Leadership Team/Department Head Meeting Minutes – March 10, 2015


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting




Nancy called the meeting to order at 11:25am.


I.  “For Profit” Nominations

–Lauren distributed information on an organization that she felt was not represented correctly.  These letters go home and she is concerned that students go through the process.  The organization puts one of our teacher’s names on the letter.  Please let your teachers know about these unauthorized letters.  This program costs the student $2,000 – $3,000.


II.  Teacher/Department Budget Priorities

–Kathleen said her department programs were cut $4,000.  Priorities are tutoring program and class sizes.  She also mentioned a possible 7th period study hall.  Parents were in favor of that.


–Stephen Jackson talked about improving classrooms—like smart board in Room 362—from the school budget, not spec. Ed. budget.


Alan—Library—keep a full time librarian.


Mat – Social Studies—would like status quo.

VAPA—Joseph—restore dance, drama, and band.  He wonders about the fact that we have a little more money this year but lots of items on the chopping block.


–Mark B.—sees his position at risk.


–Alicia—World Languages—full time librarian, elective in World Languages. Community building school spirit or money to have activities that will build community spirit.  Offering sign language.  They would like a functioning language lab.


–Math—Doug said they would like to keep the same number of sections, class sizes as they are now.  Math would like to add an additional prep for another teacher to teach AP Stats.


–Science—for David—retain staff school-wide; maintain current class size, larger science budget for operating labs, safety issues maintained.


English—Michelle–# 1 maintain class size we have and slightly lower class sizes in 10th grade regular English.  This is where they have the bulk of D’s and F’s.  #2 priority is to retain the Librarian.  #3 Add electives that are humanity based.  Maintain current budget.

–Lauren for AVID.  3 years ago the program took a 40% cut.  Slowly get back to that point.


–Lauren said for Counseling the EL position is necessary.

–Susan said Wellness is not part of the Galileo budget.


–Ethan for PE is class size.  Maintain what we have now.


Michelle asked why we would add a Science teacher if a current teacher could teach Biotech.  This would cost $92,000 and we only have a $70,000 surplus.  Why is this a priority?

–Michelle about AVID.

–Doug asked what was the rational for the cut list to be generated.

–Alicia said she hated to see electives gone.  These make schools attractive to both students and parents.

–Marc talked about district paying for his benefits and fundraising for his salary.  He talked about what goes on behind the scenes with the academies and pathways.  There is a need for his position.

–Joseph agrees with Doug and Michelle as to why some of these cuts are being discussed.  He mentioned Eugene Wing with Leadership, Karin Lau with the budget, Librarian is necessary, Journalism and Yearbook help to build community and we should not cut them.  He advocates the PTSA position for increased use of School Loop.  More CPT should be planned for this.


–Mat said we should preserve programs and not add programs.

–Alan echoed what has been said.

–Stephen J. echoed Alicia.  Electives are important to the school culture.  We need to make sure there are very good educational opportunities beyond the basics.

–Kathleen mentioned the EL Coordinator prep.  She mentioned the many ELD cuts with new ELD students coming in.  ELD class sizes are larger this year. The Newcomer Counselor should be in the Counseling Office.  This should be separate from Parent Liaison.

–Susan talked about School Loop and what the PTSA says.  It is not a budgetary issue.  She agrees with the needs of electives. She supports a full time Librarian.

–She talked about the Parent Liaison and what they do in other schools.  Now this is with a counselor.  She talked about the Intervention Specialist.

–Lauren asked about the Leadership Class.  Eugene Wing had an ASB Prep, now he has an ASB class.  To manage the students without the prep or the class, it would be hard to make all the arrangements.


–Ethan said we have tough decisions down the line.  We might look at alternatives, rather than eliminating programs.  We can look at these programs that have been around a long time and add to the culture.

–Lisa said she thinks the list comes from the past few years.

–Nancy said these are just possibilities and not all of the items will be cut.  She encouraged everyone to attend tomorrow’s SSC Community meeting.  It will be held in the library after school.


–Michelle mentioned that many feel the need to have more electives.  We should look at electives we have and what could appeal to more students.  Maybe some can be clubs or after school classes.

–Susan mentioned the importance of electives.  We need a Library and choices for students.


III.  Miscellaneous

–Susan mentioned the trip tomorrow to ”The Princess Project.”  Susan can take up to 70 girls.  Please let her know if you know of students who would like to go along.  Priorities should be seniors but other grades can attend.


–Lisa mentioned the change in the yearly calendar.  The talent show is March 27, not March 20th.  It will be a double 4th period schedule.


Meeting adjourned at 12:05pm.