Weekly Bulletin – September 22 – 26, 1914


Weekly Bulletin

SEPTEMBER 22 – 26, 2014





WORD OF THE WEEK: ABOUND.  All Teachers please put this word on your blackboard or other prominent place. BENEVOLENT:  Characterized by or expressing kindly feelings or good will; desiring to help others; charitable.


**BULLETIN NOTICES:**EMAIL ADDRESS FOR BULLETIN NOTICES:  Please email bulletin notices to: grinnellb1@galileoweb.org. The deadline for submitting items for the bulletin is Friday morning by 8:30am.                 Mrs. Grinnell


SUBSTITUTE SYSTEM:  The Substitute System’s phone number:  345-0064.   The on-line system remains the same.  If you have any questions please let me know.


SOCIAL COMMITTEE CONTRIBUTION:  Just a reminder–if you haven’t already given your social committee contribution, it’s not too late.  See Bettie Grinnell in the Main Office with your $20–checks or cash welcome!        Social Committee


PARKING COURTESY:  Please do not block other cars in both the Bay Street and the Polk Street parking lots.  If you have to block a car, do it only for a few minutes and leave your Galileo Parking Hanger in plain sight in your car.  If you do not have a Galileo Parking Hanger, see Bettie Grinnell in the Main Office.                                       Mrs. Grinnell


ASB STORE is selling sweatshirts, lanyards, towels, beverages, and healthy snacks in room 150 during lunch time and after school.


ASB CARDSTICKERS are sold in room 150 @ $5.00. You will get a free Galileo purple pen and planner. Limited supplies.

HOMECOMING COURT: Do you wish to run for homecoming court? Pick up petitions at ASB office in  room 150. Deadline to turn in petition is Sept. 22. Voting is at Homecoming Dance.

70th HOMECOMING SONG & YELL CONTEST; is Friday, Oct. 3. You get points if you purchase ASB card stickers and homecoming dance tickets. Deadline is Oct. 2 by 4:00 PM.

HOMECOMING DANCE: is Friday, October 3 in the cafeteria from 6:30 – 10:00 PM. DJ is from SOS Entertainment. Free photo booth pictures and neon necklaces. Raffle tickets will be given out for a chance to win two tickets to the Winter Ball.  Doors close at 8:30 PM. Must show ID photo at door. Ticket prices are $8 with current ASB card stickers from Sept. 22 – 26 sold at ASB store. Price will go up to $10. Tickets are $15 without ASB sticker. Guest tickets are sold at Dean’s office. Cost is $15. There is no refund.


OKTOBERFEST FOOD FESTIVAL: is Oct. 17 during lunch time in the courtyard. Clubs need to submit their food proposals at Executive Student Council meetings held every Monday in room 153 at 3:15 PM.


Yearbooks are available for purchase!

Purchase your yearbook by September 30th and you will get an additional 15% off $50.  What a steal, buy it now!

All you have to do to get your yearbook is to:

Step1-Sign in to your galileoweb email

Step 2-Go to search and type in “Tree ring”

Step 3-Open up the most recent  “Tree ring” email and click the link to create an account

If you’re having trouble logging into your galileoweb email, see Ms. Field in Rm.453

or Ms.Ly in Rm.414


The Counseling Center will host our first on campus College Fair on Wednesday, October 1st in the courtyard during lunch.  Please wear your favorite college gear to support this event.  Thank you for encouraging students to participate…perhaps offering them extra points for stopping by the tables to talk to admission reps. will motivate them to utilize this resource.  Thank you for your support!

For 9th  10th 11th & 12th:   Many college admission counselors are visiting Galileo, please come meet them:

Tue. 9/23 @ 12:20pm RM 154       Wellesley College

Tues. 9/23 @ 3:15pm Library         Trinity College

Tues. 9/23 @ 7:30pm Holiday Inn MIT (for details see the college & career calendar)

Wed. 9/24 @ 11:45pm RM 154      UCSD

Thur. 9/25 @ 2:30pm RM 104        CSU East Bay

Wed. 10/1 @ lunch time Court Yard  College Fair for every grade level students & parents.  Students can meet different college admission counselor in person to learn more about their college.  It will be in English only.


For 10th  11th & 12th:

If you’re interested in getting a part time job or volunteering, check out the Employment & Volunteer Bulletin on the College & Career website or the bulletin board in the Counseling Center.

For 11th & 12th:         

If you’re interested in getting scholarships for college, check out the College & Career website or the Scholarship bulletin board in the Counseling Center.

If you’re interested in visiting a college campus for free, please check out the Fly-In Program posting on the College & Career website or on the Scholarship bulletin board in the Counseling Center.


For 12th:

If you plan to apply to UCB, have a weighted UC GPA of 3.7 and demonstrate strong leadership or commitment to community service, please consider applying for the UCB Incentive Awards Program for

$32,000 scholarship.  The application deadline is 9/25.  For questions, please ask Michael or Ms. S. Chan in the College & Career Center.

9/24 @ 2:30pm  RM 154     UC Application Essay Workshop

9/25 @ 2:30pm RM 104      Come and work on your UC application with us!

Thur. 9/25 @ 5:30pm CafeteriaThe College Application Process Workshop for senior parents & students.  This workshop covers everything about the different college applications.  It will be in Chinese, English, and Spanish.

Sat. 9/27 @ 8am UCSF      Maps for College (for details see the college & career calendar)

Please be sure to visit the College & Career Center calendar for a more updated calendar.