Leadership/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – January 13, 2015


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting




Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:25am.


Leadership Team Agenda



I.               CAHSEE


Nancy reports we are working as much as we can to do promotion…letter to parents, working on getting information on the web, posted posters around campus, and class meetings with information

–Nancy out a request to prepare students for the exam in departments/classes.

–Ethan asked about athletic matches and practices.  Wrestling will get moved to an away match on Tuesday, Basketball on Wednesday will be ok.  There are concerns about practices Monday – Wednesday.

–Students will be tested will be 10th grade and 12th grade; Nancy will double check on this.

–Nancy stressed that tables have to specifically be set apart by a certain amount of space.

–Labeling students by grade level they have credits for…use counselor or classes to tell what actual year they are in HS


II.             Detention

–Nancy reported that Lunch Time Detention started yesterday, overall successful.

A few students didn’t show up, there were calls home, and if they don’t show up today they will be suspended.

–Nurse Kitchell requested hall sweeps on 1st floor Polk Street side regularly.

–Ethan asked about the issue regarding students who don’t show getting suspended.  He made the point that punishment shouldn’t be them not attending school (getting suspended).  Is that an appropriate punishment?

–Nancy said the suspensions are a way to show students that we are serious about lunch detentions.

–Marcus asked what the offense would be because we cannot use “K” for willful defiance anymore.

–David Beauvais spoke about the two types of students this might apply to and how it might work.

–Nurse Kitchell agreed with Ethan that perhaps the punishment doesn’t fit the crime…perhaps an in-school suspension.

–Marcus mentioned that in-school suspension requires a certificated staff member.

–David Beauvais is working to enlist parent support; parent meetings will happen before suspension, and then a meeting with the Principal might be the next step.

–Stephen Jackson was also thinking about in-school suspension but understands the cost issue, and he asked what chronic truant rate at school is.

–Discussion that it’s about 10 students wandering the halls.

–Stephen Jackson mentioned using the small size of the group to tailor interventions to each student.

–Doug asked what were the numbers yesterday?

–Nancy: provided the following: 10 on list, 5 attended, 3 not in 4th period, 2 ignored requests to attend.  Can serve 10-15 students.

–Nurse Kitchell expressed concern about all the names on the walkie-talkies and privacy concerns.  Also, she asked what time are you doing first period because Muni is sometimes the reason.  Lastly, what about feeding them?

–Nancy said: 1st period sweep is at 8:30am.  Cafeteria is brining lunch for all students regardless of free/reduced lunch status.

—David Barrios was attempting to address problem of students arriving to class late.   Lauren agreed.


–Alicia thanked Dean’s Office for this.  She knows it takes effort.  Even students knowing about it could make a difference regarding number of tardies.

–Joseph said in his 21st year at Galileo, we have tried lots of different things; he thinks this solution might really work.  Not for the chronic attendance issues but for the slow to class students who still attend and don’t see the urgency in getting to class on time.

–Nancy said that due to all the advertisements, students clearly knew about program.  Hallways were very quiet yesterday.


Meeting adjourned.