Leadership Team/Department Head Meeting Minutes – November 21, 2014


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting





Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.


I.          ELAC

–Meeting on Dec. 4th at 5:30pm.  Please encourage your students and their parents to attend.


II.         “The Substitutes” Lyrics

–Joseph passed around some lyrics for a song he would like the group to sing at the Winter Concert.  He asked for feedback.  He described the song and then he played the song.


III.       Please Be Nice

–Lauren is speaking on behalf of the Counseling Office.  She mentioned persons who have been verbally yelled at.  She mentioned parents, students and teachers.  She reminded everyone about how to treat co-workers.  Some of these incidents have happened in front of large groups of students.  Please be professional.  Keep the lines of communication open and be courteous.

–Marcus mentioned this is Board Policy 4600.  Offenders can be written up.


IV.        College Acceptances Rescinded

–Lauren learned this at a CSU conference.  College Admission Representatives said there are changes in acceptances based on senior year grades.  Getting a D or an F in any class for the senior year can rescind their acceptance in the UC system.

–Mr. Emmi asked the Math and English Chairs about this situation.  Doug said there are some students that do not do the work to be successful, who ask to drop the hard courses.

–Michelle M. described how the English Department assigned courses.

–Joseph thought perhaps we should revisit the process for dropping classes.


V.         Student Teacher Logistics

–Mat wanted to know if student teachers will get Galileo web accounts.  The answer is Yes, and they should see Lisa.

–Mat asked about their personal computers—will they be able to input attendance online?  They will have to use the master teacher’s password.  They will do it on paper and the Master Teacher will input the attendance.


VI.        Attendance Process and Confusion

–Doug said there are confusion issues with parents, students and teachers.  What are the procedures for obtaining readmit slips, etc.?

–Mr. Emmi said Bai should have posted the process on the website.

–Some students do not get their readmits right away. Flor does the one-day absence readmit and multi-days go through Connie.

–Marcus suggested reading the process on G-House TV.  It can also be posted in each classroom.




VII.      Persistent Classroom Problems

–Doug talked about 353 and the phone not working, room 156 does not get cable, some rooms do not get wifi, etc.


VIII.     Doubling Up

–Doug mentioned next year when the math sequence goes from Algebra, Geometry, etc.  He explained the problem of getting students to the AP level classes.  30% of our students did well on the AP tests.  District wide it is only 3%.  He explained some possibilities.

–Marcus said he heard that Lowell and Washington are not going to follow the new guidelines.

–Marcus asked about teaching Geometry in the summer.  Doug responded that 36 weeks of course is hard to do well in 5 weeks and then hiring reliable teachers could be a problem.

–Mr. Emmi mentioned that students must do their PE in 9th and 10th grade.

–David suggested one class for 5 weeks that is done in both periods in summer school.

–Bai asked about 8th graders taking Algebra.  Now they are taking a different math course.  Doug said the 8th graders are taking Math 8.

–Marcus said our enrollment is 1915 and we are budgeted at 1988.  We need the 44 newcomers.

–Joseph mentioned a 7 period day within the time frame we have now.  This will work for more elective offerings.


IX.        GPA Discussion

–Marcus distributed some information on work on the GPA issue.  He showed a report card of a student with all A’s and 1 F.  Then he explained the data that went with the report card.  Discussion followed on the grading process

–Alan mentioned that it is important to communicate with the students about grading, points, etc.

–Marcus asked the members to continue this discussion in their departments.

–Marcus mentioned working on student strengths.


X.         Pot Luck 11/25/14

–Discussion on what to bring and who can come.

–Michelle M. suggested having one at the end of the semester.

–Joseph is bring fruit salad, Lauren will bring a garlic noodle dish, Doug will bring pasta salad, David will bring drinks, Marc will bring lumpia, Stephen J. will bring chips and dip, Ethan will bring an appetizer, Alicia will bring dessert, Mat will bring salad.  About 12 people will attend.


XI.        Miscellaneous

–Ethan mentioned that PE  is doing an ethnic dance unit and the Muslim girls cannot dance with boys.  This is a difficult situation.  Once the other students see the Muslim girls are not participating the other students come up with excuses for not dancing.


–Let Doug know if you have questions you want his students to survey—students, teachers, staff, etc.


Meeting adjourned at 12:15pm.