Leadership Team/Department Head Meeting Minutes – December 9, 2014


Galileo Academy of Science and Technology

December 9th 2014


I.            Spring Semester 2015 Opening Day Procedure


–Stephen Emmi told the group: Everyone will go to 1st period from this semester, will hand out schedules, will ring bell, then students will go to new 1st period as needed.  All schedule changes need to be submitted through Department Heads by Friday, December 12th, 8am

–Joseph asked how many schedule changes there are? Stephen Emmi clarifies there are a small number of changes, mainly from math and ELD.


II.            Course Registration got 2015=2016

–Stephen Emmi told the group that  ideally this will happen 2 weeks in March, and we will have better idea by late January, after training he a and Lisa will go to.


III            SBAC

–Nancy told the group she is working with IT planning for it, including the right number of computers.  The time window starts right after Spring Break, and we need to finish before AP Exams begin.  Ideally we will have plan before we leave for break.  Plan is to test through classes for students.

–Kathleen asked what are exemptions for ELs?  Stephen replied with a year or less.

–Doug asked if the tests take longer than a class period.  Stephen and Nancy replied the time is 5-6 hours with an hour or so of prep, and then 4 hours of testing

–Doug asked if students take both the Math and English on the same day?  The answer is: Yes

–Michelle Moffett asked what will this look like? Nancy said resources on AAO for practice, time to practice for classes.

–Marcus mentioned his Stanford PD from Friday, content not that different from CST but computer skills are different especially for math and will need practice.

We went out in hallway for icebreakers that Marcus learned at Stanford PD…1st half of day is something serious and 2nd half is something fun…What’s the point?

Empathy for students struggling, clear directions, ok to be wrong, be happy about it and move on.


–Lauren asked about Graduation Practice.  Last year, we did it after school on block days, closer to time of graduation, mindful of AP calendar

–Doug suggested we talk to other schools?  We are talking with Washington.

–Alicia asked who will read names at graduation.


–Stephen Emmi explained the 1st 2 hours is computer based, then a performance assessment that needs 1.5 hours in-between, then performance assessment on computer.  Lisa will send out a link with released test questions to everyone.


IV.            New Teacher


–Lisa told the group about our new teacher, Ryan Welch, who teaches 5 sections of C&C in Room 310, please welcome him!


V.            Evaluations and Informal Observations

–Marcus said we are behind on formal observations, most will happen in the Spring.   He said he and UBC came to agreement that teachers can request the short form if they got Highly Satisfactory or above on their last evaluation.  The teacher does need to request it of their evaluator.  Informal observations will continue to occur.


VI.            AP Balancing


–Marcus brought up VAPA lacks AP courses…what are we doing about that but also what are we doing for students on the other end of the academic spectrum?   He gave example of an Urban Art class that addresses graffiti, murals, social justice, spoken word, etc.


VII.            Advisory Feedback


–Feedback from Washington and Lincoln read aloud.


VIII.            Miscellaneous


–Kathleen asked sbout low-end classes…newcomer classes for math especially for SIFE students. Doug responded that we are not allowed to teach anything lower than Algebra. Stephen Emmi mentioned Sprout funding possibility for 7th period.


–Susan encouraged the group to read the article Marcus handed out…discussed that many private schools are cheaper than public school at this point and that students don’t know this.  She also talked about common application, Lauren mentioned the culture change across the high school students and said there are more and more common applications each year but definitely a slow change.   She suggested that maybe College &Career teachers could expose students to the common application.  Doug mentioned density of colleges on the east coast, regional diversity, etc.  Lisa mentioned it would be good to create a list of colleges that accept common application, scholarships/graduated tuition, etc. for students to use.

–Alicia said we need to revisit college process for students, and used an example of Latino seniors with lack of SAT, applications, etc. and it wasn’t actually that hard to coordinate. It was great to see them as a community helping each other. We need to start in Junior Year with those efforts.

–Susan said we need to encourage ACT as well as SAT, and she mentioned that some private schools even offer airfare.


–David asked about incoming NX students for Spring Semester 15…they will be coming in from Day 1 throughout the semester.  Stephen Emmi will work with teachers of sheltered classes to move students up as appropriate.  Kathleen encouraged math and science teachers to attend the NX CPT meetings.


–Bai reminded everyone that next Wednesday there is a PTSA meeting at 5:30pm in the Cafeteria and financial aid workshops.


Marcus closed the meeting celebrations and thanks for the semester.


Meeting adjourned 12:15pm.