe Guerrero’s son is a 9th grader here.  His father is second in charge in the school district, Deputy Superintendent.


–David asked if the drop rules are the same as last year.  He asked if there could be some information sent to everyone.  It will still be the 7 steps.


–There will be a set plans for TAs.  Right now there are very few TAs.


–Bilingual TAs will work with Bai Zhen.


–Michelle Fortunado will head Wellness as Jessica Colvin left.


–Let Lisa and Stephen Emmi know if you need TAs.


–Athletics needs TAs.



IV.  PD Days – Tuesday – Thursday


–Friday will be a Teacher Work Day.


–Tuesday includes the whole faculty and staff.  This will include School Wide Direction and Visioning.  Marcus included information and would like to table this until the end of the meeting.



–Lisa mentioned Monday—9am-10: 30am she will give a Co-Teaching PD.  She invited everyone to come.  This will be in room 203.  She explained what the PD will contain.  Some co-teaching pairs will be present.



–Marcus said that everyone will co-teach at one point or another, so please get this message out to students.


–10:30am – noon, Lisa and Stephen will meet with the counselors.


–In the afternoon they will meet with the new teachers.


–Breakfast will happen on Tuesday from 8:00am-8:30am and then everyone will be assigned to specific tables.


9:00am – 10:00 Visioning work.  Then they will talk about nuts and bolts.



Wednesday—Breakfast and then some Culture/Race work.  This will continue throughout the year and everyone will be broken into small groups.  Courageous conversation about race will be one topic.  Cultural Responsibility pedagogy will be another area.  There will be department time in the afternoon.



–Thursday will be a district PD.  Information will be forthcoming.


–Friday is a teacher workday.


–Michelle asked if they can opt out from Thursday’s PD and do something else.  Marcus said he would know after lunch today.


–Joseph said he would like to help with the PA system in the cafeteria.



V.         DH Responsibility at Freshman Orientation


–Lisa referred to the information given to all department heads.


–The orientation is similar to last year.  All department heads must participate from 10:50am – 11:20am—the parent piece in the auditorium.


–Please arrive at 10:45am.  There will be 30 minutes to all present and field questions.  This will be translated through headsets.  The way this works is to say something and then wait for the translations.



–Ethan suggested an information table for those students who have questions.  Marcus suggested Bai Zhen’s College Ambassadors and ASB to man these tables and wear identifying T-Shirts.



–Lisa suggested coming up with questions we think all parents would want answered.


1.  What do I do if my student is absent.


2. How does my student get into an honors or AP class of academy or pathway?


3.  What about the summer reading program?


4.  Free meal program? (we went up 10% last year).  Marcus will ask the English department to work on this again this year.


5.  PE—How do we get uniforms, lockers and what if we cannot afford the PE uniforms?


6.  What standard classes do all 9th graders take?


7.  Why do some students have 2 teachers in some classes?



–Lisa and Joseph will work on a power point for the auditorium.



VI.  Nuts & Bolts for Department Reminders


–Attendance Updates—by mid-October or November we hope to have online attendance posting.  The district is giving every teacher in the district a laptop to make this possible.



–Furniture—Let admin know through Katie if you need furniture or need furniture disposed of.  Get this done by Friday afternoon.



–Clocks—Let Bettie know if your clock is not working.



–Work Orders—let Bettie know.



–Purchasing—tabled until this afternoon.  Lisa said purchasing can happen and then the departments will be given their funds.



–Opening Day—Lisa mentioned the bell schedule for the first day and the particulars.  ASB will do music, club tables will be there and schedules will be passed out.  Lisa asked those with free 1st periods to come help.  Let the administration know if you can help.


–Senior schedules will be passed out next week as well as the freshman schedules.


–On 8/18, they will be done by grade level and alpha.  Students who did not come on time can go to the Counseling Office to learn where to go.



–Bell Schedule (3° & 4° responsibilities)  With the extra time for 4th period on Monday, Tuesday and Friday all teachers must let students hear the announcements the last 5 minutes of 4th period.  On Wednesdays and Thursdays it is mandatory that all teachers turn on G-House TV the last 20 minutes of 3rd and 4th periods.


–All activities that were previously done in homeroom will be done in the extra minutes in 4th period.



–Leadership/Department Heads will meet 4th period on Tuesdays.



–2014/2015 Calendar—Lisa will have this to everyone shortly as soon as it is complete.



VII.      Suggested Reading Assignment



–Michelle brought this topic up from the last department head meeting in June. Michelle presented and distributed information sheets on what the recommendations are from each department.  The reading selections could be displayed in the classrooms.  These can be in various languages.


–Narrative and Expository would cover the first 2 nine-week periods.


–Argument and Research would cover the second semester.



Meeting adjourned.  Lunch will be ready at 11:15 in 214 and we will reconvene at 12;30pm.



The meeting reconvened at 12:30pm.



