Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – October 21, 2014



Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting









Nancy called the meeting to order at 11:25am.  Lisa said that we would wait for Marcus to return if any items need administrative decisions.



We welcomed Nancy back.



I.          Policy on 5th Year Seniors


–Doug said some of his department members wanted to know if the policy has changed—can seniors stay for a  5th year?


–Stephen Emmi said this is the first year that we have done this.  We have 5 this year.  We will revisit this in the future.


–Doug asked if we were steering students away from Ida B. Wells.  Stephen said some have transferred there.


–Nancy said it was originally the district’s idea for the 5th year when more graduation requirements began.


–Nancy said it is also budget issue from last year.



II.         Newcomer Pathway Cluster Program


–Mat asked for the names of teachers in each department.  Lisa will provide it for him.



III.       Nancy introduced our new dean, Kate Morgan.  Everyone introduced themselves to her.



IV.        Teacher Notification of Classroom Use


–David brought up the classrooms that were used last weekend for the NERT program.  He discussed what had happened in his room.  He asked for warning ahead of time in the future.


–Nancy said the classrooms were selected at the last minute.



V.         Tutoring


–Kathleen talked about the ELD tutoring and she distributed some information.  The students in tutoring are supervised by teachers.  There are slips the students can give to their teachers proving they attended tutoring.  She distributed a tutoring schedule.  She said there may be some forms of independent study for those who need credits to graduate.  Tutoring is in Room 450


–Doug suggested we send an email to parents on SchoolLoop telling about the tutoring.  It can also be posted on the parent page.


–Bai can send it out on the Yahoo group.



VI.        Futurama Intramurals


–Ethan said there are lunchtime groups and after school groups that are not supervised.  This is a liability issue.  Ethan said the break dancers are in the auditorium after school.  All Futurama workers should wear their badges.


–Ethan mentioned that AVID uses the football field on Fridays.



VII.      Synergy


–Joseph said he felt the transition to Synergy has been smooth.  He asked about students on field trips.  He covered both the teacher who has the field trip and the teacher who excuses the students.


–Lisa said if a teacher signs a field trip slip, mark the student present in the grade book and mark them present.  She described an alternative process.  We will make changes, but not until Marcus returns.



–Alicia’ s department mentioned the norm—if a student is not in a classroom, we should say they are absent legally.  She said her department is going to follow what they are legally bound to do and that is to mark them absent if they are not in the classroom.


–We do not have a system for field trip teachers to mark students present in other classes.


–Lauren mentioned the autodialer and the fact that parents would be calling the school if their students are marked absent while they are on a field trip.


–Lisa said everyone should have a paper record which would hold up in court.  Everyone must have a paper record of attendance.



–Joseph mentioned the double-sin classes.  Joseph said Lisa made these into one class, and still has one empty class.  Lisa said anyone who has this situation should let Nancy know and she will submit  a help ticket.



VIII.     Miscellaneous


–Michelle mentioned their blood drive on Friday.  She said the turnout so far is very low.


Sign up in Michelle’ room.  There are height and weight requirements.



–Alicia asked about what information the admin needs from department heads for CTP.



Meeting adjourned at 11:55am.