Leadership Team-Department Heads Meeting Minutes – September 9, 2014



Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting









Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.



I.          Newcomer Pathway


–Kathleen displayed a chart about the Newcomers from last Spring Semester.  This details the amount of time the students have been in our country.  The chart also shows their improvement in learning English.



II.         Newcomer Meeting


–Mr. Bill Sanderson, Jennifer Fong, Christina Wong and Darlene Lim came for the meeting.  The major topic involved defining the term “Newcomer.”  The conclusion was that newcomer is a student who has been in the country 2 years or less—2013, 2014 and 2015 are the entry years.  It is the calendar year, not the school year.


–Marcus mentioned how many we take affects our budget.  Lincoln and Washington do not have as many courses for their students to take.  Their classes are averaging at 34.


–Our live count was 1899 students.  We were budgeted at 1977, with 37 on our wait list.  We are budgeted for 150 newcomers and we did not have that full count. If we take 44, we will get a plus of $40,000 for the budget.


–1977 with no newcomers, we lose $220,000.


–Status quo with 1977 gives us a net of $40,000.


–Rise to 2002 students and get $20,000 and 1.0 FTE—that would be with 175 newcomers.  Now we have 106 newcomers.


–Decision was to stay at 1977, which gives us an additional $40,000.  We are looking at or AP numbers from last year.


–With the addition of 8 additional newcomer students we have 1985 students.



–With the additional 44 students, the effect on our master schedule involves keeping all our ELD sections, even though some of them are low now.  We will have the space for these students and the ELD class sizes will be between 20-25.  We may need another section of some support classes. 


–Marcus said we could take them now or in January.  Lisa explained the options on how to move the students.


–Kathleen discussed the reclassification process.  She said those students who are reclassified would be moved at the semester.


–David mentioned those regular ed. students coming in for regular classes.  Lisa said we purposely took wait list students in the 9th and 10th grades to avoid the larger classes for the upper grades.



–Alicia asked if a newcomer student enters at age 17, do they get the full 4 years and the answer is yes.  The Board of Ed has a new ruling allowing these students the full 4 years.


–Kathleen pointed out if we wait until January to take them, their first year in the country is 2015.


–Michelle pointed out the disadvantages of waiting to make changes until January and then changing students’ classes.


–Alicia said it would be better to set up the structure and then start them in January.


–Lisa said they did not get proposals from all departments.  Those who have not submitted their proposals should do so.



III.       ELD & Sp. Ed. Placements


–Mat mentioned that some of the students who need to be in co-taught classes are being moved to non-co-taught classes.


–Stephen Emmi said some of the case managers have reviewed where the students are and made adjustments based on their assessments.


–Stephen Jackson asked Mat to send him a list of those students.



IV.        Accommodations & Planning for Sp. Ed. Students


–Stephen Jackson hoped that everyone has received the IEPs at a glance documents.  Stephen said he would like to visit each department and present these accommodations.  One suggestion would be at a faculty meeting.  He also suggested this coming Thursday his department branch out and go to each department.


Most members liked the Thursday time, not this week, but the following week, September 18th.



–Lisa mentioned she was surprised at how many people she saw during CPT time that were not engaged in the required CPT activity.  All teachers should attend their department’s CPT activities.


–Joseph said his department was involved independent work last week.


–Lisa needs all of the department BSC’s and their CPT calendar to start working.



V.         Disaster Awareness Lockdown Drill


–Mat asked what time during the period would the drill be?  Marcus said we should try to have it 15 minutes into the period.



VI.        Readmit Slips Feedback


–Michelle said her department wants the slips.  This puts the accountability on the students and also puts the responsibility on the students to present the slip and get the homework.  Teachers need to know how to verify these absences.  Many emails now go back and forth to the counselors.


–Doug said it is a good idea for retests, etc.


–Alicia said several teachers in her department use the slips for make-up work.


–Stephen Jackson—said with all things sped, it follows the regular teachers lead.  He will take a note from the parent, but will follow the school’s expectations.



–Ethan said PE likes them.


–Mat says Social Studies likes them.


–ELD—They allow100% make-up with the readmit slips, 50% without.


–David said his department likes the slips.  He asked about Synergy and online attendance.


–Lisa said the district will do a Synergy attendance training during the October faculty meeting.


–Joseph said his department wants the readmit slips to keep accountability and the lines of communication open.



–Marcus said we will hold students accountable for the readmit slips.


–Marcus said we need to figure out the way to issue the re-admit slips when the student presents the note.


–Lisa said we need to keep those notes and students should not be using them as a pass to get into class.



VII.      Emergency Preparedness Week


–Friday of this week is Lockdown 2nd period,.  Next Monday is Fire 4th period and Wednesday is 3rd period Earthquake and Evacuation.


–Please ask your teachers to turn on G-House TV to review the information about these drills and review evacuation procedures and routes.



VIII.     Miscellaneous


–Michelle asked about lunch forms.


–Michelle said her department will notify the counselor after 3 or more consecutive absences.


–Kathleen said her department calls home after 3 absences.


–Suggestion was made to also notify Bai Zhen.


–Stephen Jackson asked about the SARB process.  Marcus said Stephen Emmi is working on the process.



–Susan asked about the gate on Polk Street and the accessibility issue.  Marcus will check it.


–David asked if anyone had followed up on instructional minutes.  Jonathan did a spreadsheet and we will forward it to the district.


–Doug asked about paper and Marcus said the school pays for paper and water.



–David said his department has a huge need for paper towels and gloves.  He asked if the school would cover these expenses as they did in the past.  This was $500-$800 and their consumables are around $8,000.




Meeting adjourned at 12:10pm.