VIII.  SFUSD Vision 2025—Reimagining Education


–This involves the superintendent’ and the district’s vision of where a student should be in 2025.  This is a 10-year plan.  There are 6 tenants that are described.  Marcus played a video that is on the district website.  Hank Machtay’s students worked on this video.



Marcus referred to the pamphlet that came with the video.  This contains the 6 tenants.  They are:  Content Knowledge; Career and Life Skills; Global, Local and Digital Identity; Leadership, Empathy and Collaboration; Creativity; Sense of Purpose and Self.  The video was paid for by a grant fro the Haas Fund.



Marcus asked for feedback from the group.


–David said it had a feel like the ESLERS and Stephen mentioned the rubric for success.


–Alicia was happy to see there is an emphasis on other items than how to use a computer.  She sees private schools producing the owners and companies and public schools producing the workers.  She likes the creativity aspect.


–Kathleen likes the fact that students are spending time in the real world and she feels the students learn from real life situations.


–Michelle said we have been talking about data so much over the past years.  She thinks this gets away from data is measuring student success, which is good.  How do we hit all of these for all of our students is the biggest challenge.


–Lisa mentioned measuring success in the future with more than just test scores.


–Marcus said WASC mentioned that we do not pat ourselves on the back enough for what we do.


–Attendance, Grades and EAP results were items we looked at last year.


–Joseph feels good about what we are doing in VAPA when he looks the 6 tenants.  He said this year his students would write self-evaluations.  What went well, what didn’t go so well and what could improve.  He wishes the district would include artistic language and musical language, etc.


–Marcus said Joseph should keep pushing this.  Coding is now a language.


–Stephen said all the tenants have so many applications in our city’s industries.  We need to hold these industries accountable for some of our students’ education.  He mentioned leadership, creativity, internships, etc.


–Doug mentioned that many high school students don’t have enough skills to go into companies.  Steven said we should outreach to the companies to see what they can do for our students.


–Discussion followed.


–Lisa mentioned real world challenges in the business world and how we can simulate this with our students.  She mentioned that our students in 10 years may no be able to stay in SF without real world training.


— Marcus mentioned: Simulate the practice of being about to communicate and collaborate.


–Doug mentioned the problem of how students get placed in kindergarten that breaks the issue—many leave SF to go to other areas.


–Alicia mentioned electives and how they are important—students should have more variety of electives.  Students need to know how the world works today.  She suggested redoing the College and Career class to make it much more dynamic and engaging.



–Marcus referred to the Vision for Galileo.  He also mentions the District Priorities, High School Priorities and the Galileo Priorities.  He mentioned the great feelings at Galileo.


–We have the opportunity to come out on top of the Smarter Balance. We need to push for this.


–We must remember our underserved populations—we need to acknowledge that some of our populations are not prepared with the skills they need to succeed.  People need different kinds of things to be successful.


–Marcus will take PD in this direction this year—who we are, where we are and where we want to be.  He mentioned that our Asian population has changed, our Latino population has increased.


–Our biggest challenge is to meet the demands of a continually changing 21st century.  Many have taught here for any years and we have to change to keep up with the students.  We must be flexible.



–Michelle mentioned the semantics of meeting the requirements.  She wants the students to beat the competition.  Joseph likes the term thrive and compete in that order.


–Discussion followed on the word “Traditional.”  David said much is moving away from traditional, and classroom direction is changing.  Focus now is not all on content but what students can do with the content.


–With the vision, Lisa wanted the wording to reflect the students.  Then David mentioned the Galileo Community.  Stephen suggested Galileo students.  We have an awesome climate at our school reflective of the Galileo community.


–Doug suggested removing the word “obligation” and say “we will provide.”


–Michelle mentioned a creative shift by doing electives within the curriculum for the courses.


–David mentioned we need to constantly reassess our curriculum and make it accessible to the students.  This may cause changes in how we teach.



–Marcus we redraft the Vision Statement and will bring it back to the next meeting.


–Marcus mentioned that


 we need to think beyond our district to be the best.


–Marcus is pushing the district to acknowledge the schools with a Newcomer Pathway.


–Lisa mentioned our Special Ed data has drastically improved in the last year.


–Katie said there have been huge changes in the Dean’s Office and sub groups have no changed to a minimum of 20 (down from 100).  Referrals have been cut in half with the Special Ed students.  A large part of this is expectations and the students changing their behavior as they are engaged.


–Steven mentioned the changes with the main-streaming of the SDC students into regular classes, this provides the first real chance for some of these students to go to college.



–Ethan suggested pushing for a cleaner school—controlling liter, spitting, clean bathrooms, etc.


–Katie is pushing to get recycling bins in the hallways, as custodians must recycle in the halls, but not in the classrooms.


–Katie will be talking with the custodians about recycling.



Meeting adjourned at 2:15pm.