Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – November 4, 2014


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting




Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.


Leadership Team Agenda


I.          G-House TV

–Marcus mentioned an anonymous letter he got from a student saying his teacher never turns on G-House TV.  Marcus and administrators will be checking to see if teachers are not letting students view it.

–Marcus suggested talking to your teachers, or at least mentioning this at department meetings.


II.         Parking

–Susan said the parking issue was discussed at the Principal/UBC meeting.  The result is that prior to Thanksgiving warnings will be given.  After Thanksgiving we will call DPT to ticket and then perhaps threaten towing.

–Susan said if DPT comes to ticket one car they will ticket all cars in violation.  Cars parked on the ramp would likely get ticketed as well.

–Susan said she and Marcus would put out a joint message.  Concerns or questions should be sent to Marcus.

–Doug asked if there are repeat offenders, and the answer is “Yes.”

–Discussion followed of where to park.


III.       Office Depot Invoices

–Mat reminded every body to forward these to Linda Wade a.s.a.p.


IV.        Attendance

–Nancy said the online attendance is going well and the district is saying we are doing well.  She showed a graph of how the beginning weeks are going.

–We are now at 6% of the attendance not turned in, but the substitutes could be this part.

–Security will collect the paper attendance for each period from the subs every period.

–Many of our students and their photos are not loaded correctly.  Email Nancy with any problems.

–Bai asked about the incorrect phone numbers for the autodialer, and how to correct them.

–Remind teachers to take attendance during the first 40 minutes of each class.


V.         BBC, Learning & Language

–All teachers who have been here 4 years or less have been trained on this and must have this displayed in their classrooms.  Marcus said he is not seeing this.


–All teachers must have language and learning objectives posted.

–The learning and language objectives can be combined.


VI.        5th Year Students

–Lauren said the district has no policy with teeth.

–She distributed a policy the counseling office has come up with.

–Susan suggested something to say “Meeting Graduation Requirements.”

–Joseph suggested being more specific on the discipline issue.

–Doug suggested that the document should prove that the 5th year will allow them to graduate.  Lauren said they will not be given this opportunity if they would not graduate after the 5th year.

–Discussion followed that they will be here only for as many classes as they need to graduate.

–Susan suggested we clear this form with the legal department for the district.  Marcus thought we should wait on that.

–David felt we should be specific and we could always back down.  Marcus mentioned a situation this year that would make this not work.  Discussion followed.

–Joseph suggested suspensions should be last on the list.  He also mentioned the term “multiple” and maybe remove this word.


–Lauren mentioned there are different tiers of 5th year students and she described them.

–Marcus suggested she email this for input and edits.

–Michelle expressed her concerns for raising class sizes.

–Lauren mentioned we have 8 students right now. Susan asked if there are other alternatives for these students.


VII.      Homeroom

–Marcus said this topic was brought up at the Union meeting last week.

–Susan said what they are asking for now is “what would it take to make homeroom successful?”

–There is now impact on the 4th period teachers, as we have no homeroom.

–Alicia mentioned an issue with Latino students not being reached for SATs, etc.  Having a homeroom that is grade related is an easy way to reach the students.  She said these types of issues make homeroom valuable.

–A vote of the group said we should continue this discussion.  David suggested having a preliminary discussion today.

–Kathleen said her students really liked homeroom and they like relating to others with limited language skills.

–Kathleen also said that her department thought that all the teachers should vote on this.

–English teachers now have school-wide distributions.

–Lisa suggested listing all the school needs for homeroom and then do an investigation of what other schools do.

–David said for those who watch G-House TV, it is sort of a break.  He thought that certain groups could be pulled out during the last minutes of 3rd and 4th periods.

–Joseph said it is difficult to build bonds and community with losing homeroom.  He mentioned the Song and Yell, class assemblies, etc.

–Doug said one problem is getting students to go to homeroom.  Some teachers do a good job with homeroom or G-House TV and others do not.  Perhaps we need to get everyone on board and train them.

–Marcus said he likes Lisa’s ideas of what we used homeroom for.

Class assemblies, Song and Yell, Graduation, surveys, elections, senior field trip forms, testing organization, grade level meetings, lunch forms, emergency cards, G-House TV, class schedule distributions, assemblies, counselor visits to classrooms, ASB visits and elections, Poles.

Negative—contractual requirements and obligations, attendance, no consequences for cutting, students going to wrong rooms (teacher accountability).

–Consequences for not attending should affect athletes, dance attendance, etc.

–Joseph felt we should talk to our department members as no department heads have had homerooms in years.

–Marcus suggested the administration and department heads could patrol the halls, but this is a contractual issue.


VIII.     Miscellaneous

–Next week’s meeting will be on another day as Tuesday is a holiday.

–Alicia discussed filming of teachers by students without permission.  She asked for the rules.  What is the issue of being “watched”?  What can happen to students if they misuse the information they get with filming faculty and staff?

–Susan said the district has policies about this.  She suggested everyone should read the student handbook.  Students want rules.  We need to be consistent.


–Kathleen said her students use their cell phones, both the ELD and the Hospitality students to learn proper communication skills.

–Joseph said no one is allowed to film an individual without their permission.

–David said students feel their phones are a part of their bodies now.  We need to educate them on how to properly use their cell phones.

–Michelle Fortunado said she might be able to provide some information.  Marcus said it would be very useful.


–Michelle Moffett talked about security aides listening outside the classrooms.  She felt they should just come in and let the teacher know they are there.  There is an issue of the walkie-talkies going off in the class.




Meeting adjourned at 12:20pm.