Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – January 1, 2015


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting




Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.  He wished everyone Happy New Year.


Leadership Team Agenda


I.          SBAC

–Marcus said we have some high stakes testing coming up.  There have been some changes in who is coordinating the testing.

–Lisa is in charge of this one and Nancy will do CLAs.

–We have to do the CST Life Science.  English and Math will fall under the new testing.


–Lisa discussed a hypothetical schedule.  She will work with department heads and teachers to iron out the details.  The tests will be given during a regular schedule.  English must be given first and Math will follow.  These are computer tests.  The Life Science test is a paper and pencil test.

–English will go through American Lit classes.  Teachers will monitor their own classes.

–Math will be run in Pre-Calculus or Algebra 2 classes.

–English will start on a Friday, then go to Monday.  Each segment is an hour.  There is a classroom activity that will precede this on a Tuesday. These tests will happen in April to not conflict with AP Testing.  English will be April 10 – 16, then a week break and then Math April 24 – 30.  AP testing starts on May 4th.

–There are accommodations for Sped. Ed and ELL students.  She talked about the accommodations.

–Lisa said the administrators will try out the test and then they will do this activity with the Leadership Team.  She distributed a blue print for the test.


II.         CHSEE

–Nancy said this exam will be on Feb. 3rd and 4th.  English will be first, then Math.  It will be a regular bell schedule for both days.  She plans to run the exams in the gyms.  She indicated it will take all 3 gyms.  This test is for 10th graders.  We need attendance and the students to pass the exams.

–We need to use the gyms to be in compliance.  The cafeteria and classrooms are out of compliance.

–Seniors do get the opportunity to take the test as this time.  March testing is for everyone and the May testing is for seniors.

–Nancy asked for ideas to prepare for the tests and get students to come.  She mentioned posters in the halls and G-House TV commercials.  What can we do as teachers to prepare students for the test?

–Michelle discussed talking about how the questions are phrased.  Classroom activities do not often mirror how the questions are phrased.  She said they would do this activity in the “Do Nows.”

–Nancy suggested Test Strategies—like process of elimination on answers.

–Kathleen has test taking strategies in reading and math.  Marcus suggested putting these on a Google doc.


–Lisa identified some students who might be a-risk for the Math portion.

–Lauren asked about the 11th and 12th graders who need prep.  How can they get a hold of the Test Prep math book that is in the bookroom?  We can also make a handout of websites to look at for test prep.

–Lisa suggested giving handouts to those students who will be taking the test.

–David suggested putting it on School Loop.

–Marcus said he would go into Social Studies classes to do workshops on what the test is all about.  We have low scores with Latinos and AAs.


III.       Detention

–Nancy mentioned the Lunch Time Detention to address the behaviors we noticed during the Fall Semester.  She said they were looking for rooms to hold these sessions.

–Susan asked if they were accepting referrals for detention.  Marcus said there are a handful of students who have no consequences and their parents say, “Don’t call me again.”

–Nancy said many students like to leave campus at lunchtime so this is a good consequence.  It will run daily to start to make the students aware.  She indicated it can only accommodate 10-15 students per day.

–Tardiness and defiance are reasons for getting assigned this detention.  Teachers can send information to the Deans’ Office.

–Dave said teachers should put on a referral any interventions they have taken.

–Lauren said we should check on legitimate absences for illnesses before assigning detention.

–Susan said there are times when CPS can help with this.  If the parents do not care, that is Educational Neglect.  Marcus said we will handle each student on an individual basis.

–Doug asked about the directive to not mark suspended students absent.  That is handled with the suspension when it is entered into Synergy.


IV.        Staff Changes

–New staff—Amy Barrios is .6 in English and ELD, Ryan Welch joined us as the College and Career teacher; Bob Novota will teach College & Career during the Band Period.  Hopefully we will return Band in the Fall.


V.         Enrollment

–We are up 10 students to 1916.  We will have 40 Newcomers arriving over the semester.



VI.        Course Changes

–They will take place over the week.


VII.      Master Schedule

–Stephen mentioned the classes that were added, and they are mostly completed.

Some balancing still needs to take place.  We added an American Lit class and a European Lit class for 9th graders.  We also added 2 ELD classes and an Econ class.

–David asked when there would be classroom visits.  Stephen said there is a new training for next year and will have a better idea after the training.


VIII.     UBC Agreements

–Marcus said the biggest concern is for student safety after school.  Some students are here as late as 10PM.  We will shut the building down at 6:00pm starting next Monday.  Everyone must leave.  We will have to be open for meetings.  The Bay Street Gate will be closed and locked at 4:30pm.


–Parking is a serious issue.  We will call DPT if cars are blocking someone in owners will get a ticket.  Susan Kitchell is drafting a letter.  Most of the offenders are chronic offenders.  Once DPT comes they will give tickets to anyone parked illegally.  Susan mentioned alternatives to blocking and where to park.

–Ethan mentioned painting something on the ground to warn parkers.


–Sub Days should come from department budgets or from colleague coverage.  These days the administrators have cannot be used for field trips for clubs, only classes.


IX.        Miscellaneous


–Lisa mentioned evaluations and short forms.  Anyone with Satisfactory or above in the last 6 years is eligible for the short form.


Meeting adjourned at 12:00 noon.