Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – August 19, 2014


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting




Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:25am.

Leadership Team Agenda


Mr. Blacksher welcomed Lauren Marshman back.  Marcus welcomed Mark Bayango back and Michelle Fortunado as Wellness Coordinator and Susan Kitchell as UBC representative, and Bai Zhen as the ELL Counselor and Family Liaison.  Lisa mentioned that we would try to include Alan Phelps as the Librarian in the meetings.

I.          Check in & Opening Day Feedback

–Marcus asked for feedback.

–Joseph said he helped out in the courtyard and it went smoothly.  He mentioned several students did not have schedules in the courtyard.  He also mentioned the VAPA classes are a little smaller this year.

–Lisa mentioned some students went to the wrong tables in the courtyard.

–Lauren said there are lots of class changes requests.  She asked everyone to be patient.

–Susan said it was cold in the courtyard.  She mentioned that students do not know how to wait in a line in alphabetical order.  She gave a few examples.  She would recommend this be taught in the curriculum.

–Stephen thanked everyone who helped.  He discussed the parameters of class changes for students.  He also mentioned not wanting to switch students out of JROTC for PE.  Ethan explained JROTC is eligible for PE credit under special 7th period independent study.

–Stephen Jackson said it went well for Special Ed.  They are working out the paraprofessional assignments.  They will balance out sections in regular ed.

–Stephen said the IEPs at a glance should be available by next week.  He explained his plans to make these documents available.

–Lisa said they are working on simple documents with simple accommodations for some of the special ed. students.

–David asked if the IEPs are available in the cum folders.  The answer is “Yes” but it takes a long time to read them from the cums.

–Marcus asked Stephen to prepare a 5-minute presentation for the next faculty on how to read the IEP at a Glance.

–He also said they could email teachers IEP pdf versions.

–Wellness is doing well—quiet so far.  They did attend Freshman Orientation and they are visiting the Health Classes.  There are several new therapists.  She mentioned Sunnydale Violence and there are a group of students who need support.

The Crisis schedule will start next week.  This week see Michelle or Naomi.

–Mat said his department is welcoming Danny Lynch for Vicky Ung.  Danny was a student teacher at Galileo and taught summer school.  Mat suggested signs in the hallways with arrows to answer some of the student questions on locations of rooms, etc.

–One problem was on the schedules not all of the room number printed.

–Doug said, “So far, so good.”  He said they had less information from the students this year.  They still need to test some of the freshmen.  They talked to students on Friday and Monday who they needed to changes their schedules.  They will be pulling students from classes on block days and will have information for the counselors on class changes.  They will use open classrooms and the library.  Most of the testing will be done in the Algebra classes.

–Ethan said things were going well in PE.  He needs to talk about health issues and how to identify who has health issues.  We do not have emergency cards at the school.  Lisa said they hope to be distributed on Thursday.  Susan said some parents are not honest on the emergency cards.

–Susan said it is good to ask the students about health problems.  Ethan said the first day of PE dress is September 2nd.  Ethan also asked about G-House TV and where will the PE students watch the broadcast. Students with PE will be able to see the broadcast on the block day when they do not have PE.

–Susan asked that everyone let Susan know if they have students with health problems.

–Susan talked about Epi-pens.

–Ethan mentioned students in the bleachers, garbage on the field, etc.  He suggested having students help clean.

–Alicia mentioned class sizes.  She thanked the Counseling Office for their help and support.  She asked where to put obsolete books.  Lisa mentioned the process with the forms.  Marcus suggested we put them in the garage.

–Kathleen agreed with Doug.  Some classes are too big and they are balancing them and the support classes are going well.  They are testing all week.  They are doing the best they can without much data.  Lisa said data can be pulled from Synergy.  Departments can sign up to have viewing access to the data.

–Lisa thought the first day went well, kids were in classes, the halls were clear, etc.

–Michelle said her department did not complain yesterday.  Everyone was patient and all were expecting changes during the week.

–David mentioned singleton conflicts.  Lisa said Synergy did a matrix on singleton and doubleton classes.

–He has some teachers who are concerned about juniors and seniors being placed in freshmen classes.  He said these students could be disruptive.  Marcus suggested a warning first and then removing those students.

–David also mentioned copy paper getting restocked.

–Mark mentioned new Academy and Pathway teachers and he has been checking in with them for support.  He is doing web sit updating.

–Danny Tan changed the name AoIT to Computer Science Academy.  He is working on the website.

–Lisa mentioned the PTSA meeting this evening.  It will be from 5:30pm-7:30pm and food will be provided.  The PTSA may fund a web master.

–Bai discussed his new role and the name of the room Connection.  He talked about how the room will function.

–He mentioned the 700 school planners—there are about 300 of them left.  They can pay $1 or receive for free if they get an ASB sticker.  He thanked everyone for their help with orientation.

–Marcus mentioned the staff from Central Office and told the group that they expressed that we have a good feel, welcoming adults, and happy students.  It was amazing and had a great feel.  Marcus said everyone helped.  It was the smoothest beginning he has every participated in.  He thanked everyone.

II.         Weekly Meeting Structure

–Marcus felt we conduct our meetings well.  He felt the administrators should be mindful of their cell phones.

–He said agenda items will be timed.

–Lisa said many items will be sent in an email.

III.       PD Feedback

–Marcus asked for feedback.

–Doug said the ones he went to were the best ones he’s been to.  He mentioned 4 of our teachers who led the PD.

–Lisa asked for feedback on Tuesday and Wednesday and David Barrios commented on how fun it was.  Stephen Jackson discussed the talks in small groups.  Kathleen agreed.

–Alicia mentioned the cultural discussion and suggested closure to it.

IV.        Miscellaneous

–Joseph mentioned tomorrow being the first day that we do not have homeroom.  He asked the administration about what they will do to make sure students do not walk out of the building to get food, drinks, etc.  The G-House TV will be at the end of the second block period.  Teachers should not release students early from G-House TV.

Meeting adjourned at 12:20pm.