Department Heads/Leadership Meeting Minutes – February 24, 2015


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting




Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.


I.          Computer Lab

–Michelle M. asked about the hours for the computer lab. Marcus said 7am – 5pm.


II.         Wellness Staff Survey

–Michelle F. mentioned this survey is done every other year.  It is all computerized now. The goal is 80% of the staff should complete this.  There is a raffle for a $15 Safeway card.  She is asking for feedback on the best way to do this.  Lisa suggested completing it in department meetings.  It takes 10 minutes and is due sometime in May.

–Lisa said she could organize the paras to complete it on an early release day.

–Michelle will send out the link to the whole faculty.


III.       Budget

–Marcus said we saw a $700,000 increase in the budget for next year, but due to the raises this increase just covers all of the raises in all of the positions.  The bottom line is an $80,000 increase, not even enough for 1 teaching position.

–Ethan mentioned the cost of district teachers on special assignment totaling about $3 million dollars taking funds away from the students.  These teachers work from the special assignment budget.  Susan indicated these funds are usually taken from grant funds.  She said this is an out of credential teaching funding.  The issue is the way this district spends the money they get from the state.

–Marcus said he is concerned about security aides, Peer Resources and JROTC.

–Nancy said the district is encouraging us to offer an Ethnic Studies class to 9th graders next year.

–Joseph asked what class 9th graders would drop to take this class.  It could be Social Studies or VAPA.


–1975 students is the allocation for the fall.  This will include a decrease in ELLs.  We should have about 388 ELLs next fall.

–Joseph asked how many of the 45 allocated ELLs have arrived.

–Marcus said the good news is we won’t have to do any cutting.  We may have to do some adjusting.  He said we will present this to the SSC at tomorrow’s meeting.


–Susan asked if there has been any talk about closing under enrolled high schools.  Marcus said there is always talk of that, but nothing has happened so far.


IV.        Miscellaneous

–Stephen Emmi said the counseling office will be visiting Social Studies classes next week.

–Marcus congratulated Nancy who received a 3-year contract from the district.

–We also got the word that Stephen Emmi will be voted in at the SSC meeting tomorrow.

–Kathleen mentioned those who just passed the National Boards and we have 10-15 on staff who have passed the National Boards.


Meeting adjourned at 11:42am.