Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – February 10, 2015


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting




Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.


I.          Emergency Drills

–Nancy said that we need to get back to practicing the drills.  She said we will have one this month.  She asked the group for feedback on the last drills last semester.

–The group preferred the last week of February.

–Michelle asked about the Healthy Kids Survey and when it will be given—either a Tuesday or Friday of the last week of February.

–Alan said there is a tech event that Friday (27th).

–Nancy suggested Monday, February 23, 2015.  This will be a fire drill.


II.         Drink Tap Assembly

–Friday, March 6, 2015.  It will be an invitational assembly using the filling stations.  Encourage your teachers to attend.

–Marcus said we have one in the cafeteria and we may get one more.  Every student who comes will be given the Hetch-Hetchy water bottle.  Friday, March 6th 11:45 am – 112:20pm is the time scheduled.

–Discussion followed about how many bottles we have left and how to distribute them.

–Marcus suggested giving students who attend the assembly a ticket and then they can turn in the ticket for a bottle.

–David asked how often the filter will be replaced.


III.       AP Test Administration & Sign-Up

–Doug mentioned a plan Stephen Emmi was working on and that would be to have all students taking the tests to sign up at the same time and pay at that time.

–He mentioned Washington uses an AP Coordinator (.2) and he was paid for collecting the funds.  Lowell funds a person to do all AP activities.

–Doug says teachers are walking around with lots of money and what happens if someone steals the money?

–Marcus said the money should be turned in to the AP Coordinator.

–David asked what happens if students don’t qualify for a reduced rate, what happens if they don’t sign up for the test? Nancy said she used to handle those cases.  A statement from the parents should qualify a student for the reduced rate.

–Doug told the group how he handles it.

–Marcus said everyone enrolled in the AP courses should take the tests.

–Information is due March 2nd.

–Stephen Emmi clarified the $5 fee and the form they must fill out.  He mentioned we are no longer getting information on free and reduced price lunch.

Classes will visit the counseling office as a group on a pre-arranged date to sign-up and pay.


IV.        Criteria for Selecting Teachers to Assess IWA (Integrated Writing Assessment)

–This is given to 9th graders.  The purpose is to calibrate writing.  Last year all 9th grade English teachers but one went.  This year AP teachers with writing will be the ones to participate in this.  We will go through each department.

–Michelle said this test is the one that looks the most like the Smarter Balance which students take in the 11th grade.  Topics in the test are science, social science, and not necessarily novels.


V.         Feedback from CLRP Presentation

–Marcus asked for feedback from the group.

–Mat asked about a subject like math.

–Doug has not found helpful information from this activity.

–Marcus said one strategy for Math is “Get out of your seat.”  He demonstrated this activity.  We need to address many types of learners.

–Marcus said the next area would be participation points to engage all students.


VI.        Miscellaneous

–Stephen Jackson mentioned an email he sent to the group about “At a Glance Documents.”  He mentioned they are all on Google Drive.  You can view a list of students who have IEPs and can see basic information about the students.  He mentioned the documents will be updated after an IEP.


–Lauren distributed a calendar with Senior Activities in May.  She discussed the events on the calendar.

–Lauren will ask for volunteers to read names at graduation.

–Forms for department honors will be distributed later this week.  Deadline will most likely be mid-March.

–Students nominated for honors will be checked by the Deans’ Office for cheating referrals.


Meeting adjourned at 12:05pm.