Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – November 14, 2014


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting





Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:25am.

–Marcus mentioned our relationship with Google.  The first commitment is to redo our Wi-Fi.  They will also do an after school program once a week for an hour and a half for 8 weeks.  That will happen 4 times on 4 different topics.  They will pay a teacher 3 extended hours per week.  These will be tech subjects.  Ms. DeGele is the liaison.  Ms. Su will teach the first class.  Google CS is the name.


–We have Williams Sonoma with the Circle the Schools program.  Marcus talked about the meeting and said this will be a long-term lasting relationship.  Many of their young associates want to work with our students.

–Our first request is teacher support and morale.  We asked for upgrades on the teacher bathrooms and 257.  We have asked for instruction for teachers in yoga, Pilates, cooking, etc.  We asked for a rooftop lounge.  They also talked about volunteer activities, student mentoring.

–They talked about their activities and some things we might attend.


I.          Field Trip Budget Allocations

–Marcus asked who has gone on a field trip so far.  He asked Joseph Taylor to tell about his experience.  He mentioned that he took just his own students and described the field trip process—putting in on the calendar, get parent to sign the document, make arrangements for those students not attending, and then turn in packet to Linda Wade

–Michelle talked about the Health Academy picnic just recently and talked about sub coverage for Lillian Giles afternoon classes.  This came from their funding.  There was also a permit field for use of the facility.


–Marcus said the UBC wanted to know about coverage.  For all day field trips a teacher should not have to use their own personal days.  Marcus said in the future department heads must put money in their budgets for field trips.  There will be some funding in the administrator’s funds.

–A sub costs $205.00 per day.

–Joseph said if   a teacher uses a personal day for a field trip and gets injured, they will not be able to collect worker’s comp.

–Michelle felt that department members must get permission for the field trip prior   to requesting funding.  She would like to have protocols and deadlines in place.

–What happens when a teacher is sponsoring club from a different department?  Does the department head have to cover for the field trip?

–Joseph suggested for club field trips the club should raise the funds for the sub.


II.         Internet & Social Media Training for Students

–Michelle asked for desires from the group.

–Alicia talked about an activity she had in the AP Spanish class.  Her students were on social media an average of 6 hours for a 24-hour day.

–Kathleen said they learned that employers can go right into a Face Book account, etc.

–Michelle M. asked if we want this training this school year?

–Michelle F. asked if members wanted this in a big presentation, assembly ,etc.  It was suggested to include this with the Day of Code.  G-House and posters were also suggested.  Lisa said we might do this in the bathroom stalls with posters.  There is also a component in the College & Career classes.

–Michelle F. will discuss this with her staff and bring back some ideas.


III.       G-House TV

–Lisa did a viewing of this week’s attendance.  3rd and 4th floors had 7 classrooms not showing the program.  1st and 2nd floor had 6 classrooms not showing.  Some needed technical support.  She also said in some classrooms instruction was going on and some students were taking tests.  Other classes do not have the extra time.  The program should be shown both days, as some students (in PE) do not see in on one of the days.

–Bai asked if all students could hear the program.  She responded that this varies.  Some TVs do not turn up to a loud volume.


IV.        Language Objectives & Learning Goals

–Marcus said the admin team does 5 informal walk throughs each week.  They are not seeing these objectives and goals.  Please talk to your teachers.

–Marcus asked how the group would like feedback.


V.         5th Year Seniors

–Marcus distributed the final document Lauren created.

–Stephen liked the wording on referrals.


VI.        Homeroom Discussion Next Step

–Marcus asked how much time does everyone need to get feedback from department members. We will discuss this after Thanksgiving.


VII.      Newcomer Pathway Cluster

–Mat mentioned the informal cluster will be the 2nd Wednesday of the month; Department meetings take precedence over this.


VIII.     GPAs

–Lisa mentioned what we have looked at so far.  She distributed a document that included ideas from the faculty meeting.

–Lisa referred to Science on the form.  This comes from the various columns in the BSC.  There are clear goals for grading practices and GPA.  She asked everyone to edit and revised their BSC and send it to her by the end of next week.


–Doug suggested information on what the data is matching and how it is matching.

Marcus will email his supervisor, Bill Sanderson about our frustrations.

–Marcus also shared this with the SSC this week.  Marcus mentioned looking at partial credit.


IX.        Miscellaneous

–Joseph mentioned the changeover from Galileo web and School Loop.  One of Mr. Machtay real likes is the translator function of the Galileo web. School Loop only has a few languages.  We have so many languages here at Galileo.  We need to make sure we have this translation piece with the change.


–Alicia wondered about the school newspaper.  She asked when it will come out if we have it?  Marcus said we are getting some support.


–Doug talked about his AP stats class—he wants them to do a survey project and present it to faculty.  Please give him questions that his students can use in a randomized survey of students and faculty.  He suggested Homeroom, Common Core, etc.


–Doug mentioned the substitute shortage and said this does not fall on the duties of the Department Heads.  Marcus suggested everyone push this with the union to hire more subs.


–Lisa asked for district department head extended hours.

–Lisa said we might be moving away from Outlook to Google for the district email.


–Bai talked about the ELAC Committee meeting.


–Mat asked abut the final exam schedule.


Meeting adjourned at 12:20pm.