Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – December 2, 2014


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting




Lisa called the meeting to order at 11:25am.


Leadership Team Agenda


I.          Spring Semester Opening Day Logistics

–Mat asked if we are using the same plan and bell schedule and schedule distribution as the Fall Semester.

–Stephen Emmi will let everyone know before Winter Break.

–Doug asked about schedule changes for students.  Stephen said he would have to do the changes over Winter Break.  Stephen Emmi will have more information in a week or so.


II.         Second Semester Dates

–Michelle asked about a block day on Wednesday, February 18th.  Lisa said it will be a regular 1 – 6 period schedule.  We will be in school on Monday, February 16th.  We will observe the holiday on Friday, February 19th.


–Vote taken on which schedule to follow–Three 6 period days that week.  We must get approval from SFUSD transportation.


–Michelle would like to talk about the testing schedules for the Spring semester.  SBAC is the new STAR Testing—for 11th graders, English and Math, and there is a 6-8 week testing window.  EAP will also be given.  These are computer based.  There is still a “No Child Left Behind” science test that is paper and pencil.  This will go through the Chemistry classes.


–Michelle asked about the on-site CCSF testing.  This will be in mid-February.  There are 2 dates—one for placement testing and one for advising.  Students are pulled from classes to take the tests.

–Doug said these activities are important to the students.  If students place too low, they start classes at a low level and have a harder time succeeding at CCSF.


III.       Attendance Procedures – Not User Friendly

–Lauren talked about marking the student absent when on a field trip.  Parents get the auto-dialer call and then panic to know if their students are really on the field trip.  These also generate truancy letters.  3 absences generate a truancy letter.  Most of these calls went to homes of good students.


–Lisa suggested teachers taking students on field trips give Vera a list of students attending the field trip.  When the teacher returns, give Vera the names of those who were absent and did not attend.

–Alan suggested that there be a firm date for students to turn in the permission slips for field trips.

–Discussion followed as to what happens to attendance for students who could not go on the field trip.


–Michelle Moffett asked about students who are gone for sporting events.  How should they be marked?  Lisa said she would look into that.

–Joseph felt we should have the same policy for field trips and sporting events.


–Michelle asked about attendance issues for students taking PSAT, CAHSEE, etc.

She asked if there was a scanning function that could be used with student ID cards for those testing.


–Joseph mentioned sometimes he can go to his class on the computer but cannot see the attendance window.


IV.        Homeroom Discussion

–Lisa reminded the group that we want to continue this discussion.  We are looking at functions of homeroom in the past, plans for the future and what other schools do.  Lisa distributed a list from past meetings.


Lisa asked if we missed anything in Functions.  Lauren asked about the “homey” part and Lisa said it would be under Community Building.

–Alicia said not all teachers let students eat during homeroom.

–Kathleen felt all forms should be listed under School-wide Distributions.


–Stephen Emmi mentioned that some teachers let students leave to get food.  Now with no homeroom there are fewer students leaving the building.


Lisa asked for Department Share Out—Michelle said English is all for homeroom—too many business items are now put in the English Dept.  They felt it would be good to have Homeroom separate from G-House TV.  If G-House is in homeroom, then more variety would help—2 programs, one for each day, to keep students engaged.  Her department felt there should be more hallway presence to keep students in HR.


–Doug said his teachers asked the real purpose of HR.  What would the benefits be?  His teachers said it would be meaningful if they could do a curriculum.  His department asked how many are really watching G-House TV, particularly on the second day.

–Lauren said the Counseling Office is for homeroom.

–World Language—Alicia said her department talked about taking attendance.  Her department was split 50-50.

–Mat said in Social Studies—7 do not want it, 4 do.  Those in favor talk about community; some do not miss it at all.

–Kathleen said her department thinks about relaxing with the kids, a no stress time.  She also asked about the “no hat” rule.  She mentioned consequences for being late to homeroom.  Also the students could watch G-House TV.

–Wellness prefers it—they can pull out students during this time.  She did mention some drop-in students who go to Wellness so they don’t have to go to homeroom.

Susan said there should be consequences for not attending homeroom.

–PE is unanimously for HR. This way they can see G-House TV one day.



–VAPA—Joseph said they were all for homeroom.  Mr. Machtay would prefer the broadcast at the beginning of the period.  It is a challenge for him to get it all together at the end of the period.  He also said Mr. Machtay would have a challenge to do two separate programs each week.  Susan offered Wellness videos she could provide.  Doug mentioned his students doing surveys and one is about homeroom.  That information will be forthcoming.

–Lisa said the next step would be to contact other schools to see how they handle these issues.


V.         Shadowing a Student

–Lisa distributed an article about a teacher who shadowed students for several days.  She asked everyone to read the article.

–Kathleen offered that we are doing the same thing we have been doing for centuries.

–Susan thought starting at 8:00am was not conducive to teenagers.

–Alicia talked about the difference from private schools and public schools.  She felt there was more movement in the private schools.

–Bai told of a student shadowing today and the student left early as he felt that Galileo was not a good fit for him.  He was not allowed to ask “why” questions.  Not much engagement here as at his private school.

–Doug talked about his son’s experiences in private school versus college.  His son had to get used to how to do lectures in college.

–Susan mentioned a private school that had casters on the chairs so the kids could move.

–Mark B talked about riding the bus to school and he observes students on the bus.  He felts some of the students did not sleep enough the night before.


VI.        Miscellaneous

–Lisa and Marcus are offering a sub day for Department Heads to observe your teachers.

—Michelle F. said there will be some relaxing activities during finals.

–Michelle M. requested that this does not start before the bell rings for the break.

–Doug mentioned his students and their surveys.  Please allow these students to do the surveys.

Meeting adjourned at 12:20pm.