Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – September 16, 2014



Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting








Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.



Leadership Team Agenda




I.          Department Head Responsibilities


–Michelle said that many of the group are going to district wide department head meetings.  Michelle asked how they were getting compensated for this time.  She said she knows they get 5 extra days, but we do not have compensation specified for this.  These meetings are once a month for 2 hours.  That is the equivalent for 2 days.


–Michelle asked if the time could come off of the 5 days or compensation.


–Marcus will check into extended hours.



II.         Absence Notes/Permits to Leave


–Michelle asked for a follow up on this.  She mentioned calling for a permit to leave and she was told to “just let the student go.”


–Marcus said there will be a para in the Deans’ Office starting Friday at 7:30am.  The para will do this before school and Mrs. Robinson will do lunch and after school.


–G-House TV will publicize.



III.       Wi-Fi Issues


–Mat asked if anyone was having trouble on the 4th floor Polk Building.


–All of the 4th floor has issues.


–Nurse Kitchell has problems.


–Ethan has problems.


–Lisa will check into this as we have district Wi-Fi now.



IV.        Copy Machine in 206


–Rizo is broken there.  Folks have used the copy machine and now we have a huge bill.  It was $2400 for one month.  Ask teachers to use Rizos in 307.



V.         Budget


–Marcus distributed 2 budgets—the preliminary and the fall final.


–Increases include $17,476, largely through WSF.


–We are budgeted at 1988.  With additional students it is 2009.


–We should get $80,000 – $100,000 more.


–We need 3 sections to take care of the newcomers.


–PE gave $7,000 back to the budget as they have the P funds.


–It looks like we will not have to do any cuts.


–Way hire a .6 teacher for English/Social Studies.


–Mention was made of SPROUT funding for a 7th period class.



VI.        Miscellaneous


–Alicia described a big clog of people during the evacuation drill.


–Nurse Kitchell mentioned that some teachers did not read their evacuation directions correctly.


–David said we need a master list of where everyone goes.


–Kathleen said someone was in her space on the football field.


–457, 451, 458, 301, 462 are all missing evacuation directions.


–Michelle asked how department heads are accounted for.  This is by eyesight.  All of those who are free during a drill should go to the command center.  TA’s should go as well.



Meeting adjourned at 11:40am.