Leadership Team/Department Head Meeting Minutes – August 26, 2014



Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting








Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.



Leadership Team Agenda



I.          Administration Update


–Marcus said we would put time limits on agenda items now to keep the meetings on track.


–Marcus began with a welcome for Nancy Lambert-Campbell.  She told us about her kids.



–Marcus mentioned Mr. Emmi would be full time in the Counseling Office.  Nancy will take over Katie Pringle’s duties.  Nancy and Marcus will work on the budget.  Marcus is going to take over Athletics and some of Buildings & Grounds.  Lisa is going to do Textbooks, and part of the BSC.


–Marcus was trying to get an interim administrator to help with security, safety and emergency procedures.  So far we have not been successful but HR is working on it and hopefully there will be someone in place by the end of the week.


–Nancy said she would probably be back on October 16th.



II.         School Year Calendar


–Lisa distributed the calendar and asked everyone to go over it and see if there are issues, corrections, etc.


–She eliminated the Election Assembly, added the CAHSEE dates.  She will distribute it to everyone at next week’s faculty meeting.


–Michelle mentioned some Wellness activities.


–Kathleen asked about SBAC and Lisa explained we would decide the dates later.


–October 9th is Back to School Night.  Marcus said next year it will have to be in line with the district Back to School Night Week.  That means we will not be able to hand out report cards then.




III.       First Week Bell Schedule


–Joseph suggested not having block schedule the first week of school.  He asked how everyone else felt about this.  He thought all classes should meet every day.  He mentioned students transferring classes and how this affects them.


–Doug felt that made sense but he did like getting right into the semester.



–Lisa asked if everyone liked having CPT the first week.    Everyone said Yes and we could not have that if all classes met each day.  David asked if we could have one day short by an hour and a half. 


–Transportation is an issue.  We could do shortened classes and have all 6 periods but get out early on Wed. and Thur.  The group preferred this option.



IV.        Picture Days


–Marcus gave the history of picture day and what a struggle it has been.  We use these photos for IDs.  We are waiting to hear from Prestige.  9th and 10th graders will be in PE classes and 11th graders will come from US History.  These days are next week.  We will let everyone know the schedule prior to next week.  Some ELL students will be included in their ELL classes.  There will be make-up days.


–Marcus felt it was important to have all students take the photos—they are used in all aspects of the school.



V.         Emergency Response Training


–Marcus said we will have to have an Earthquake Drill this week.  The ERT team will meet next week.  September will include the Emergency Preparedness Week, where we will have all the drills.


–Stephen Jackson asked about students in wheelchairs.


–Joseph said he liked the fact that not everyone can make announcements.  He said that those in the building after school should be able to make announcements.  He mentioned one teacher who was frightened by not being able to communicate with others.


–Marcus said the after school coordinator will have all call access.  There will be procedures on who to talk to after school.



Department Heads Agenda



I.          BSC/CPT


–Lisa mentioned she has items from many of the members.  She would like anything else anyone has and then meet about these items.  Send her items for the calendar.


–Marcus mentioned that time for CPT must be utilized.



II.         Schedule/Balance Concerns


–Stephen Emmi thanked everyone for their patience.  There may be some more balancing next week and then everyone will get updated class lists.


–Lisa mentioned changes in the ELL student schedules.


–Marcus told about the ELL Village over the summer.  He said the district is asking us to take more of these students due to what is happening in Central America.  He said we will take 25 and we will be allocated another FTE.


–Marcus said our numbers say we are full—at 125.  District is asking us to take more.  We are closed for Newcomers.  After our reclassification, some of them will move into the general ed. population.


–Marcus explained the history of “Newcomer” in the district.


–Kathleen explained the “US Entry Date.”  She also discussed the 3 years and how that can affect students.


–Lisa said there is a new Board of Ed Policy that some ELL students can stay until they are 21.


–Stephen Emmi asked about how to handle textbooks when students transfer classes.  Doug said Math does not use textbooks.  Michelle said they designed the first 2 weeks to not use books.  Others said that textbooks should be returned to the teachers.  Discussion followed.




III.       Teacher Phone Log


–Marcus said we do not trust Synergy, etc. for attendance, truancy.  He asked everyone to talk to their teachers about keeping a log of family contacts.  How do we communicate with parents when their students are absent?  Marcus would like to develop a form and then he will take it to the union.


–Kathleen asked if they have factored in those parents who do not speak English.


–Michelle asked if the Auto-dialer will ever come back? She also asked how many parents have signed up on School Loop.



IV.        Department Budget/Supply Orders


–Marcus said Department Budgets will be issued next week.  $100,000 will be split among the departments based on the number of students.


–Marcus explained the Office Depot order procedure.  Department Heads put in the order, it goes to Marcus for approval and then Linda forwards it.


–Marcus told the group they could begin ordering now.  He asked everyone to put their names on the orders.



V.         Miscellaneous


–Joseph asked about all students changing their passwords—how do students change their passwords?  Lisa mentioned an email from Danny Tan, Hank Machtay and Thong Ly.


–Doug expressed his concerns that many people have access to all these passwords.  Joseph mentioned many students take photos of their passwords that also include other passwords.  No one at Galileo had any notice of these password changes.



–Alicia talked about Club Day this Friday.  She asked who is in charge and how to get a table outside to participate.  Mr. Wing sent out an email.



–David mentioned our instructional minutes and why we have so many extra ones.  According to John Holmes of the District Attendance Office our original schedule was 300 instructional minutes short of the required 64,800.



–Michelle will talk with Marcus about the lunch application distribution.



Meeting adjourned at 12:10pm.