Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – September 2, 2014



Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting









Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:25am.


–Marcus thanked everyone for their efforts on Friday with the assembly, the amount of substitutes, etc.  He mentioned the motivational speaker and how good he was. 



–Marcus introduced John Ignacio, a retired school administrator who will fill in for Nancy while she is on leave.  John discussed his background.


–Marcus mentioned John will support the Deans Office and do Buildings & Grounds work.  He will work on the Emergency Response Team.  Marcus mentioned he would be taking over the budget.  Marcus is now the authorizer for Office Depot.



I.          Enrollment Count


–Marcus said we will be a live site for the enrollment count.  It will happen tomorrow at 10:am.  8-10 district administrators will come to each classroom during the count.   Lisa said they would print new class lists.  Marcus explained the categories.  Marcus said to go with the new class lists.


–Lisa asked that any students not on class lists who show up to class should be sent to the Counseling Office for their new schedule.



II.         Department Budgets


–Marcus distributed the preliminary budget for the year.  He mentioned that the budget is $20,000 above last year.  It is still based on the amount of students and the percentage for each department.


–Discussion followed on College & Career as part of VAPA and Health being part of Science.  Most of the expenditures are for office supplies.


–Lauren asked about Comp. Sci Academy and AOiT and their make-up by department.


–Biotech needs $3,000.


–Marcus said in the past each department has kicked in some $$ to help Science with their consumables.  He asked about the procedure.  David came up with the needs for Science.  That amount came off the top and then the rest of the money was divided between the 9 departments.  The budget Marcus passed out is a draft.


–Marcus said we will keep track of tech purchases from each department budget.


–Marcus will ask each department to pay for furniture needs, unless it is something very serious and large.


–We do not want to throw away good furniture.  Check the district warehouse for any needs you might have.



III.       Emergency Response Team & Emergency Preparedness


–Marcus mentioned a calendar that has been prepared for this topic.  There will be a meeting tomorrow after the SAP meeting.  Next week is Emergency Response Preparedness Week and we will have a drill every day.


–Marcus said for the most part non-classroom personnel are on the ERT.


–Marcus said we would be particular on procedures for the drill.  Teachers on prep periods will have to report to the command center.


–Susan Kitchell said we have to work with the traffic on Bay Street.


–Kathleen said the 4th floor is hard to get out as the staircases are packed.


–Joseph mentioned they use the center staircase to the courtyard and it is very fast.


–Joseph said he is an advocate of teachers holding up their yellow cards for the students to see.



IV.        Lunch Form Logistics


–Michelle asked if we could get information from the district about who has been notified of free lunch and who has done the applications online.  It is difficult to know what the district has.  She explained that there are various ways the district notifies the students.



–Alicia said some teachers are taking points off if students do not turn in the form.  Marcus said he did say an incentive would be extra credit.



V.         School–wide Operational Needs


–Lunch forms, picture days, college & career presentations, grade-level assemblies to disseminate information, Song and Yell (without homeroom), testing, emergency cards and code of conduct, surveys, Youth Vote, voting for school and class officers.


–We will figure out how to get all these issues addressed.



VI.        Student Readmit Slips


–He mentioned that his teachers said that students are no longer getting these slips.  Right now there is no way for a teacher to know if the absences are excused. 


–Stephen Emmi talked about readmit slips from last year that were never picked up.  Some teachers are not requiring them.


–Marcus said we need to realign this process.  Some teachers put the responsibility on the students.  He said when he was teaching he would not accept student work without a readmit slip.


–Marcus asked the group to discuss with their departments the policy of no teacher taking late work without a readmit slip.  We could advertise this on G-House TV.


–Joseph said he felt that those with no readmit slip should have their work marked down, not given no credit.  Marcus amended what he did—lower points for late work.


–David suggested teachers should put their requirements on their syllabus and then make exceptions if they feel inclined.


–The school must have an official record of the absences and which are excused.  We have to keep the parental notes for 7 years.



VII.      Library Update


–Alan talked about the opening of the library this year.  He did have the library open on the first day of school.  He mentioned the Special Ed classes, English classes.


–The condition of the library now is excellent—clean, with computers, etc.


–Schedule with Alan and email him and he will put the schedule on the calendar.


–He sent a survey to all the teachers about what they would like for the library.


–He is working on a few presentations about research and procedures.


–He mentioned he is looking for some good TAs.


–He would like the library to be an integral part of the school, highly used, etc.


–Michelle mentioned Wellness has lots of bookmarks to distribute.



VIII.     Miscellaneous


–Lisa is now in charge of the textbook funds.  She will see each department head.  Textbook orders are due this Thursday.



–Marcus met with Mele Lau-Smith about our After School Programs.  Years ago Margaret Chiu promised that all students who graduated from the Teachers Academy program would be eligible to be paraprofessionals.  He is putting together some information on this program.


–We will start the discussions with the SSC.



–Wellness will do a photo shoot and they need 5-6 administrators to volunteer to be in the brochure.  This will be on October 5th after school.



Meeting adjourned at 12:10pm.