Leadership Team/Department Head Meeting Minutes – October 7, 2014



Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting









Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.



I.          Faculty Meeting


–Lisa wanted to remind everyone to attend.  The paraprofessionals are now invited to faculty meetings.  The bulk of the meeting will be to learn how to do online attendance, which will begin on Tuesday, October 14th.  We will have support staff on campus, so let Lisa know who in your departments will need help.


–The other topic at the faculty meeting will be Back to School Night.  ASB will be on hand to direct traffic and help.


–PTSA will have an exciting announcement.


–Joseph is having a Burning Bubble Sheets activity on Friday afternoon as the Blue Angels practice.  He will email everyone.


–Michelle said the changing passwords will affect those who are using laptops on the wireless.  Access online could be a challenge.



II.         A-G Requirements/Newcomers/NELL


–Kathleen said that graduation A-G requirements require 4 years of English and only 1 can be an ESL class.  She is concerned about those students with low skills being put in higher-level class.


–She spoke of the new person the NELL—Newcomer English Language Learner Liaison.  It is now Megan Jessup.  Kathleen is helping her. She worries about teachers giving “mercy” grades and then the students not being able to function in college. 


–She mentioned smaller classes in ELD as we are waiting for the Newcomers.  She also mentioned the Newcomer Pathway meetings on the second Wednesday of each month.  Everyone is welcome.


–Lisa mentioned SIFE—Students Interrupted in Formal Education.


–Marcus mentioned that we need to look at our overall plan for next year.



III.       Song & Yell PA Snafus


–Joseph said he felt bad for the classes who worked so hard on their skits and then the PA system collapsed.  He mentioned the wireless microphone problems and the signals getting cut in and out.  He explained the problems with the antennas.  Blocking the pathway to the antennas is part of the problem.  Everything just died right before the skits were to be performed.  He explained additional problems.



–Joseph would like to make sure this does not happen next year.


–Holding the microphone properly is important.



–Mr. Os-Maun Rasul addressed the group.  He told of his new position in Southern California.  He wished everyone a successful 2014-15 school year.



–Joseph suggested buying a new wireless microphone.  Several other solutions were suggested.


–Stephen Jackson suggested talking to Google about this.  Discussion followed.


–Marcus asked Joseph to look into what a new appropriate sound system would be and what it would cost.  Joseph said the system we have now is for one person speaking.



III.       Song & Yell Bell Schedule


–Mat asked if we could have all the classes closer in minutes.


–Marcus asked if it was really important.


–Lisa passed around a proposal for 3 classes, Song & Yell, lunch then 3 classes in the afternoon.


–We will use this schedule next year.



IV.        Final Weeks Schedule


–Lisa shared a schedule for the last 2 days of each semester with short classes.  We can use up our extra banked time.


–Joseph asked when the grades are due.  1st and 2nd semesters they are due on Friday at 8:00am.



V.         Testing:


–CAHSEE is happening now in the Van Ness Gym.  Math will be there tomorrow.  We will be audited tomorrow.  She apologized for all the interruptions of telephone calls.


–PSAT testing will be next Wednesday.  They will use the Van Ness Gym and some classrooms. All sophomores will take the PSAT.


–SRI—Scholastic Reading Index—this is a 20-minute online assessment and will be done in PE classes.  Thanks were given to Ethan for taking this on.  9th and 10th grade students will take this, along with 11th and 12th graders going for reclassification.  Stephen Jackson asked if Special Ed students could be included. 


–CLA—this is for 9th and 10th graders in English and Algebra.  This is offered online this year.


–Marcus said those courses that do not have a CLA should have a CFA.  The two- week window is 10/14-24/14.



VI.        Data


–Marcus referred to the data sheet distributed at the last Principal’s meeting.  He mentioned there was some frustration about the data and it being correct.  He said that Mr. Sanderson is trying to fix this.


–He said data is the same for the whole district, whether it is accurate or not.  We are being compared with schools that are very much like us.


–He mentioned we would postpone tomorrow’s SSC meeting until next week.



–He asked the group how they felt about where we should begin to focus.  We have agreed to Attendance, EAP and grades.  GPA and Instructional time are areas to look at.


–Should we really focus on CAHSEE for EAP?


–Ethan said attendance in class is related to test scores.  We need to figure out how to get all students to class.


–Marcus mentioned that some students will not go to class if they know no one cares.  We need to work on this.  If the students are failing, they stop attending.


–Instructional time, GPA and CAHSEE will be our 3 focus points.


–Michelle said her department looked at grades and attendance and those who got F’s had terrible attendance.


–Kathleen mentioned the mentally absent students who attend and do nothing.


–Doug mentioned that the students in the halls during class time do not reflect the population.  Some students find ways out of the classroom and these are the students who need the instructional minutes.



–Kate Morgan will replace Mr. Rasul.  She was a dean at Burton before taking time off for parenting.  She speaks Spanish.



VIII.     Miscellaneous


–Marcus is working on a draft for Google—he would like to present something to the SSC—3 area—Teachers, Students and Parents.


–David feels he needs a menu as to what they can offer, etc.  One suggestion was the school Wi-Fi.  Joseph said the students are now on and that makes it more difficult for the teachers to get on.  Others said that is not the cause of the problem.



–He is asking for next Tuesday after school.  Anyone interested is welcome.  Meeting will be in the LT.



–Doug brought up the old tech committee and is working on the goals and objectives for that group.  He spoke about the former committee.  He would like the new committee to be those with tech skills.


–Joseph felt everyone should be represented on this committee.  Some could come as observers.  Ethan felt everyone should be equally represented.


–Doug said the purpose is not to make decisions, but be an advisory group.



–PTSA wish list—let Lisa know right away.


–Admin Observations were done by Lisa and Stephen Emmi last week.  She mentioned what they observed.


–Marcus said let your teachers know that consistent walk thrus will start soon.


–Remind your teachers to sign in.


–School loop needs to be updated every 3 weeks.


–Parking—remind your teachers of parking etiquette.



Meeting adjourned at 12:20pm.