Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – January 20, 2015


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting




Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.


Leadership Team Agenda


I.          Communication

–Michelle had 2 questions from her department.  Why not communicate with the 15% of teachers who are not posting on School Loop?  Marcus said the current parents have lots of experience with School Loop and want the teachers to post regularly and often.

–David said there should be a window for responding.  He also suggested that the parents still have the middle school mind set and we need to convert them to high school communication.  We should let the parents know what will be different in high school.

–Marcus suggested all students are different and respond at different rates.  He gave an example of his children.

–Susan asked how many parents are on School Loop.  Stan DeBella said 30%.  Susan wanted to know how many parents actually check daily.  Marcus said he checks on his daughter every day.  She asked about all the parents who are not on School Loop.

–Marcus said as a school we need to make sure parents register for School Loop.  Parent involvement is a big thing.

–Michelle asked about the teachers who are not posting—are they being encouraged to post?  Do we let them know we want them to use School Loop to communicate with parents?  Marcus has spoken to some of them.  Student should know their grades at all times.

–Kathleen said 80% of her department uses School Loop.  Why do we have to post more often because some teachers are not doing it?

–Marcus said we have some high-powered parents with high-powered connections.

–Do we have alternative ways of communicating, like Progress Reports?

–Susan feels there should be something in the welcome to Galileo packet about the importance of students advancing in independence, studying, etc.  Marcus asked for the process at her son’s high school and then asked her to write that process up.

–Joseph mentioned there are things we can do with our students here and then there are district activities.  He said the grievance about forcing teaches to use School Loop is still on the table.  If the administration feels it is important for teachers to post, then they should provide CPT time to post.  Marcus said he could hold faculty meetings after school.  Joseph said only two per month.

–Marcus said he is frustrated that the administration does not have extra time to communicate with the teachers.

–Susan clarified that the expectation for posting has not changed—it is every 3 weeks this year. Next year Marcus would like it to be every 2 weeks. He feels that posting every 2 weeks helps teachers keep up with their grades.


–Michelle put out a general request for more timely communication in response to teachers’ emails with regard to admin.  Marcus said he is more of a face-to-face person and he gets many emails.  Michelle mentioned that they are being asked to use this technology tool as finding people takes more time.


II.         CAHSEE

–Nancy will send out information to all of the teachers this week about logistics, etc.

–Ethan said his teachers requested classrooms for the testing and where we can relocate the athletic activities during the testing. There is a basketball game after the second day of testing.


III.       CLRP Faculty Meeting Preview & Assignments

–Validation of culture as a person, gender wise, nationality.  This is about validating people as individuals.

–Marcus presented an exercise that he used to do.  This has to do with journal writing.  He gave the rules.  Name and date at the top of the paper.  Do not worry about punctuation.  Write to the edge of the paper.  It does not matter what you write about.

-–Participation points were very important in this activity he used in the classroom. Sharing what you write is voluntary. He plans to do this exercise at the next faculty meeting and he will not use the same song.


–Marcus gave the group 5 minutes to finish their writing to the first hole punch in the paper.


–Marcus asked if anyone wanted to share what they wrote.  Joseph went first.  Alicia read.  Stephen Jackson read.  David Barrios read. David Beauvais read. Susan wrote about music and talked about Bob Dylan.


–Marcus asked what just happed?  He said we got a chance to talk and relate and this is a good way to create relationships with students.  He gave a few examples.  Relationships are important.  Discussion followed.


–Marcus said the topic of the next book club is “The Model Minority.”

–Marcus gave an assignment to talk about what you can do to validate culture in our department and content area.


–Marcus would like to have another meeting about School Capacities this week. The meeting will be held this Thursday at the beginning of 4th period.


IV.        School Capacities