Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – March 3, 2015


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting




Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.


I.          Debrief about today’s Emergency Evacuation Drill

–We had many subs today and they evacuated but did not know the directions.  We need to get a cheat sheet for evacuations for our daily subs.

–We may need an announcement along with the fire alarm.  Marcus said no matter what evacuate.

–Stephen Jackson asked about the evacuation routes.  Nancy said she feels that some classes have changed routes and the bottlenecks seem less for his evacuation route.

–Susan suggested a half sheet for subs to tell them what to do.  She suggested using all staff, like paras, secretaries and even the accountant on Tuesdays.

–David mentioned different class periods will have different amounts of traffic as we cross the street.

–Marcus saw 2 things—we need to make individual evacuation plans for students in wheel chairs and we need to learn how to use the evacuation chairs.  This should be for every student for every period.

–Lisa mentioned no one would have known where Tammy was and how to evacuate her.  She also suggested bright yellow vests along with the stop signs for those faculty being crossing guards.

–Lauren felt it was very messy on the field.  She said in an actual emergency it would be hard to take attendance.  The students were not getting in lines.  With online attendance it is difficulty to take attendance on the field.

–Stephen Jackson mentioned he and Nurse Kitchell are still in charge of food water and blankets.  They have no idea how much to get.  Marcus asked JROTC to put that plan together.

–Nancy asked who would pay for all these supplies.  How much water?  Portable toilets would be necessary.

–Stephen Emmi mentioned he is part of the field command center but he is not sure what he is supposed to do.  It is important for teachers to go with their students to their assigned line.

–Susan Kitchell said teachers on prep showed up at the command center and helped.  This should be handled at the first PD of the school year.

–Joseph said for attendance on the field—every teacher should have a copy of the class roster and keep it with their emergency supplies then they will have a hard copy.


II.         EL Students’ CELDT Scores

–Kathleen handed out all the CELDT scores for each department.  Kathleen explained the components of the form.


III.       EWI Students

–Marcus said the EWI stands for Early Warning Indicators—identified in middle school with 2 issues—attendance and grades.  3 principals—Balboa, Washington and Galileo are meeting to figure out what we are doing as a school and what we need to do to improve.

–GW has retained 45% of 9th graders who have made it to the 11th grade.  Gal—44% and Balboa statistic was not presented.

–We have gathered these students to talk with them about what is working for them.  They did a videotape and we will see the video at our next meeting.  He distributed a list of the students and this also indicates which students were in the interview.  These students are the success stories and we want to learn from them.  He talked about the questions they put to the students.  Marcus said it was a very good conversation.

–A unifying theme was to be a more serious student in the 9th grade.  Attendance should have been better.  Family structure is important.  They were asked if they have a positive relationship with one adult in the building and most of them said they did.

–Susan asked what are we doing about the parents and how they value/not value higher education.

–Joseph suggested we pay these students to go to class, via a raffle.  Money talks.

–All the students learned to be resiliency.


IV.  Budget/ School Wide Priorities

–Michelle M. asked if we are shifting priorities?  Marcus asked everyone to go back to their departments to ask how the members feel.  He distributed a list of priorities.

–Nancy said we have our SSC Summit on Saturday and we will be discussing this item.

–Marcus said we can improve on CAHSEE.  We should do more next year on this.

–Susan said she would like to do better on Free and Reduced Lunch to capture the students who need to eat.  She also suggested Grab and Go 2 around 10:00am.  She also said we need some incentive to have the students turn in the forms.  She also mentioned that often students come to her for food.

–Kathleen said “Off the Grid” does fundraisers, but this can only be for adults.

–Susan asked about the giant food machine in the hallway by 150.  It is too large for students to pass in an emergency.


–Michelle asked about how the forms from the district were processed and distributed this year.  Susan asked if new students could fill out the form when they enroll, but the forms are not ready at that time.


–Susan asked what the $80,000 extra in our budget means.  Marcus said we are in the beginning stages of planning.

–David asked about some things we lost from last year.  Marcus mentioned we lost an Attendance Office.   ELAC wanted a study skills class during a 7th period.  Marcus said we are working on that right now.


–Lisa talked about request from the PTSA, on Phone System, Web Site, Communication, etc.  We will have to designate some funds to someone to update our web site.


–Marcus asked everyone to check with their departments for their thoughts and ideas.


V.         Miscellaneous

–Susan said next week she is taking 70 girls to the Princess Project to shop for Prom dresses.  Each girl will have a personal shopper who helps her.  They get a free dress and one accessory.

–Joseph said next year’s Prom will be at the Intercontinental Hotel on April 23, 2016.  He also asked for chaperones for the Boat Dance on March 14, 2015.


Meeting adjourned at 12:20pm.