Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – January 27, 2015


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting




Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.


Leadership Team Agenda


I.          Bell Schedule 2/16 – 2/18/15

–Joseph asked about the bell schedule for the week of 2/16.  Wednesday will be a regular bell schedule.  We need to check with Transportation see if this will work.

End time will be 3:10pm .  We need to see if we can get the busses to come at 3:10 rather than 2:10pm.


II.         Mid-Year School Capacity Activity

–Marcus explained the self-assessment activity.  He distributed it and we will combine what everyone contributes.

This is a rubric and he explained the different sections.  He asked everyone to quickly read the first section.  We skipped to 1.2, 2nd box.  Marcus asked everyone to read this section.

–Good teaching practice means random checking to see that everyone is participating.

–Discussion followed on the SST, SAP, SART, and participation of teachers with perhaps a floating substitute.

–Susan gave her thoughts on the SST, SAP, SART and IEPs.  These are all difficult to schedule.

–Doug felt it is important to have the whole team present at these meetings.


–School Team meetings is the second topic to discuss.  Doug gave his impression on where the school teams are.  Time and training need more development.  Joseph discussed the difference between “always” and “consistently.”  We fall under “consistently.”

–Marcus said we would do several of these discussions at upcoming meetings.


III.       Exit Exam

–Nancy will borrow some teachers this Thursday to train them for the Exit Exam.  She will send an email.


IV.        CAASP Training

–Lisa explained the computer training for the testing.  She divided the group into smaller teams to attempt the math and English parts of the practice tests.  After the teams had time to work with the exercise there was discussion on content, ease of using the program and everyone was encouraged to contribute to the discussion.


V.         Miscellaneous

–Susan told the group that those who announce retirement by Feb. 1st they will get $1,000.

–Those who resign by Feb. 1st will get 3 months of health insurance over the summer.


Meeting adjourned at 12:20pm.