Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – February 17, 2015


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting




Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.


I.          Department Head Budget Priorities

–Marcus said we would get next year’s budget on Monday.  The PTSA meets tonight for budget priorities.  He will meet with ELAC next week.  These will be the two community meetings.  He will give the budget to the SSC next week.

–Marcus said the budget would be based on a class size of 33.  He is not sure what that means.

–Marcus said we have small class sizes in some areas and this could affect the budget.

–Marcus wants feedback on what the departments need.  What are our priorities?


–Lisa will run the community meeting tonight with the PTSA.  He put up a sheet detailing the items at the meeting.  He explained the agenda.  He explained the requests of the PTSA, current priorities—class size, Academy pathways, electives, co-teaching, and newcomers.  Central Office areas identified:  CAHSEE, Attendance, A-G grad track, Suspensions, G.P.A.  The district wants us to improve in these areas.

–Marcus said we will have to increase the school-wide budget.


–Marcus asked for discussion or other priorities.

–Lauren wanted to add Special Programs to Academies and Pathways—AVID, Chinese Immersion.

–Marcus said he would get some information on how many students are taking more than one class in specific areas.


II.         Co-Teaching Placements 2015/16

–Stephen Jackson talked about feedback from this year.  Some teachers felt that had too many students with IEPs.  In Special Ed, Case Managers will look at each student and their schedules.  Perhaps some of these students do not need co-teachers.  They will analyze all of their students.  They will collect the data, and then present this to the general ed teachers.  He asked if there is anything else his department can do.

–Michelle mentioned that some of her classes have large numbers of students with IEPs and this can be overwhelming for the teachers.

–Susan said there is a special committee working with this issue in union bargaining.

–Registration will be during the first 2 weeks of March.

–February 27th during lunch will be the Academy & Pathway Fair.

–Marcus said if anyone is proposing a course, please let admin know right away.


III.       AP Course Registration

–Mat said this is a good time to recruit for AP classes— via G-House TV, lunchtime.  Mat asked if counselors need a checklist for the courses.  Mat will email this information to Stephen Emmi.  Spreadsheets will be available for department heads to edit.

–Stephen Emmi said students know if they are being recommended for an AP class.

–Kathleen said there were no ELL students in AP language courses at this time.  They should be proficient in English before signing up for AP courses.



IV.        Timely Arrangements for Substitutes

–Please remind your teachers to plan ahead of time for teachers who know they will be absent.  Please contact subs and make arrangements ahead of time.


V.         Computer Cart Sign-up

–Alicia mentioned some teachers had signed up for 10 days straight with the computer cart.  She mentioned the protocol and it does not seem to be the same as the labs.

–Lisa said it should be the same and she will edit the information.

–Alicia asked how many days in a row can a teacher sign up for the computer carts?  Lisa will clarify this.  Doug explained a situation with the math department and the new and old carts.  He also said his department shared the sign up of the cart, but one person signed out the carts for the whole department.

–Lisa talked about testing and the use of the carts and prep for testing.

–Lisa reminded teachers not to send substitutes to the computer lab when they are absent.  Lisa needs to approve reoccurring reservations.

–Marcus asked Lisa to send out an email detailing the reservation policies.


VI.        Senior Awards

–Marcus mentioned our last discussion about the Move-Up Assembly.  We will have a Move-Up Celebration this year and the ASB officers will do the “moving.”  This will turn into a carnival and food fest.

–Senior Awards Dinner—kids who are getting an award will be invited.  It will be in the gym with a catered dinner.  This will recognize academics as well as other awards.  She asked the group to brainstorm awards.

Beating the Odds Award.  LATA and TACT Scholarships, SF Achievers.  Most improved award.  Citizenship Award, Community Service Award (in and outside the Galileo community).

–Doug asked if this should be within departments.  Healthy Choice Award, Newcomer of the Year; Student Performance Award;  Teacher Pop Pole for students;

Marc suggested Most Creative Award Outside the Classroom;  Creativity Award;.


–Joseph said he would miss the ceremony at Move-up with the band and orchestra.  Marcus said this could still happen at the celebration.


VII.      Miscellaneous

–Susan sent an email to students and their parents about immunizations.  The box to put the responses in is in the Counseling Office.  Autodialer will go out today.  Deadline is March 1, 2015.  Susan explained the guidelines.


Meeting adjourned at 12:10pm.